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October 2009. Opening Session  Introductions  Constructability Evaluation Form (Section 13.2) p.htm.

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1 October 2009

2 Opening Session  Introductions  Constructability Evaluation Form (Section 13.2) p.htm p.htm  Default Process  Cross Slopes  Overbuild  When to use a Unilateral / Reservation of rights (Section 7.3) p.htm p.htm

3 Unpaid Bills  When an unpaid bill notice is received, forward a copy to your Resident Contracts Coordinator.  The Resident Contracts Coordinator will send a letter to the Prime Contractor with a copy to the P.A.  The P.A. is to contact the Prime Contractor and determine if there is good cause demonstrated for not paying the sub.  The PA should communicate this information to the Resident Contracts Coordinator.  m/New%20Clean%20Chapters/Chapter6s1.pdf m/New%20Clean%20Chapters/Chapter6s1.pdf

4 Unpaid Bills  If it is discovered that the Prime Contractor does not have good cause for withholding payment, then the DCE will determine if further payments will be made.  The P.A. will inform the contractor in writing of this decision  The Certification Disbursement of Previous Payment to Subcontractors should reflect any unpaid bill claims and include the required back-up documentation.

5 Material Certifications  Sample Certification forms can be found at: ation/resources/library/publications/certificati ons/sampleforms.htm ation/resources/library/publications/certificati ons/sampleforms.htm  Most require company letterhead and the signature of a “Manufacturer Officer or Designee”  The original should be maintained in the contract files and copies should be submitted to the SMO.

6 Material Certification  The search engine at the link here below helps research the requirement for any material. The ones requiring a certification will either be sampled by project personnel (PP) and tested by PP… or sampled by PP and tested by Central Lab (CL) [same as state materials office (SMO)]:  A material Id coming up as a general material certification that needs to be scanned into hummingbird will have “SCAN INTO CDMS” under sample size.  All other general material certifications will require “1 COPY” logged in LIMS and sent to the SMO laboratory with the LIMS-Sample ID or will specify “CHECK QPL”  Also see: Materials Bulletin # 10-08 “Changes to Logging Samples”: 008/DCE23-08Rev.pdf 008/DCE23-08Rev.pdf

7 Hummingbird  Hummingbird Information Hummingbird Information  /sop.htm /sop.htm  Groups & Types  /DCO%20Reference%20Guide/Hummingbird/ Groups%20and%20Types.pdf /DCO%20Reference%20Guide/Hummingbird/ Groups%20and%20Types.pdf

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