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Michigan Career Placement Association The In’s and Out’s of Placing Students in a Work Environment.

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1 Michigan Career Placement Association The In’s and Out’s of Placing Students in a Work Environment

2  Lisa Bartell, Past President  Co-op/Career Specialist, Kalamazoo RESA  Debbie Lynch, President  CTE Coordinator, Williamston High School  Beverly Brown, State of Michigan Representative  Program and Placement Specialist  Department of Education, Office of Career & Technical Education WELCOME

3 WHAT IS MCPA MCPA is a professional organization whose goal is to provide direction and leadership to individuals involved in Work Based Learning.

4  What is Work Based Learning  Types of Work Based Learning opportunities  Key Components  Documentation requirements  Next Steps  Benefits of MCPA SUMMARY OF PRESENTATION

5 WHAT IS WORK BASED LEARNING? (WBL) To provide students with a planned program of job training and other employment experiences related to a chosen career.

6  Better prepared for future employment  May earn money to support future goals  Improved attendance and better grades  More interested in additional education and training  Develop better problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills  More goal-oriented  Better understand real-life issues  Have increased focus and purpose BENEFITS OF WBL

7  Student/Visitor  Volunteer  Work Based Learning – Non CTE Programs, Paid/Unpaid  Work Based Learning State-Approved CTE Programs, Paid/Unpaid  In-District/In-School Placements – Unpaid  Minor Employee with Work Permit (Not WBL) TYPES OF WBL OPPORTUNITIES

8  Student Grade Level (Non CTE 9-12, CTE 11-12)  Certified Teacher (Vocationally certified for CTE)  Pupil Accounting Requirements  Time sheets for attendance  EDP aligns  Work based experience cannot be more than ½ of FTE  Documentation must be completed before count day  Youth Employment Rules and Regulations  Hazardous Occupations  Wages  Hours Worked  Workers Compensation/General Liability Required  Record Retention KEY COMPONENTS


10 WORKSITE VISITS  You must visit:  Prior to placement  Once every 9 weeks  Every 30 days for special education students

11 TRAINING AGREEMENT  An agreement between district, employer, student, and parent.  Must be on file before work-based placement.  Takes the place of a work permit.

12 TRAINING PLAN  The plan details specific job tasks and outlines the educational program to be learned by the trainee.  Specific unduplicated skills need to be listed for each 45 hours of unpaid placement.  The performance elements (CTE)/job skills (non-CTE) shall be used to assess the pupil’s progress.

13 SAFETY  Safety instruction must be given before placement.  A date must be provided of when safety training occurred.

14  Work Based Learning Guide for Risk Management,4615,7-140- 6530_2629_53968-220470--,00.html  Administrative Guide for CTE in Michigan ve_Guide_for_CTE_369521_7.pdf  Michigan Career Placement Association  Michigan Transition Services Association HELPFUL RESOURCES

15  Reference the documents and websites provided  Get to know your auditor  Get involved and become a member of MCPA  Attend the October and June MCPA Workshops NEXT STEPS

16  Professional Development  Fall WBL Workshop – Lansing, MI (October 21-22, 2013)  Summer WBL Workshop–Lansing, MI (June 19-20, 2013)  Communication  Newsletters  Networking  Regional meetings  State updates  Ask the board a question  Resources  Website – sample forms and documents BENEFITS OF MCPA



19  Lisa Bartell – Kalamazoo RESA   (269) 250-9306  Debbie Lynch – Williamston High School   (517) 655-2142, ext. 7400  Beverly Brown   (517) 335-4670 CONTACT INFORMATION

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