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Everything’s the Same, Only Different Tom Schaff Big Swift Kick.

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1 Everything’s the Same, Only Different Tom Schaff Big Swift Kick

2 1000 40 1000 30 1000 20 1000 10 Sales Math: What Stops Sales From Being “Big Easy” 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4090 + 10 = 4100

3 Close to the Vest – Less than Forthcoming Prospects are amazing either “Very Happy” or “Not Happy. Unpaid Consulting – Take Your Stuff Prospects gather your information, share it with competition and ask you to pick up the “freight” for unpaid consulting Avoid Conflict – Less than Forthcoming Part 2 “This looks really good. I think there is a great possibility we may do business if everything works out. Give me a chance to think this over.” Hide/VMOOTOIAMIAC Voice Mail Jail: The Calls go in but they never come out. You are ignored. Buyers Have a Process

4 BaseMeansThe Definition 1 st You have a first meeting for a new opportunity. You got the prospect interested by asking good questions and got them to tell you they had a problem they wanted to fix. 2 nd The prospect needs what you have, has compelling reasons to buy from you and you have demonstrated your S.O.B Quality.S.O.B Quality You learned about a problem, there are compelling reasons to buy and buy from you (urgency) built a relationship and demonstrated your Speed on the Bases (SOB Quality). 3 rd The prospect is qualified to do business with you and you are qualified to do business with them You qualified the prospect on all of your criteria for doing business such as delivery method, cost and time, ability to meet specs, satisfactory budget and terms, knowledge of decision makers and process, ability to make a decision, references, acceptance of your company and product as desirable, etc. You have also determined that you meet all of the company’s criteria for doing business. HomeYou presented your value proposition along with a needs and cost appropriate solution and scored. You presented a perfect solution, and stayed within their budget and they agreed to buy from you. 4

5 Negative Opening Comment This may not have happened to you YET…. OR I may be bringing this up too (early/late)… Third Party Story But one of the most frequent conversations we have is around…. OR But many times when having a conversation about…..retirees describe… What have you seen? What have you experienced? How often…? When…? Who…? Useful Question Formats to Put In-Play #1 5

6 Typically, at the end of the meeting, a couple things can happen. If what we have won’t serve your current objectives, mind if I tell you that upfront and still keep door open for another day? If I think we have best program in the world but you’re not on the same page for any reason, would you do the same for me? If we are on same page, mind if we schedule our next steps? Every Meeting is a Decision Meeting 6


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