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28/04/2015© The University of Sheffield Careers Service DEGREE WITH EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE W Taking a placement year as part.

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1 28/04/2015© The University of Sheffield Careers Service DEGREE WITH EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE W Taking a placement year as part of your degree The Careers Service Helen Thorpe

2 CONTENT Why do a placement? What it involves Where to look for a placement Placement search using myVacancies Application forms What are employers looking for? Support available from the Careers Service “My time at Enterprise Rent-A-Car” – Abigail Leach, Placement Student

3 One third of graduate positions will be filled by graduates who already worked for the organisation through a placement year or summer internship Graduates who have no previous work experience are unlikely to be successful in the graduate recruitment process Record Number of Placement Vacancies in 2012/13 *High flyers Research Graduate Market 2013 BENEFITS OF DOING A PLACEMENT YEAR

4 A PLACEMENT YEAR CAN HELP YOU.... Develop key skills such as team work, communication, time management, leadership which will make you more employable Test out what you want to do when you graduate Get offered a graduate job! Financially – majority of placements are paid Get ideas for your dissertation Opportunity to develop practical skills to help you succeed in your future career Apply the theory you have learned in your degree and see the results Return to University in your final year with improve focus

5 THE PRACTICALITIES Start applying for placements in your second year Transfer onto the Year in Industry WHEN you have been offered a placement Supported by the University throughout the placement application process & during your placement Students can work overseas Pass/Fail Basis Fees - £1125 or zero if your placement is unpaid Overseas students - 21% You can apply for a student loan Placement is assessed – 1 x placement reports, skills analysis, journal Visited by your tutor Remain a fully registered student for placement year

6 Once you have secured a placement.... Complete a change of status form and get it signed by your department Provide a job description so dept can assess suitability Complete contact details form:- Return both forms to Helen Thorpe, Careers Service Pre placement briefing in April May/2014

7 Networking – Friends and family Social Media – Linked In/Face-book Speculative Approach Trade Publications – “New Scientist” Professional Bodies – “Institute of Mechanical Engineers” Direct to Company Website FINDING A PLACEMENT...

8 Placement and Recruitment Fairs All vacancies – including international and ERASMUS: Recruitment Websites – science/it/eng Targetjobs International Placements www.aiesec.ortg uk/employmentoverseas Pre-register

9 The Careers Service. at or via the link on the Careers tab in MUSE. Announcements are shown here, including news about employers and vacancies NEW REGISTRATIONS BY 29/11/13 COULD WIN AN IPAD MINI !

10 Search work experience/placements Search on type of work

11 You can also search employers by Type of Work offered


13 Application forms – next steps Most Placement schemes are open now Some Placement schemes close in October, others end of November/December 80 Placement Students out from UoS in 2013/14 – there could be more!!


15 Preparation is the key to success Research the company / opportunity What does the job involve? Why do you want this job? Why do you want to work for this particular employer? What are the competencies the employer is looking for? Analyse job descriptions, person specifications Read website News stories Read the profiles of graduate recruits Check careers service web pages Talk to company reps at recruitment fairs/employer events 28/04/2015

16 Application forms – what to expect Usually on-line, but can be paper based May ask for CV but application form often instead of CV Structured – boxes to complete, word / character limits Others more ‘open space’ for free text May be a time limit for completion May seem daunting – to ‘weed out’ the faint-hearted! Fair – easier to compare candidates Application won’t get you the job – just to the next stage

17 Employer requirements... SKILLS & COMPETENCIES Common sense Analytical problem solving Interpersonal Communication Team work Leadership Negotiation Autonomy Customer relationships Commercial awareness Time management Organisation skills Project management IT Each competency/skill may have a series of behaviours

18 Employer requirements... SKILLS & COMPETENCIES GSK – “high performance behaviours” Achieving excellence: enable and drive change, continuous improvement, customer focus. Engaging and developing others: building relationships, developing people, teamwork. Innovative thinking: information search (ie gathering information from a range of sources before making a decision), creating business solutions, flexible thinking. Leading people: influence, building confidence, communication. 18 Deloitte Communication Commercial Awareness Planning and organisation skills Adaptability Problem Solving

19 Employer requirements... SKILLS & COMPETENCIES  Research the job role and the company  Know what they are looking for  Understand what they mean!  Prepare your evidence to show you have what they want Selection process designed to assess these competences WRITE about them on application form TALK about them at interview TESTED at psychometric test DEMONSTRATE them at assessment centre 28/04/2015© The University of Sheffield Careers Service

20 Application forms - summary First impressions count – check spellings! Follow the instructions Complete all sections (“we wouldn’t ask if we didn’t want to know!”) Do not cut and paste – tailor to the company you are applying to Always use the company/job requirements/competencies Understand the question we’re asking (Leadership vs. Teamwork) Give specific examples as evidence Draw experience from all parts of your life Give yourself plenty of time


22 The Careers Service.

23 28/04/2015© The University of Sheffield Careers Service Support available to help you secure your placement : ENGINEERING STUDENTS EVERY THURSDAY 12.30-1.30PM in IPO ORANGE ROOM, MAPPIN BUILDING ECONOMICS STUDENTS EVERY THURSDAY 3-4PM, ROOM 225, ECONOMICS BUILDING Placement Drop in Sessions Every Tuesday throughout Semester 1 starting from 15 th October 12- 2.00pm in the Careers Service, No appointment necessary ALL PLACEMENT VACANCIES ARE ADVERTISED HERE:- DETAILS OF PRESENTATION CAN BE FOUND HERE

24 28/04/2015© The University of Sheffield Careers Service Careers Service - 388 Glossop Road (behind Student Union,Open 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri (11am – 5pm Tues) Thanks for listening Any questions?

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