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Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization For F-1 International Students Online Employment Workshop International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

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1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization For F-1 International Students Online Employment Workshop International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) Georgia State University

2 Before you get started… Download the following document: Curricular Practical Training Application Please refer to this form during the presentation. Be sure to review this form carefully after the presentation. The estimated time to complete this presentation is 25 minutes. Please review all information and resources prior to applying for CPT. To navigate this presentation, simply click on each slide or press the forward arrow key to advance to the next slide! Click to advance to next slide!

3 Employment Authorization Overview International students in F-1 status have limited work authorization available since the primary purpose of an F-1 Visa is study. However, international students can work under the following circumstances: 1.On-campus authorization: This type of work authorization is considered to be part of F-1 status and no additional approval is needed. On-campus work is limited to 20 hours per week during the fall/spring semesters (20 hour or more can be permitted in Summer & official university breaks). 2.Off-campus authorization: Curricular Practical Training (CPT)— before completion of studies (during program)* Optional Practical Training (OPT)— after completion of studies* *For a complete definition of completion of studies, please see our Completion of Studies Policy. Completion of Studies Policy 3.Severe Economic Hardship authorization: students who are facing a severe economic hardship caused by unforeseen circumstance beyond their control may apply to the U.S. government for a EAD work authorization card. This authorization is only granted in rare situations. For more information see an international student advisor. This presentation will focus only on CPT!

4 I’m not sure if I should apply for OPT or CPT, what is the difference? CPTOPT When can I use OPT or CPT? CPT can only be granted during academic program. CPT cannot be approved after completion of program. OPT is usually used after completion of studies. Do I have to have a job to apply for CPT or OPT? Yes, approval is given for a specific employer during a specific time. No, a student does not need a job before applying for OPT. Can I work at any kind of job? No, the job must be considered an integral part of your academic program (see CPT workshop for more details). No, it is the student’s responsibility to find employment in his or her field of study. Who gives the authorization? ISSS can give CPT authorization. Processing time is approximately 5 business days. ISSS can only recommend OPT; USCIS gives OPT approval. Processing time can take up to 90 days. How long can I use CPT or OPT? There is no limit to the amount of CPT you can use. If you use full- time CPT greater than 12 months (365 days), you will lose OPT eligibility. The maximum length of OPT approval is 29 months based on the possibility of the 17-month OPT extension. 12 months of post-completion OPT + 17 months of OPT extension = 29 months. For more information on STEM eligibility, see the ISSS webiste:

5 Click to advance to next slide! CPT Process View CPT Presentation online and read CPT application form Collect appropriate documentation & register for class If you have no questions, drop off CPT application at ISSS for processing  CPT application  Offer letter from employer  Register for CPT class ISSS processing time is approximately 5 business days. or If you have questions, review the FAQ on the website or contact your international student advisorFAQ

6 What is Curricular Practical Training (CPT)? CPT is off-campus employment authorization in a student’s field of study prior to completion of studies. CPT is employment which is an integral or important part of your curriculum/field of study. CPT employment is temporary or short term (by semester). Example: an accounting student doing a summer semester internship at an accounting firm.

7 What is CPT? (continued…) CPT is curricular because you must register for a “CPT Class” within your major. The appropriate class will be assigned by your supervising professor. Exception: If an internship is required for completion of your degree, registration in the CPT class is not required. However, you will need to submit proof with your CPT request that an internship is a degree requirement. You will receive a grade for your CPT course by a supervising professor. Examples of appropriate “CPT courses”:* *Please note that Thesis or Dissertation Research hours are typically not acceptable for the CPT Class. For more information see our full CPT Policy.CPT Policy Are you unsure what CPT course to take? Don’t worry! Your supervising professor will help you choose the appropriate course within your field of study. Class No.Class Name CSC 8940Computer Science Internship BIO 6919Internships in Biology ACCT 4391Field Study in Accounting FI 4389Directed Readings in Finance

8 Click to advance to next slide! Who is eligible for CPT? F-1 students who: Have been enrolled full-time for one academic year (9 months; 2 full academic semesters) prior to authorization date and are in F-1 status at the time of application. Example: If you began your studies Fall 2011, you will not be eligible for CPT until Summer *Students must maintain F- 1 status while on CPT. Have attended an employment workshop or completed the online workshop in the previous year. Are in good academic standing. Are able to demonstrate that proposed employment is an integral part of degree program. Are registered and enrolled in the required internship course within your major prior to requesting CPT authorization. See exception note in previous slide if internship is required for completion of your degree.

9 How to Apply? Don’t forget to include dates! Step 1. Find a job and complete Student section of CPT Application Step 2. Obtain an original employment letter on official letterhead with the following information: Student name Job title Company name and address of where you will working Start and end dates of employment Work hours per week Brief description of work to be performed Step 3. Meet with supervising professor and have him/her complete section two Example CPT Application Step 4. Register for CPT class if applicable (class must be in your major) Step 5. Turn in all application materials to ISSS front desk

10 I-20 Issuance Once you have all the required documents, you can drop off the forms at the front desk of ISSS for review by an international student advisor. An ISSS advisor will review your application materials, academic and immigration record, and will authorize CPT in SEVIS. You will be notified by when your new I-20 with CPT authorization is completed. CPT Authorization will be on page 3 of your new I-20.

11 When should you apply? You can apply as soon as you have a job, completed the CPT application, have the employment letter, and are registered for the CPT class. ***You cannot apply until you have completed all the application materials! CPT typically coincides with the beginning and ending dates of the semester. The deadline to apply is 2 weeks after the start of semester, which usually corresponds to the Registrar’s late registration deadline. See the latest Academic Calendar for dates. Academic Calendar Authorized Dates for CPT by Semester *Please note that CPT may be authorized any time during the above dates. CPT may also be authorized prior to the first day of classes of the semester, but cannot go beyond the last day of finals of that semester. Example; For a Spring 2014 CPT, you can work during Winter Break (12/18/2013 to 1/12/2014) and then during the Spring semester until the last day of finals (1/13/2014 to 5/6/2014). *CPT is approved only by semester. You must reapply each semester, which includes registering for the CPT class again (if applicable). CPT SemesterAuthorized Dates Summer 20135/8/2013 to 8/3/2013 Fall 20138/4/2013 to 12/17/2013 Spring /18/2013 to 5/6/2014

12 Employment Letter Specifications As noted in the section, “How to Apply?”, you are required to submit an employment letter on official letterhead with the following information: Student name Job title Company name and address of where you will be physically working Start and end dates of employment Work hours per week Brief description of work to be performed Failure to include all the necessary information on the letter will result in the denial or delay of CPT approval. ISSS prefers you submit an original letter with a ink signature. However, a digitally signed copy of the letter is acceptable if it meets all the requirements for the letter and you print out the showing it was sent directly sent from the employer’s CPT Letter Dates Your offer letter must have the start and end dates of your employment. The start and end dates of your employment must be within the authorized CPT dates for the semester (see previous slide). Work hours per week must be noted clearly on each letter Part-time CPT (20 hours or less) Full-time CPT (20 hours or more)** **Please see upcoming presentation slide for information on what is the difference between Part-Time (P/T) or Full-Time (F/T) CPT and your eligibility for either. ** If your internship will include both P/T and F/T employment, your employment letter MUST state which dates you will be working F/T or P/T and the hours for each.

13 Example letter 1.Official letterhead 2.Physical Address of Company 5 Internship Title 6.Brief description of job responsibilities 7.Dates & Hours of employment by semester and break period*** (see below) **If you will be working during an authorized break period (Example; prior to beginning of classes, Winter Break, etc), the employer must write the corresponding dates & hours of this employment for the break period and semester dates. (SEE ABOVE EXAMPLE) 8.Signature, Name & Title of Authorizer of employment **Ink signature preferred 3. Student Name 4.. Physical address of where you will be working

14 When can you do Part-Time (P/T) or Full-Time (F/T) CPT? Part-Time CPT Typically P/T CPT (20 hours or less) is used during the Fall and Spring Semesters, but can be done any semester or break period You are ONLY permitted to do P/T CPT when enrolled full-time in classes (12 credit hours for undergraduates and 9 credit hours for graduates) P/T CPT can be done in addition to on campus work or a graduate assistantship. Can be done for unlimited semesters, but requires new authorization every semester. You must also register for the CPT class every semester you do CPT Full-Time CPT Typically F/T CPT (20 hours or more) is used during Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks as described in the chart below: **Please note that if you will be working F/T during an authorized break period, you must indicate the dates and hours on your employment letter (see previous slide for example). F/T CPT can also be used during these situations: When a F/T position is a requirement of the degree (must be explicitly stated in course bulletin). When a graduate student has completed all coursework and is ONLY working on a thesis or dissertation and has no Graduate Assistantship. During the student’s last semester IF the student is officially under-enrolled. You must complete an Academic Under- Enrollment Form and be approved first. Academic Under- Enrollment Form Break PeriodAuthorized Dates Summer Break5/8/2013 to 6/9/2013 Summer Semester Fall Break 6/10/2013 to 8/3/2013 8/4/2013 to 8/25/2013 Winter Break12/18/2013 to 1/12/2014

15 Click to advance to next slide! FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) In the next few slides, some FAQs will be answered. However, for a more exhaustive list of FAQs, please see the ISSS Website. You’re almost finished with the presentation…!!!

16 Click to advance to next slide! Can I have a Graduate Assistantship and do Full- Time CPT at the same time? No. F/T CPT can only be done if (a) it is your last semester (b) you have been approved for an under-enrollment by ISSS and (c) you DO NOT have an assistantship. Per GSU Graduate Assistant Policy, students receiving assistantships must be enrolled full time (9 credit hours fall or 6 credit hours summer) to receive a full tuition waiver and maintain their assistantship.under-enrollment Graduate Assistant Policy For more questions about course enrollment requirements and tuition waivers, please see the academic department who supervises your assistantship. You may have to choose between maintaining your assistantship or pursuing F/T CPT. You can always pursue P/T CPT and maintain your assistantship.

17 Click to advance to next slide! Can CPT be the ONLY course I take in my last semester? No. You cannot delay your completion of studies for the sole purpose of doing CPT. If you want to work after you complete your last degree requirement, you need to apply for OPT. Exception: If you have only one degree requirement remaining and that course is CPT appropriate (Example: field study, internship, etc), then CPT could be authorized. You would also have the submit an Academic Under-enrollment Request Form. Your advisor will have to review this special exception for approval.Academic Under-enrollment Request Form

18 Click to advance to next slide! Do I need CPT authorization for an unpaid internship? No. You can work off-campus in an unpaid internship without CPT approval. Please note that some employers may require CPT approval even for an unpaid internship. If this is your situation, you will need to apply for CPT which includes registering for the CPT course.

19 Click to advance to next slide! If working is a required part of my academic program, is CPT class registration required for CPT approval? No, but you must submit proof of the requirement along with the CPT request.

20 Click to advance to next slide! Now that I have a new I-20 for CPT, what do I do with my other I-20’s? The new I-20 with CPT approval is considered your current I-20 and should be used. It is recommended that you keep all of your I-20’s issued from ISSS for your records. You will need your old CPT I-20s if you apply for OPT.

21 Click to advance to next slide! If I work with a company full-time over the summer with CPT approval, can I continue working with them in the fall? Do I have to apply for CPT approval again? Since CPT permission is semester specific, a new CPT will need to be approved each semester. If you want to extend your CPT work authorization, you will need to register for the CPT class again, submit the CPT application form and offer letter from company to your international student advisor again.

22 Click to advance to next slide! If I work on part- time CPT for one year will I lose my OPT? No, you will only lose your eligibility for OPT if you work 12 months on full-time CPT. Part-time CPT does not count against your OPT time.

23 Click to advance to next slide! Please don’t… Work off-campus without employment authorization. Work beyond the end date of your CPT authorization. If your employer wants you to continue, you must get additional CPT approval. Begin working before you receive your CPT approval. CPT approval cannot be given for work done in the past.

24 Click to advance to next slide! Remember… To make sure your CPT application is complete before turning it into the front desk. Incomplete applications (omitted lines, incorrect information, no signatures, etc) will delay your application. To apply in a timely manner. Please allow at least 5 business days to pass before inquiring about the status of your application. ISSS works diligently to approve CPTs in a timely manner before your CPT start date. CPT is a benefit you apply for and approval is not guaranteed. You must meet ALL eligibility requirements.

25 Click to advance to next slide! Contact ISSS If you have questions that this presentation could not answer, ISSS strongly recommends you first review the FAQs section on the CPT webpage and the CPT policy prior to meeting with an international student advisor. If your question(s) are still unresolved, you can attend a Q&A Session or ask an international student advisor.FAQs sectionCPT policyQ&A Session International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) 252 Sparks Hall Georgia State University Click on the next slide to submit proof of your completion of the online workshop… One more step! Go to next slide to submit workshop attendance! One more step! Go to next slide to submit workshop attendance!

26 Click to advance to next slide! CPT Workshop Attendance Submission Congrats! You are now ready to apply for CPT! Please click on the link below to submit proof you completed the online workshop. Failure to submit your information via the link below will result in denial or delay of your application: CPT Online Workshop Completion Form CPT Online Workshop Completion Form (click) Or copy and paste hyperlink: US&formkey=dDVKQ2pUXzFHZWlNa1hyYldTdF9xQ Wc6MQ#gid=0 Thank you!!! We wish you the best in your CPT Experience!

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