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Santa Clara County Works Program “A Business Stimulus Solution” OVERVIEW.

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1 Santa Clara County Works Program “A Business Stimulus Solution” OVERVIEW

2 Federal stimulus funds have been made available to serve some of the neediest SCC residents in new ways. This funding is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and is referred to as the Emergency Contingency Fund (ECF). ARRA/ECF 2

3 Under the ARRA, county social services agencies throughout California have access to approximately $1.4 billion through the end of September 2010. These ECF monies will become available for people who are CalWORKs eligible, active or exempt. This money can be used for three service categories: subsidized employment, basic assistance and non-recurring expenses. We anticipate that most, if not all CalWORKs active clients will be positively impacted by the services that will become available. 3

4 SCC Works Program Design 4 Three Tiers (I, II, III) for the program  Tier I- Staffing resource for non-profit agencies at no cost  Tier II - Staffing resource with minimal cost for private for profit companies  Tier III – Staffing agency with full cost to the employer

5 SCC SCC Works Program Design cont.  Places eligible participants in unpaid Work Experience; unpaid Community Service assignments; or Subsidized Employment positions.  Populations are: active CWES participants; Safety Net Parents; Sanctioned Parents; or CalWORKs eligible applicants.  Positions can be paid or unpaid  Paid positions funding available through ARRA/ECF until September 30, 2010. 5

6 SCC Works Tier I : CWES/Adult Education 6  Subsidized positions in Tier I are with non-profit agency.  Positions are subsidized up to 20 hours per week (PT) with a maximum of 1,000 hours allowed in one fiscal year.  Hourly wage is $8.00.  SCC Works is the Employer of Record for Tier I positions and provides Worker’s Compensation coverage.  Focus is to develop job and work behavior skills and/or a recent work experience for program participants.

7 SCC Works – Tier I cont’d 7  Participants are required to be concurrently enrolled in another WTW activity – i.e. training or education.  Worksite Providers are required to make assurances against displacement; non-discrimination of services; and non-discrimination of employment.  Worksite development and placement are done by CWES and Adult Education staff.

8 SCC Works Tier II: Occupational Training Institute DeAnza-Foothill College District 8  Private for Profit Sector  Full time: 32 to 40 hours per week  Wages range from $10.00 to $15.00 per hour  Employer of Record is the company of the worksite  Safety Net Parents; Sanctioned Parents; CalWORKs eligible applicants; and selected active CWES clients.

9 SCC Works Tier III: 9  Private for Profit Sector  Full time: 40 hours per week  Wages: prevailing wage of position  Employer of Record is the company of worksite  Serve: Safety Net Parents, CalWORKs eligible applicants, and selected CWES active participants  Contractor TBD

10 Implementation 10  August/September 2009:  Offer subsidized employment to all unpaid Work Experience or Community Service participants.  Revised Worksite Providers agreements to include subsidized employment as a option.  Fall 2009 Semester/Quarter: Colleges will expand the number of subsidized employment positions through work study.  October 2009 – June 2010: offer subsidized employment to all new CalWORKs eligible participants.  August-March 2010: Expand the number of Worksite Providers.

11 SCC WORKS GOAL 11 1,000 – 1,200 Subsidized Employment Placements By September 30, 2010

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