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“Money often costs too much.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” -JB “The art.

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Presentation on theme: "“Money often costs too much.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” -JB “The art."— Presentation transcript:

1 “Money often costs too much.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson “Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” -JB “The art is not in making money but in keeping it.” -Proverb

2 Presented by Alexcia Mazahreh

3 You are the financial extension of your club! WHAT IS A TREASURER?


5  This consists of, but is not limited to: ◦ Making sure your club has turned in the correct forms such as the Signature Form ◦ Completes all paperwork for reimbursement correctly, such as MDV’s. ◦ Creating a budget for your group and presenting it clearly at the budget hearings held in the spring. RESPONSIBILITIES

6 Filled by the money allocated during budget hearing. ◦ Has more strict rules on being spent. ◦ Money left at the end of the year goes back into the SGA Reserve account. Filled by your fundraising activities during the year. ◦ Can be spent more freely since you raised it yourselves. ◦ Money left at the end of the year stays in the account. REGULAREXTRA DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS


8 When a purchase is made, an official receipt is required. For services this is an invoices or contract. The maximum amount to be spent without a price competition quote is $3,000. Purchases over $10,000 must go through the University’s Purchasing Department. GENERAL SPENDING GUIDELINES

9 Organizations can have one banquet, open house, or similar event once per semester. A Service from a new vendor requires a W-9 Tax ID form and a Business Registration Certificate. Whenever a purchase is made within the state of NJ Rowan University is tax exempt and SGA will not pay for tax. GENERAL SPENDING GUIDELINES


11 Name of Reimbursed, Date, Address The description of services rendered, must include the where, what, when, and why of the service. If the MDV is payable to student or faculty member, a banner I.D. must be provided. All other payees must provide federal identification number or social security number for services rendered. SPENDING YOUR FUNDS: MISCELLANEOUS DISBURSEMENT VOUCHER (MDV)

12 Organization # Signature of the current treasurer and advisor (forged signatures will result in disciplinary action), vendor’s name, phone number, student’s name and permanent address. Attached to the MDV must be a: Receipt/invoice business name and verifiable contact information, ◦ a photocopy of the credit/debit card w/ only last 4 numbers MDV INFORMATION

13 If you do not know your organization’s account number(s), it’s only an email away! I DON’T KNOW MY ACCOUNT NUMBER(S)?

14 Treasurers and advisors cannot approve their own reimbursement. When treasurers and advisors make purchases, they must obtain the signature of the organization’s president or SFCB advisor. MDV NOTE:

15  Using a Purchase Order. ◦ Used to purchase on credit from a vendor. ◦ You can pick these up in the SGA suite from myself or SGA Secretary, Terri Sabatini. ◦ After completing form you must get it stamped by me or Terri and make the purchase; then submit it along with a receipt, and completed MDV to the CFO. The store accepting payment will give you a special receipt for your records. SPENDING YOUR FUNDS: PURCHASE ORDERS (P.O.)

16 Most commonly a DCA is used to give money from one SGA club to another. The DCA is used to process purchases from all on- campus offices, such as the Bookstore or Dining Services. This form is used to account for the exchange of goods or services between University departments. A Departmental Charge Authorization Form should be completed between the department requesting the goods or services and the department supplying those goods or services. The budget office must approve all expenditures of $200 or greater. SPENDING YOUR FUNDS: DEPARTMENTAL CHARGE AUTHORIZATION (DCA)


18  All Student Government chartered organizations can raise funds. The treasurer must keep accurate records of revenues and expenses. ◦ No check should be written to an individual. ◦ Make the check out to Rowan+(Your club name).  All club events require the use of tickets sales for admission are required to go through the Info Desk in the Student Center. FUNDRAISING

19  Any organizations planning a fundraiser  must complete a fundraising request form  must be approved for each fundraising activity.  Any organization that is granted permission to fundraise must be given a permit  permit must be displayed on the table wherever fundraising activities are being conducted. FUNDRAISING

20  It is also very important that the fundraising form and money be delivered to the SGA office manager for deposit within 48 business hours of the fundraiser’s completion.  When you drop off fundraised money to the SGA office administrator (Terri), please attach copy of fundraising permit to deposit slip with money/check. DEPOSITING FUNDRAISED MONEY

21 1. My favorite: Outside Vendors Other ideas: 2. Be creative! Market your club and fundraise on campus at the same time. ie( Model UN: sell cupcakes with national flags iced on; TRAC: sell sketches of your customer etc…. ) 3. Collaborate Work with other clubs not just for events but for fundraisers. You can do so much more in conjunction with another club! FUNDRAISING IDEAS


23  Request for Travel Form ◦ Main Contact ◦ Attach List of any students attending the trip as well ◦ Attach any additional information i.e.. Hotel/Conference/Flight Information  Submit MDV to cut a check to reimburse attendees $36 per diem for food (8,8,20) $0.56 per mile for gas TRAVELING?


25  Every Spring the SGA will allocate funds to the clubs depending on needs; this money will be available during the next academic year starting in the Fall.  Money is compromised of collected Student Activity Fees from all undergraduate students.  Throughout the year you don’t have to spend money exactly how you planned, but everything must adhere to our guidelines! BUDGET ALLOCATION

26  Club meetings (10 total throughout the year) ◦ $20 for a pizza and 2 liter bottle of soda (x10) $200 ◦ $30 for Tshirt + Coffee Mug as gift for guest speakers (once per semester). $60  Regional Conference in Spring Semester (6 attendees) ◦ $50 registration each (x6) $300 ◦ $100 round trip plane ticket (x6) $600 ◦ 2 Hotel Rooms for 2 nights at $70 a night each. $280 ◦ Meal money for each student per day($36x6x2) $432 Total Expenses for the year $1872 Total fundraising expected for the year -$ 500 Total expenses after fundraising $1372 ________________________________________________________________ Budget Request = $1400 SAMPLE BUDGET

27  Each year the SGA keeps $15,000 for supplemental funds. To apply for the supplemental funds please follow the reference sheet for them.  Qualifications for supplemental funds include that they need to be for emergencies, unforeseen expenditures, or one time expenses that are not accounted for in the yearly budget.  Also can not be for more than $2,500.  Only once per year per club SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDS


29  All clubs are welcome to use the Shoprite credit card. Please refer to guidelines on procedure to sign out the card (p.18). SGA SHOPRITE CREDIT CARD

30 2014-2015 SFCB Guidelines have instated a point policy for clubs with late or unpaid bills (in cases of vendor inquiry): Late or unpaid bills will result in a penalty of 4 points. (That’s half the number of points to revoke your clubs charter) Don’t let it happen to your club! LATE PAYMENTS/UNPAID BILLS

31 BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! Be punctual with your paperwork. Spend wisely/be responsible. Fundraise A LOT. & Enjoy your club’s money with all your members! SOME ADVICE FROM YOUR CFO

32 I’m here to help you, so USE me! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Office Hours: Monday 2:00-5:00 Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:30 Wednesday 2:00-4:30 Friday 10:00-12:30 QUESTIONS

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