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CLASS OF 2016 Registration for Senior Year. Need to know info… Not all classes in the guide are taught at CHS. Only these on the back of your card are.

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1 CLASS OF 2016 Registration for Senior Year

2 Need to know info… Not all classes in the guide are taught at CHS. Only these on the back of your card are taught here. Be aware that 1 st period at CTE begins at 8:45 and 4 th period at CTE ends at 4:25! Look on the back of your card. If the course has a * by it, this class meets for one semester only. Place it in one box on your card and choose another * class for the same box. If it does not have an *, it meets all year.

3 Double Blocked Classes Several classes at the CTE center are double blocked. These courses are highlighted (shaded gray) on the back of your card. If you sign up for one of these classes, you must write it in 2 boxes on your card.

4 CTE application needed Log on to the CTE page to find the application The deadline to apply is March 15 th. Marketing Dynamics (& Practicum) Practicum in Education (& Advanced) Child Guidance (& Practicum) Culinary Arts 1,2 Health Science 2,3, & Pharmacology Practicum in Vet Med Sports Management Practicum in Law Enforcement Practicum in Local Government Practicum in Graphic Design & Illustration

5 ISM ISM students need to pick up an application in the counseling office. DO NOT put ISM on your card. If you get accepted, we will add the class to your schedule for you. See Mr. Pirtle in A116 if you have questions.

6 Other Special Programs Needing Applications. Trainer/Sports Medicine (Counseling Office) Yearbook (Ms. Kline, B119) TV broadcast year 2 and 3 (Ms. Gross, B101) Partners PE (Counseling Office) Teen Leadership 2 (Counseling Office or Mr. Campbell, B123)

7 Information you need to get online.. Course guide (read descriptions before you choose) This powerpoint CTE information and application Elective videos

8 AP College Dual Credit Free Taught by HS staff Not in your college GPA Possible college credit Weighted more in GPA Preferred by highly selective schools Costs money Taught by college staff Is in college GPA College credit if passed Weighted less in GPA AP vs. College Dual Credit

9 Dual Credit…do you qualify? MANDATORY MEETING May 6 th, 6 PM in the cafeteria *students & parents should attend* Do you have no grade lower than an 80 on your report card this year? Do you have transportation? Do you have the money to pay for tuition and books? Do you have excellent attendance? IF you answered yes to all of these questions, you may pick up the Dual Credit Form in the Counseling Office. *There is also a placement test you must pass in order to take dual credit classes.

10 See Your Counselor in Person About… The majority of Dual Credit students take English 4 and/or Government/Economics (AP Lang students should sign up for AP Lit, not Dual Credit English) CTEC Dual Credit classes offered include Cisco 3 & 4, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, College Medical Terminology, & Introduction to Healthcare Services [Most of these have other CTE prerequisites. See your counselor, CTE Teacher, or CTE Counselor for information on these courses.]

11 College Class, cont.. There are 3 choices of class times. 7:00 AM-8:15 -before school, no impact to your schedule. 1:00-2:15 -Suggested you have early release, as it is difficult to get back to CHS in time to take a last period class (athletics is allowed.) You leave campus at 12:15 and have off campus lunch. You must take 2 classes. 3:00-4:15 -You leave after 3 rd hour and go to the college for 4 th hour. YOU MUST ATTACH THE DUAL CREDIT FORM TO YOUR SCHEDULE CARD.

12 Graphic Explanation How many classes will you take each semester? 1 2 0 hour4th per. 0 hour 3 rd per. 4 th per. 7 AM 3 PM 7 AM 1 PM 3 PM

13 Early Release or Late Arrival Early Release and Late Arrival are not looked upon favorably by competitive colleges. Just write ER or LA on your card if you want this option. If you want it every day, write ER or LA in 2 boxes. If you want it every other day, write ER or LA in 1 box. You earn no rank points and no credit for ER/LA. You must leave the building immediately if you are taking an early release. This means you need a car or a ride home!!

14 Aide Positions Office Aide, Teacher Aide, Counselor Aide and Library Aide positions are limited. You must find a teacher or staff member who needs an aide and get them to sign your card. Aide positions earn no rank points or credit and are not considered favorably by competitive colleges.

15 The Four Core You all need to sign up for:  English  4 th Math (your teacher has made a recommendation for you)  4 th Science  Gov & Econ  Anything else your counselor has written in at the bottom, or requirements you know you haven’t completed

16 ELECTIVES You WILL NOT be allowed to make any elective changes, including alternates, once you come back to school in August. Please choose carefully!!! We hire staff based on the electives you choose now and order textbooks based on what you choose now. April 17th, our final verification date, is the last possible date to change an elective class.

17 Back Up Electives You MUST write in 4 back up electives on your card. Very frequently, counselors will need to use one or more back up classes. Senior schedules are hard to make! Choose both one semester and full year back ups. We need to have both options to pick from. CHOOSE CAREFULLY! You can’t change these after April 17th.

18 Course Load Seniors must sign up for a minimum of SIX classes on your schedule (three each day). FIVE of the classes must earn state credit.

19 Additions to the Course Card AP Human Geography (one semester Social Studies elective) Sports Management (double blocked unpaid internship; has a prerequisite)

20 Reminder about PAP and AP All students who sign up for PAP or AP courses must stay for the entire first 6 weeks grading period before a drop to regular will be considered. NO DROPS will be allowed until first 6 weeks ends, and a meeting will be held with your teacher, your parent, and you if you do decide you want to drop. The grade earned first 6 weeks goes with you to the new class should you drop.

21 Initial your card now! Please locate the box in the lower left portion of your card that talks about the policy regarding schedule changes. Please read the statement and initial that box now.

22 You have one week to get your parent signature and complete your choices. February 5 th and 6 th you need to bring your completed card to ENGLISH class. You will be meeting with your counselor that day and turning in your card. If you do not turn in a card, we will pick your classes for you, and you can’t change them. *****Cards that are not initialed and/or do not have parent signature will not be accepted.***** Next Steps

23 A-Cl- Ms. Clair Co-Hi- Ms. Smith Ho-Mc- Ms. Wilson Me-Sb- Ms. Marshall Sc-Z - Ms. Puente If you forget our email address, send an email through Family Connection. Best Way to Reach Your Counselor

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