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The Deanery Miss Khalida Rahman Programme Support Coordinator.

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1 The Deanery Miss Khalida Rahman Programme Support Coordinator

2 Objectives To understand the role of the ACCS and Anaesthesia Programme Support Teams To understand who your key contacts are within the ACCS and Anaesthesia Programme Support Teams

3 Who are we? Khalida Rahman Programme Support Coordinator Andrea Pearson Programme Support Officer Sue Reid Medical Workforce Manager Ryan Holmes Programme Support Assistant Emma Smith Programme Support Administrator

4 Please contact with any queries relating to the ACCS programme The inbox is accessed by all members of the programme support Its is monitored 3 times a day We aim to answer your query within 24 hours. Getting in touch

5 What do we do? Maintain records of Trainees Manage the applications for LTFT, OOPE and Acting Up Coordinate and administer the Annual ARCP Process. Coordinate the rotations in liaison with TPD’s Provide support to Doctors in Difficulty Develop and maintain the School Website

6 Trainee Records Please notify the relevant programme support team of any changes to your personal contact details as soon as possible

7 Less Than Full Time Training The LETB offers support to all trainees who, for well founded personal reasons, are unable to complete their training programme on a full-time basis. Please see this link for further details on the application

8 Out of Programme / Acting Up Trainees are required to obtain formal approval from the Postgraduate Dean to take unpaid time out of a clinical training programme whilst retaining their National Training Number (NTN). Trainees must complete the application form at least 6 months in advance and forward it together with the supporting documentation to the Training Programme Director.application form

9 Annual ARCP Process Dates of ARCP’s will be published on the website early 2015 (you must inform the programme support team asap if you will be unavailable on these dates). Trainees are required to complete all aspects of the ARCP Checklist prior to the ARCP Dates.ARCP Checklist

10 Form R / Revalidation For the purposes of Revalidation, you need to complete a Form R prior to your ARCP Date. Failure to submit a completed Form R prior to the ARCP will result in an automatic Outcome 5. Further information on how to complete a Form R can be found via this linklink

11 Rotations Trainees to rotate twice a year in February and August The rotations are created by the TPD’s (not us) We aim to notify you a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of the rotation date All queries relating to contracts, hours of work, pay and relocation fees need to be directed to the employing Trust.

12 Doctors in Difficulty Professional Support is available from the following people: College Tutor Director of Postgraduate Medical Education. Training Programme Director Head of School

13 Doctors in Difficulty You can also access “Take Time” service, which offers free confidential counselling and support for trainees in the East and West. The telephone number for “Take Time” is 0113 343 4642. Trainees is the South can access the same service via Workplace Wellbeing, 0114 2261810

14 Coaching Coaching is a time-limited process involving protected one-to-one sessions, and is focused on achieving outcomes. The sessions form dedicated time for reflection: Coaching typically involves around 4 one-hour sessions. Please email in the first

15 Further Information ACCS and School of Emergency Medicine Website ACCS and School of Emergency Medicine Website School of Anaesthesia Website The Gold Guide Policies (Study Leave etc.)

16 Questions?

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