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URA/SAA Town Hall Meeting June 19, 2013. URA Updates  New Staff Joanne Altieri – Associate Director, Grants Management Michael Daniel – Assistant Director,

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1 URA/SAA Town Hall Meeting June 19, 2013

2 URA Updates  New Staff Joanne Altieri – Associate Director, Grants Management Michael Daniel – Assistant Director, Contracts Management Olivia Cochet – IACUC/IBC Administrator Denise Dooley – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management Istvan Fekete – Grants/Contracts Manager, Contracts Management Monika Lagaard – Grants/Contracts Administrator, Grants Management Joanne Laios – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management Laura Lindley – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management Lindsay Pearson – Grants/Contracts Manager, Grants Management

3 Sequestration  Requires that NIH cut 5% or $1.55B for its FY’13 budget.  Agency must apply the cuts evenly.  Reductions to non competing project grants approximately 4.7% Information is from NIH fact sheet 6/3/13 – Impact of Sequestration

4 Sequestration  Approximately 700 fewer competitive research project grants issued.  No increase in stipends for National Research Service Award recipients in FY2013National Research Service Award  No funding for inflationary increases  Paylines have been adjusted

5 AURA-COI Enhancements  AURA-COI off-line July 8-22 for UCMC updates  Enhancements for August 2013 COI Module  Adding COI CITI Training Date IRB Module  On Research Summary Team View 1.3 Adding COI Disclosure Date* Adding COI Management Plan Date* COI CITI Training Date* Grants Module  On View 2.0c PI/Fellow and View 8.0 Project Personnel Adding COI Disclosure Date* COI CITI Training Date* Question: Does this person meet the definition of PHS Investigator? * Data sourced and updated from AURA-COI

6 NIH Public Access Requirement  With change to RPPR submissions, NIH is enforcing their Public Access Requirement for PMCID’s for all peer review publications funded by NIH.  New Awards will be delayed for non-compliance with the PMCID requirement  PI checklist on URA website: es/nih_public_access.shtml es/nih_public_access.shtml

7 Processing No-Cost Extensions in AURA  New Process URA will add a New Budget Period  Will clearly show the “no-cost” period for reporting URA will execute Update Award Amounts PC updates PI effort  must be “similar” to funded periods (paid or unpaid)  Update base salary to $0 for NCE URA Checklist: No Cost Extension (NCE) Checklist (Unit & URA) No Cost Extension (NCE) Checklist (Unit & URA)

8 Closeout Reports  All federal agencies cracking down on Progress/Final reports (esp. NIH)  Real threat of losing funding

9 Documents Required w/i 90 Days of End of Competitive Cycle  Final Federal Financial Report – SAA/unit closeout  Final Progress Report – if the competing renewal is funded then this is not needed until the end of the next competitive cycle (PI REQUIREMENT)  Final Invention Report – must match information submitted on progress reports and filed through UC Tech into iEdison; due at the end of each NIH competitive segment

10 NIH Late Closeout Reports  Search Commons for Closeout Reports

11 AURA-Grants Close Out Process  Need Help? Check out new URA guidelines – will be posted soon! Contact URA-M for assistance

12 Research Administrator Training Program Training Advisory Committee:  Campus: Shikha Evans (SSD), Suzanne Fournier (SSA), Katie Pizer (BSD), Hank Way (PSD), Lauren Zajac (BSD)  SAA: Mary Beth Rudofski  URA: Joanne Altieri, Steve Aldape, Candace Washington, Lynda Wolter

13 Research Administrator Training Program  Program Goals: increase competency and knowledge support faculty and research administrators streamline process and reduce administrative burden ensure research administration compliance create a well-known repository of resources

14 Three Levels of Training  Introduction to Research Administration Overview, basic concepts/language, UC culture  Core Curriculum Full life cycle of research administration topics from pre-award through audit  Specialty Course Offerings In-depth training on specific topics – to be added as needed/requested

15 Research Administrator Training Program Target Audience:  Any staff member with sponsored program responsibilities Timeline:  Summer – develop program and content  Fall- enter first cohort of trainees (Target: Sept.)

16 New Award Processing at URA  Submit ALL new award documents received outside of URA to: AWARDS-URA@LISTS.UCHICAGO.EDU  Provides one place for effective and efficient awards management and tracking

17 Year End Reminders The hunt for money!  Process all proposals in PENDING state (or change due date in AURA)  Make sure all awards are in URA’s hands for processing! Does the PI have an award that we haven’t seen yet? Awards issued on or before June 30 will be included in FY2013 Annual Report Advance accounts – please make sure to submit the award document as soon as it is received.

18 SAA Updates  New Staff Henry Hoang, Financial Analyst, Receivable Management Fai Brimah, Post-Award Analyst, Post-Award Services

19 Sponsored Award Audit Activity UC has been subject to various audits for FY13:  To date, 8 external audits have been completed  6 external audits are in process Lessons Learned:  Documentation support is best kept with the transaction (e.g. detailed invoice support from subrecipients)  Paid invoices should reflect work completed  Emphasis on past due financial reports  Equipment tagging and tracking is a major area of focus

20 FY13 Effort Reporting Timeline July 2013 Preliminary Annual Certification Statements (ACSs) distributed Monthly employees only October 2013 ACS training sessions Final payroll deadlines for FY13 effort periods November 2013 Final ACSs distributed By individual for monthly employees / by account for biweekly staff January 2014 Signed ACSs due back to Financial Services

21 Open Forum  Other topics/questions?

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