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Aber Careers Your Service/Your Future Placements, Internships and Other Valuable Experience International Politics Bev Herring.

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1 Aber Careers Your Service/Your Future Placements, Internships and Other Valuable Experience International Politics Bev Herring

2 I’m not dismissing the value of higher education; I’m simply saying it comes at the expense of experience. Steve Jobs

3 Not any more nearly four-fifths (79%) of students due to graduate this year have already gained some work experience. Job advantage for graduates with work experience - survey The High Fliers study of more than 18,000 university leavers indicates that graduates who have had internships are three times as likely to land jobs. graduate market 2013 - report

4 If that isn’t reason enough.. It’s not just CV fodder! It will make you more successful in your job search (prior slide)!! Test out career ideas (without committing!) Become commercially aware – get a REAL sense of the industry by being close to the action. Show your passion and enthusiasm – evidence to employers your motivation for a career path.

5 May ignite your passion and interest! It’s a gentle intro to the world of work (get work savvy) Pick up skills Identify skills you didn’t know you had!! They may offer you a grad job or strongly recommend you apply! Will enable you to build your contacts – useful for a heads up about future jobs and recommendations to other companies/organisations

6 But be aware that… Many placements are unpaid Placements are extremely competitive Some placements are only open to postgraduate students There may be nationality and language restrictions on some internships

7 You will need to be focussed…think this through You will have to be proactive You may need to apply speculatively You will need to allow time to find a placement

8 What might get YOU an exciting opportunity? Planning and persistence Tenacity and determination Enthusiasm and passion

9 Need some help? CVs and covering letters Speculative applications Work Experience Networking

10 Need some help? Talk to a careers adviser Outreach (every other Monday - term time) InterPol Foyer Drop in sessions (15 minutes) available daily on a first come, first served basis in our office in the Students’ Union (10.30am-1.00pm) Longer (30 minutes) appointments can be booked through reception– call in or phone on 01970 622378

11 Placement Options Local, Regional and National Government International Organisations Think Tanks Development Agencies Voluntary Organisations Accountancy/Law/Journalism/Management etc…

12 Consider a year out! Year in Employment Scheme (YES) Engage in 12 month internship and sandwich scheme programmes With Welsh Government & Houses of parliament to name a few Welsh Government | Undergraduate Student Placements Undergraduate Sandwich Student Placements - UK Parliament Search graduate jobs | Year in Employment Scheme

13 Sign up / Subscribe / RSS Twitter Blogs Facebook even.....

14 Useful related resources Finding work experience related to international politics Finding work experience related to international politics Prospects - Work Experience and Internships everything you need to know about getting work experience including some case studies. Prospects - Work Experience and Internships experience-and-internships-advice experience-and-internships-advice Jobs and internships in politics.pdf

15 Useful general info service-charity-and-social-work service-charity-and-social-work ernational_relations_your_skills.htm ernational_relations_your_skills.htm subjects-your-options/301048-what-can-i-do- with-a-politics-degree subjects-your-options/301048-what-can-i-do- with-a-politics-degree

16 EADS (Airbus) opportunities EADS Jobs - Political Affairs Internship – Broughton Run a google search…join them on linked in Government Affairs Internship at EADS in Newport, United Kingdom - Job | LinkedIn

17 UK Government wide range of internship options – some paid, some not but you can search just on paid ones. Not just working for MPs Public affairs and public relations jobs – electus Information, advice and vacancies Welsh Government | Work placements

18 Civil Service & Public Sector Civil Service Work Experience Offers vacation visit days, short term work experience and industrial year placements - also 6-9 week Summer Diversity Internship Programme for UK students with disabilities and from ethnic minorities. Individual Civil Service Departments Civil Service Work ExperienceSummer Diversity Internship Programme Individual Civil Service Departments Directory of public sector organisations Can be accessed with an email address Useful for proactive searches. Directory of public sector organisations Local Government jobs – advertises occasional internships Local Government jobs

19 International Organisations Need to plan on a long term basis! few opportunities for new graduates to work in this field other than as an intern or volunteer. Experience often required – build through other work (private/public), getting international experience and developing language skills

20 An “international organisation” may be “inter- governmental”, such as the UN or EU, or “non- governmental”, such as a charity or campaigning organisation.

21 European Union EuroBrussels Extensive database of internships and jobs in Brussels (+ international organisations and NGOs – including list of internship links) as well as good careers advice.

22 European Union Traineeship - Council of Europe Traineeship - Council of Europe Unpaid (no expenses either) traineeship for graduates wishing to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the functioning and activities of the Council of Europe 1 st session – 17-03-2014 to 31-07-2014 (open now) 2 nd session – 09-2014 to 01-2015 (not yet open)

23 EU Institutes (5 month) Traineeships are available at a number of EU institutions, principally at those listed below: The European Commission The Council of Europe office? office?lang=en The European Parliament – information on traineeships and study visits =EN&id=147 =EN&id=147 The European Court of Justice The Directorate-General for Translation m m

24 ‘Euro Fringe’ EuroBrussels links to jobs available and vacancy information pages in most organisations and corporations located in Brussels including European institutions, international organisations, law firms, NGOs and political Brussels Jobs focuses on non- political expert jobs in the international environment in Brussels. Lists IT jobs, business jobs, office/secretarial jobs, finance jobs, and other specialist jobs in Brussels, for the expat EurActiv : search for EU related jobs and internships in Brussels and Europe. Includes European Commission, International Agencies, NGOs, consultancies, Industry federations, and think

25 The United Nations Positions in the UN and its agencies normally require substantial experience and relevant professional qualifications. Although internships of up to 6 months are available throughout the year for graduates without experience, the UN has no provision in its budget to pay interns and all costs involved must be paid by the interns themselves.

26 UN career opportunities UN Careers career options, career paths, internships, how to apply, etc. Explore a career with the UN For current vacancies in the UN (at all levels) see This can be searched by organisation, location, A Guide to a Career with the United Nations Pdf guide to employment in the UNPdf guide to employment in the UN UN Regional Information Centre for Western Europe - includes a page on employment and internships and links to UN agencies in the UK (and other Western European countries) Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

27 UN (United Nations) UN Opportunities - Internships The internship listing for UN organisations. Keep scrolling down - this is a fantastic site! International Civil Service Commission Links to vacancy pages of UN organisations - including internships United Nations Information Centres United Nations Information Centres UN Information Centres/Country Offices directory. Worth applying speculatively. Be aware that many internships are open to postgraduate students only and that most are unpaid.

28 UN’s On-line Volunteering Service

29 NATO NATO HQ runs an Internship Programme which aims to provide a small number of current or recent students with the opportunity to intern with the International Staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels in the following areas: Defence Policy and Planning Executive Management NATO Office of Security Operations Political Affairs and Security Policy Public Diplomacy The application process opens in spring for internships starting in September and March and last for six months. They are paid: €800 per month. A working knowledge of both English and French is required. See NATO - Application Instructions full detailsNATO - Application Instructions For recruitment into NATO at other levels, see Most permanent staff come from a background in the armed forces or civil and diplomatic services of member

30 OSCE (Organisation for Security & Co-operation in Europe) The OSCE offers unpaid internships, lasting from 2- 6 months, in Vienna and Prague. See for full English Speaking Union – unpaid (applications open in December 2013) parliamentary-internships

31 Information and vacancies – link to Policyjobs. Searchable directory of think tanks worldwide. Some services only available to members. A number of internships have open access (paid and unpaid).

32 Development Work Work in international development can include healthcare, education, equality, government, human rights, disaster prevention/relief, infrastructure, economics, sustainability, human rights, migration, security, conflict, agriculture, the environment, small business development, project finance etc. Jobs may be based in a head office in the developed world or “in the field” and include administration, research, fundraising, training, consultancy, logistics, relief work and professional roles in healthcare, engineering and planning. For more about the role, see the International Aid/Development worker job description: worker_job_description.htm

33 Points to Consider: Developing countries need people with hard skills - Your desire to help others, or your desire to travel, or your ambition, are not enough to work for the United Nations or any other international humanitarian or development organization. Developing countries need people with hard skills, skills they don't have (but that they want). They want to be paid to build their own schools, clean up after disasters themselves, care for their children, etc.(Jayne Craven, Coyote Communications) Skill-sharing is a two-way process: the development worker will share their skills and knowledge with a partner organisation and/or with various communities and actors, and in return s/he also acquires and develops new skills and knowledge. A development worker is someone who is clearly committed to development, to fighting poverty and injustice, and has the flexibility and openness to work and live in a different socio-political, cultural and geographical setting.(Progressio) If you are considering a career in international development … you should bear in mind that most agencies are looking for a combination of qualifications and several years’ relevant work experience.(Practical Action) development-1 (info on courses to develop skills sought by NGOs) development-1

34 Some skills and attributes sought Patience Cultural understanding Adaptability Commitment to the cause Willingness to roll with the punches Perseverance Language skills Diplomacy Broad range of international experience Tact Fundraising/grant writing Technical – engineering specialties (water, energy, etc) Health – public health/doctors/nurses Legal training Financial/ accounting Public relations/communications/media Economic development expertise Management (general admin/project/logistics)

35 Some roles sought midwives civil engineers financial managers IT managers database developers emergency response managers weavers sanitation experts green builders vocational teachers lawyers and paralegals accountant trainers police trainers wine makers cheese makers nurses car mechanic school instructors photographers solar energy experts farmers and ranchers agricultural marketing professionals potato chop manufacturing experts juvenile justice experts domestic/household engineers nutrition experts restaurant management trainers regional tourism experts university journalism teachers fire fighting instructors tree nursery managers animal shelter managers mass transit planners logistics experts

36 How can I gain experience in development? There are three main ways as a tourist/traveller as a volunteer - in a developing country, in the UK or in another developed country as an employee - in a developing country, in the UK or in another developed country (need experience) The first two are often blurred: “volontourism ”, where participants pay around £2000 for a volunteer placement that may be as short as two weeks. There are many responsible organisations involved in this field, but there is controversy about the necessity for, and ethics of, “voluntourism”. For discussions of this issue, see: The Guardian Independent travel in developing countries, undertaken with an open mind and cultural awareness and sensitivity, can be just as beneficial as an organised volunteer programme.

37 Widening understanding of International development Coyote Communications useful resources from an international development Development in Action Development Worker US site with careers advice and links to Experience Development includes links to IGOs and NGOs and also banks and commercial organisations linked to Panos Institute produces information for media on global development issues with a developing world Restless Development youth-led development Think Global formerly the Development Education A Good Place to Start: downloadable list of good places to start your search on over 30 development themes, from the IDS at Sussex I Want to Work In the United Nations

38 Getting in (to International development) forum for those developing careers in International Development, from the Careers Group, University of Guardian Careers – including Q&A sessions with international development experts Guardian Global Development pages Personal qualities of a development worker Working in International Development - advice from World Service Enquiry Institute of Development Studies Directory of Development Organisations free listings by region, country and Changing Lives opment.pdf opment.pdf

39 Jobs and Internships in International Development AidJobs http://aidjobs.org Bond (British Overseas NGOs for Development) volunteering.html Department for International Development (DfID) for-dfid/jobs runs an annual graduate for-dfid/jobs Job Vacancies and Internship Information from the IDS at Sussex University Idealist thousands of not-for-profit and community organisations worldwide which you can search or browse by name, location, or mission for volunteer opportunities, jobs and Oneworld Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) runs a “Young Professionals Programme” for Masters Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellowship scheme for postgraduate Economists to work for two years in the public sector of African, Caribbean and Pacific 2Way Development places 100’s of volunteers overseas every year to work alongside development charities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle

40 NGOs (NGOs and more) Key site with searchable vacancy database Key site for development info – a few vacancies available but excellent topic guides Vacancies and information Subscribe to free email bulletin or subscribe to Value Membership service

41 NGOs offering internships The following organisations have advertised internships for recent graduates in the past: please check their websites for current information before contacting them. BASIC (British-American Security Information Council) Jobs & Internships internships in London and WashingtonJobs & Internships CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) Foreign Policy Centre Human Rights Watch International Crisis Group Justice Africa Rights & Humanity RUSI ( Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies)

42 Volunteering es/for-18-25-year-olds/ es/for-18-25-year-olds/

43 NGO Directories over 350 UK-based organisations + vacancies page The encyclopaedia of charities on the internet - searchable directory of UK-based voluntary organisations, no vacancy page Searchable vacancy database for jobs and internships

44 Graduate employers offering internships experience experience

45 Think about.. Why you want to do a placement How a placement might fit in with any future plans How you might best use and develop your skills, knowledge and experience How you can maximise your chances of success… Undertaking a one year placement before your final year - YES Doing a placement after you graduate

46 How we can help Outreach – alternate Mondays (during term time) in the InterPol Foyer Drop in – 15mins no need to book One to one guidance - bookable Resources online and take home - available in the Union Careers

47 Union Careers Office Open weekdays 10am – 5pm (Friday 4pm) Daily drop in support 10.30 – 1pm Email: Web: Facebook: Twitter: @abercareers Phone: 01970 622378

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