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Work Experience Education (WEE) By: Kimberly B. Born Education Programs Consultant

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1 Work Experience Education (WEE) By: Kimberly B. Born Education Programs Consultant

2 Today we will cover…. Descriptions and requirements of a WEE program How to offer WEE in your Pathway Labor Laws Pertaining to placements Questions and Answers

3 Work Experience Education (WEE) A course of study that combines an on-the- job component with related classroom instruction designed to maximize the value of the on-the-job experience and to produce specified local district educational outcomes.

4 Types of WEE Programs Exploratory WEE (Unpaid) General WEE (Paid) Career Technical (Vocational) WEE (Unpaid or Paid)

5 Exploratory WEE Provides career guidance through non-paid observations and experiences at selected sites.

6 General WEE Enable students to become productive, responsible individuals through supervised, paid employment experiences.

7 Career Technical (Vocational) WEE Develops and refines occupational competencies necessary to acquire paid employment, to adapt to the employment environment, and to advance in an occupation.

8 Worksite Placement Examples (i.e. Health Science Pathways) Hospitals Doctors Offices Laboratories Personal Attendants (recognized by Health care industry) Any location that the WEE teacher approves and enables the student to accomplish meaningful learning objectives.

9 Advantages of a WEE program Academic credit: EWEE - maximum of twenty (20) semester credits. GWEE - maximum of forty (40) semester credits. VWEE - maximum of forty (40) semester credits. May be offered as a Before or After School Program Teacher pupil ratio 1/125 (versus CC 1/75) Provides work-based learning component

10 Requirements Credentialed Teacher with 2 yrs of work place experience WEE Secondary District Plan One instructional period per week of classroom related instruction

11 Labor Codes Paid Employment (Wages/Hours) Unpaid Training (Hours) Occupations: nothing that will be detrimental to their health or well-being.

12 Statewide WEE Programs There are approximately 500 schools operating WEE programs statewide. Approximately, half operate either EWEE and VWEE programs (Unpaid placements) Majority Unpaid placements are located in hospital or health care settings.

13 Maximum Hours for Unpaid Trainees WEE – may vary, depending on the aptitude of the student, the occupation being explored, the facilities of the work station, and the job classification. (CCR T5 10071) Job shadowing - no less than three hours and no more than 25 hours in one semester, intersession, or summer school session. (EC 51769) Apprenticeship – for short periods of time under direct and close supervision. (LC 3070-3098, EC 51766, 29 CFR Parts 521 and 570.50(b)) Service Learning, Community Classroom, Cooperative Vocational Classroom, Internships, etc is not specifically stated in state or federal regulations on hourly limitations.

14 Student Liability Whenever work experience education, cooperative vocational education, community classroom education, job shadowing, or student apprenticeship program is operated by the district or school where the minor is receiving the unpaid training, the LEA shall be deemed the employer and responsible for all student liability. (EC 51769)

15 Work Permit Requirements Only required when the minor is in a PAID employment position according to FLSA guidelines is a work permit required. Wage and hour regulations must be followed according to state and federal regulations. Employer then becomes responsible for student liability. Recommendation for Unpaid positions: CDE Form B1-6 ”Request for Volunteer-Unpaid Trainee Authorization for Minor “ “.

16 Any Questions?

17 Thank You!! Kimberly B. Born Education Programs Consultant

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