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ASHHI Advancing Functions in Action: Using Policy, Advocacy and Enforcement Strategies to Advance Healthy Housing.

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1 ASHHI Advancing Functions in Action: Using Policy, Advocacy and Enforcement Strategies to Advance Healthy Housing

2 Session Overview Presentation Goals Raise awareness of ASHHI Increase knowledge of ASHHI advancing functions Demonstrate advancing functions in action Panelists Amy Murphy, Moderator Pamela Shaheen Maricela Foster Mary Sue Schottenfels Beth McKee-Huger Kara Henner Eastman Aaron Haier Nancy Halpern Ibrahim

3 ASHHI Overview Broader effort to reduce the health disparities Initiated in 2012 via six community sites Reduce asthma, lead poisoning & home health and safety hazards Advancing philanthropic investment Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes for Children and Families Initiative Sponsored by The Kresge Foundation

4 ASHHI Sites Alameda County, California –Alameda County Community Development Agency Detroit, Michigan –CLEARCorps Detroit Greensboro, North Carolina –Greensboro Housing Coalition, Inc. Newark, New Jersey –Newark Department of Child and Family Well-Being Omaha, Nebraska –Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance South Los Angeles, California –St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, Esperanza Community Housing & Strategic Actions for a Just Economy

5 ASHHI Operational Framework

6 Advancing Functions Policy –Develop relationships & systems that capitalize on existing resources, programs and services –Develop standards for HH interventions –Medicaid reimbursement –Medical-legal partnerships Advocacy /Community Organizing –Involvement of the community most affected –Assure a community value for healthy housing –Protect tenant rights and help them negotiate government systems –Build community-wide coalitions –Secure political will Enforcement –Regulatory infrastructure ~ health and housing codes –Use and enforce existing laws and regulations

7 Panel Topics Alameda –Healthy Homes Alliance & Pilot Proactive Code Enforcement Detroit –Breaking the Cycle Workgroup: Building Awareness/Building Partnerships Greensboro –Community Engagement via Bus Tours and HH Summit Newark –Intra-governmental prioritization & coordination Omaha –Engaging the medical community to serve children with asthma South L.A. –Collaborating on referral systems, enforcement, and developing tenant leaders

8 Alameda County Healthy Homes Alliance Mission: Forum for government, community-based agencies and businesses to develop Healthy Homes policies, strategies and partnerships integrating them into existing housing, health and resource conservation programs.

9 Alameda County Healthy Homes Alliance Overview Objectives Public policy & enforcement Information & education Identify best practices & standards Build partnerships and broad-based capacity Subcommittees Proactive Code Enforcement Standards of Practice Media Strategy

10 Proactive Rental Inspection Program Overview Inspects rental housing on a periodic basis to ensure safety and habitability Doesn’t rely on tenant complaints Facilitates preventive maintenance Preserves housing stock & neighborhood condition Status Working with City of Oakland Researching PRI programs Soon introducing model draft ordinance to Oakland Developing ordinances to include lead and mold Pilot project of cross training and joint inspections

11 ACHHA ~ Status & Future Directions Advocate & implement PRI in partnership with the City of Oakland. Identify advocacy groups within the ACHHA to facilitate political will in support of PRI. Develop public will for developing a mold and lead ordinance.

12 CLEARCorps Detroit Breaking the Cycle Workgroup: Building Awareness/ Building Partnerships Mission: To create resources and strategies that help homeowners/ rental property owners to: OBTAIN MAINTAIN and RETAIN THEIR HOMES

13 Principle Strategies Identify “barrier busting” strategies Develop key partnerships for resources Educate families, service providers, and home visitors Provide intensive case management Pursue new policies & funding

14 Breaking the Cycle Workgroup Forum/binder for service providers and community organizations Addresses barriers to programs and services –Unpaid property taxes –Utility shut-offs –Leaky roofs Empower buyers to avoid scam purchases

15 Breaking the Cycle Successes REMOVING BARRIERS HELP with BACK PROPERTY TAXES: STEP FORWARD State Program HELP AVOID SCAMS: Producing BUYER BEWARE brochure to avoid scams HELP with ROOF REPAIRS: Bank & Trade Association funding for exterior repairs HELP with ASBESTOS STABILIZATION: Asbestos removal allowing for Weatherization

16 Greensboro Forging Community Will Annual Housing Summits since 2000 Inspire—poetry, testimonials, children’s art, video Connect—networking, partnerships Inform—facts, analysis, trends

17 Write your commitment on a “brick” to build the foundation…

18 Bus Tours since 2004 85-105 people each tour –Elected officials—and candidates –Neighbors –Doctors and lawyers –Rental property owners –Faith leaders Showing the stories of housing problems—and solutions

19 10 th annual bus tour October 2013 Asthma Triggers—moldy home Safety—code policies Cold—energy efficiency upgrades Lead Risks— remediation

20 Community Will for Healthy Homes Communications Professional videos of each bus tour News stories about events and issues, English & Spanish language media Guest columns in daily news Impact City council unanimously votes for code enforcement policy Rental owners invest $2+ million, private donors give $90,000, city commits $870,000 for housing repairs Hospital responds with Asthma Partnership Demonstration

21 Newark - City Prioritization of HH Sustainability Office Funding Healthy Homes Court Housing Code Modification

22 Newark - City Prioritization of HH Engagement of Policy Makers Section 8 Collaboration

23 Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance

24 Partnership with Medical Community Relationship between housing and children’s medical issues Provides services to: – children with low levels of lead –for children with asthma Partnerships with local clinics, medical providers and foster care Referrals come to OHKA Healthy Home Specialist

25 South L.A.

26 A collaborative effort between three agencies: –St. John’s Well Child & Family Center –Esperanza Community Housing Corporation –Strategic Actions for a Just Economy

27 South L.A. A system of cooperation: The three organizations work together to identify slum housing conditions and refer residents for appropriate services.

28 South L.A. Enforcement: When appropriate, information about slum housing conditions is communicated to the City Attorney’s Office. o Target slumlords who own multiple buildings with many units. o Focus on people super-exploiting the poor.

29 South L.A. Advocacy /Community Organizing: Develop the confidence and leadership of tenants living in substandard housing.

30 Questions?

31 The Kresge Foundation’s Advancing Safe and Healthy Homes for Children and Families Initiative

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