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NC STATE UNIVERSITY The J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa for Visiting International Researchers Office of International Services 919-515-2961

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1 NC STATE UNIVERSITY The J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa for Visiting International Researchers Office of International Services 919-515-2961

2 NC STATE UNIVERSITY Organization and Overview Office of International Services Study Abroad Global Training Initiative Other Units & Programs International Affairs Confucius Institute NC Japan Center Global Health Initiatives Peace Corps

3 NC STATE UNIVERSITY Common Acronyms and Definitions DHS – Department of Homeland Security SEVP – Student and Exchange Visitor Program SEVIS – Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (centralized database) USCIS – US Citizenship and Immigration Service ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement CBP – Customs and Border Protection DOS – Department of State (foreign affairs, including US consulates and embassies) DS-2019 – host/sponsor-issued visa document for J-1 RO / ARO – Responsible Officer / Alternate Responsible Officer (EV Program administrators)

4 NC STATE UNIVERSITY J-1 Visa “Research” Options OIS  J-1 “Scholars”  J-1 “Student Interns” International Employment  H-1B, TN, O-1, E-3  (Visitor’s – B1/B2, Visa Waiver Program)  Perm. Residents  Post-completion student “trainees” (F-1 OPT and J-1 Academic Training)  Enrolled F-1 and J-1 students  NC State SEVIS-sponsored

5  Research  Observation  Consultation  Limited teaching  Not an “employment” visa (not suitable for administrative, or “non-academic” positions)  Positions may be paid or unpaid (by NC State)  Requires minimum of Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent)

6 NC STATE UNIVERSITY J-1 Scholar vs. Visitor” visa J-1 Temporary (shares, learns, returns home 5 year max. Consult, observe, research, teach Allows employment Allows payments DS-2019 from OIS smoothes visa/entry process Visitor (VWP, B-1/B-2) Temporary (related to employment abroad) 3 or 6 month max. Consult, observe, meet Prohibits employment Restricts all payments Potential visa/entry confusion (no OIS support)

7 NC STATE UNIVERSITY J-1 Scholar vs. H-1B visa  No immigrant intent  5 year max.  Low cost for dept.  Allows non-NC State funding / payments  Temporary research positions  Dept. not required to pay costs of return for early termination  Could result in Two-year HRR and/or 24-month bar  Affected by 24-month bar  Allows dual-intent (to immigrate)  6 year max. (3 year increments)  Can be costly for dept.  Requires NC State funding  Potential for permanence  Used for temporary positions when J-1 status not an option  Affected by Two-year HRR

8  Full-time internship for short periods (2-12 months)  Must be an enrolled student overseas (undergrad or grad)  May be paid or unpaid  May be on or off-campus (through third party agreement)  Nominal Administration fee

9 NC STATE UNIVERSITY J-1 “Student Intern” Category (continued) May begin and end anytime (not semester based)  No credit – no tuition charges  May live on campus (if space available)  Access to certain student services (fee-based)  Liability insurance included  Can use School attestation for English proficiency Global Training Initiative (GTI):

10 NC STATE UNIVERSITY Benefits and Advantages of the J-1 Options Fast – supported by OIS (minimizes govt. involvement) Low-Cost – no/minimal charge for processing DS-2019 -- no funding requirement put on department -- no requirement for dept. to pay costs of EV’s return home Flexible – funding sources -- relative ease of payments -- allows changes in and multiple “sites of activities” -- range of activities -- easy to extend or transfer (within max. durations) Supported by OIS – unlike “Visitor” visa options

11 NC STATE UNIVERSITY Limitations of the J-1 Options  There are legal, administrative, and financial requirements  Cannot be used for clerical/ administrative/ support positions  Exhausted duration (six months for Short-term; 5 years for Research Scholar; one year for Student Intern):  Educational or affiliation requirements  Insufficient funding  Timing, processing, denials  Home residence requirement:  Bars of Repeat Participation:

12 NC STATE UNIVERSITY “Scholar” or “Student Intern” Eligibility (host department answers these questions first)  Bachelor’s degree in hand?  Enrolled student overseas?  Proof of sufficient funding for self and family?  NC State faculty supervisor, resources, and space (and support of Dept/College)?  Prospective visitor’s English language skills assessed? Begin here!


14  J-1 Scholar - $1,500 per month (plus additional support for spouse and each child)  J-1 Intern - $1,250 per month (plus additional support for spouse and each child)  Funding documentation must be in English and US dollars or may be translated  Translations may not be done by the scholar  Departments may use the Translator’s Certification Form for translations completed by NCSU professors ( /Translatorcertification.pdf ) /Translatorcertification.pdf


16 NC STATE UNIVERSITY “Scholar”? Or “Student Intern”? Follow simple OIS guidelines for determining eligibility and submitting a DS-2019 request : Begin early enough to allow time for the visa, administrative process, and logistics (2-3 months prior to anticipated start date) Contact OIS with questions whenever you have them: 919-515-2961

17 NC STATE UNIVERSITY NamePrimarily advises students, scholars, faculty & staff in: Thomas Greene College of Design College of Education College of Management College of Textiles Provost Elizabeth Behringer College of Natural Resources College of Humanities & Social Sciences Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering Operations Research Kelia Hubbard Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (including BTEC) Civil, Construction & Environmental Engin. Computer Science College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences Nieke Ploemen-Guillory Biological & Agricultural Engineering Biomedical Engineering Industrial & Systems Engineering Materials Science & Engin. Nuclear Engineering College of Agricultural & Life Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine OIS Advising Staff:


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