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PSP1 Preparing for PSP3: Types of Work Experience & Placements.

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1 PSP1 Preparing for PSP3: Types of Work Experience & Placements

2 Why think about PSP3 now? All students in Biosciences take the module PSP3 70% of the assessment is based on an 'employability portfolio' The 'employability portfolio' will include items such as: skills reviews (pre- and post-work experience); combination of self-assessment and supervisor/tutor assessment written work on professional experiences reflection on 'employability'

3 To produce these items... You need some 'work experience' This could take the form of: a 12-month 'sandwich placement' (this will also get you a sandwich degree) summer placements / projects voluntary work part-time work Venture Matrix or simulated work experience (these won't get you a sandwich degree)

4 12 month sandwich placement Start applying late summer 2013 for a 2014/15 placement Need a well written CV, evidencing excellent skills Placement opportunities will be advertised via Bb Students can also find their own placements Many 12 month placements are paid

5 Examples of 12 month placements What type of work can be done? Anything that has some relevance to your degree and is at an appropriate level: lab work (analytical, microbiology, pathology, synthesis, research etc etc) non-lab work (data management, clinical trials, medical writing, regulatory affairs etc) field work school-based placement

6 Are there limitations? job ad will specify the degree disciplines that are relevant to that placement there are placement opportunities for all degree disciplines hospital path lab placements require students on BMS if you find your own opportunity SHU has to approve it

7 Examples of Placements for 11/12 BMRC, SHU, FAS, BC, HB various research projects eg MALDI-MS of skin sensitisers science outreach planning, organising and delivering science based activities to schools £11K Covance, Harrogate, Biology metabolism - in vivo sample collection, prep & processing; hplc, scintillation £15K

8 Examples of Placements for 11/12 Croda, Widnes, BC prep & analysis of sunscreen formulations £15.2K DePuy, Leeds, Biology, BMS clinical data entry and inspection journal searches / literature reviews report writing £14.5K

9 Examples of Placements for 11/12 Eurofins, Derbyshire, Biology, FAS fieldwork: planning, layout of trials, observation travelling around the country lab work: sample prep, analysis by GC-MS Kirkstall, Sheffield, BMS mainly non-lab work sales & marketing support for Kirkstall CEO £9.6K

10 Examples of Placements for 11/12 James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough, BMS MLA work initially Cell pathology - histology ~£6.6K student found this themselves Mundipharma Research, Cambridge, FAS analytical testing for drugs under development stability, moisture and dissolution testing £16.5K

11 Examples of Placements for 11/12 RHH, Sheffield, BMS rotate around all haematology departments £6K completing IBMS portfolio Spire Leeds Hospital, BMS running biochemistry & haemotology analysers working on IBMS portfolio ~£11K Tata Steel, Rotherham, FBS, PS Environmental analysis (PAH in air & water samples) Trace organic elemental analysis, sample prep & analysis £16K

12 Example of Placements for 12/13 Belfast City Hospital, BMS receipt and processing of samples data base work voluntary placement, completing IBMS portfolio Binding Site, Birmingham, BMS, Biology Analysis of patient samples by turbidometer immunofixation paid Brinsworth Comprehensive School, Rotherham, school lab technical duties, prep of experiments and demos teaching assistant helping in science classes voluntary placement

13 Example of Placements for 12/13 Covance, Harrogate BMS Genetics & Molecular Toxicology Producing slides to show effect of test articles on human blood for cell/genetic damage £15300 pa ESG Forensics, Burton on Trent, FBS & FAS Physical and chemical comparisons of sample Drug analysis £6.50 per hour plus overtime available Eurofins, Derbyshire Biology Field work: sample treatment, collection and assessment Opportunity for prep lab work over winter minimum wage plus overtime opportunities

14 Example of Placements for 12/13 Euroimmun, Germany PS development of genetic tests using microarray technology €600 per month Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, Billingham BMS HPLC, electrophoresis, plate reading statistical analyses, report writing, presentations £14500 pa Intertek, Manchester BC Routine and project work on MS Contract analysis £12500 pa

15 Example of Placements for 12/13 Merck, Germany BMS structure elucidation by MALDI-MS tissue imaging ~ €750 per month Quotient Bioresearch, Cambs, BMS Sample prep & data processing ELISA £13500 pa Reckitt Benckiser, Hull FAS, FBS, Biol global regulatory affairs: working with compliance team checking formulations, updating licensing etc analytical healthcare using hplc, gc £15800 pa

16 Examples of Placements for 12/13 Sheffield Assay Office, BC sample preparation of metal samples for ICP analysis analysis of Ag samples by dissolution autotitration minimum wage Sheffield Children's Hospital, BMS Haemotology inc taking blood, cell counting, blood films unpaid but gets meal vouchers SHU, BMRC & Biosciences, BMS, Biol research projects eg water channels using confocal microscopy outreach projects in local schools and colleges £13K pa

17 Example of Placements for 12/13 Synlab Clinical trials Ltd, Middlesex BMS sample reception, serology, haemotology £275 per week Tameside General Hospital, Ashton under Lyme, BMS blood analysis using a range of instrumentation manual spot tests voluntary placement UoS, Bone Oncology team, BC ELISAs, plate tests, cell culture £600 per month

18 Placements for 13/14 Tesco Stores Ltd (Technical), Cheshunt Source Bioscience, Nottingham Molson Coors, Burton Sheffield Assay Office Phico Therapeutics, Cambridge Binding Site, Birmingham BMRC, SHU St James Hospital Leeds UoS Tissueregenix, York Medical Research Council Sheffield Children's Hospital University Medical Centre, Utrecht

19 Placements for 13/14 Cesas Medical, Edinburgh Venture Matrix Scheme (Schools), SHU Synlab, Middlesex Various Schools / Colleges Depuy, Blackpool Kirkstall, Sheffield ReckittBenckiser, Hull Euroimmun, Germany GSK, Stevenage Proctor & Gamble, Newcastle Eurofins Agroscience, Derbyshire Warrington Hospital Belfast Hospital Doncaster Hospital

20 Placements for 14/15 Who knows? Prepare well and you will find out!!

21 Other work experience for PSP3 summer placements / projects voluntary work part-time work Venture Matrix or simulated work experience You and a supervisor need to be able to assess your skills at the start and end of the WE using SHU paperwork

22 Areas of assessment: communication working with others improving own performance problem solving using relevant IT application of numbers working practice inc. knowledge, work skills, quality of work professional / organisational awareness

23 Summer placements / projects between years 1 & 2 and/or years 2 & 3 around 6 weeks in total (could be more) placement team will advertise opportunities you should also look for opportunities (company, university, hospital web sites) lots of useful information in this document: uments/find-internship.pdf need a named supervisor to assess performance

24 Voluntary work any discipline unpaid should be equivalent to around 6 weeks (may be FT or longer PT) any time during degree look for areas of interest / relevance to you Hallam Volunteering Hallam Award: award/ award/

25 Part-time work any discipline equivalent to at least 6 weeks FT any time during degree need a supervisor willing to assess your performance at start / end WE bar work, waiter/waitress, retail etc.

26 Venture Matrix SHU scheme enabling students to develop employability and enterprise skills as part of their degree experience/venture-matrix/ experience/venture-matrix/ likely to be between year 2 and 3 or during year 3 (depending on availability of projects / student interest)

27 Simulated Work Experience During final year of degree unpaid team task, contributing material to the individual employability portfolio development of a product (e.g. report, presentation, demonstration) of relevance to the team's career aspirations

28 What next? should discuss ideas for gaining work experience in your Academic Tutorial groups assessment forms (for pre- and post-WE self and supervisor assessment) will be on Bb contact placement team if you want to discuss WE further

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