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Agenda Project Status Employer Payroll Submission Process

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1 Agenda Project Status Employer Payroll Submission Process Employer Contribution File Details Employer Self Service Functionality Next Steps MARIS Project Impact to Employers September 2010

2 Project Status Pilot 1 Design, Construction, and Testing: DONE
- MSRB functionality to support person and organization data Pilot 2 Design: In Progress and On Track - Employer Contribution Reporting File & Payroll Submission Process

3 Employer Payroll Submission Process
Definition: The submission of contributions and employment data on behalf of a member Purpose: To earn service in the retirement plan To support retirement business processes (benefit estimates, refund requests). Impacts: Key Impact: Improved service to the membership Benefit to Employers - Improved integration with MSRB Tools: - Employer Self-Service (ESS) Website.

4 Employer Payroll and Fund Submission Process Changes
Reporting Frequency: Employers will report contributions to MSRB based on their payroll reporting frequency. Data submission and Funds submission. Data Submission: Data may be submitted to MSRB through: Data File Upload (FTP or ESS) Data Entry (ESS) Data should be submitted for every pay period throughout the member’s employment. This includes Unpaid Leave Funds Submission: ACH Fund Submission (Preferred Method) Check

5 Employer Payroll Data Changes
Requested Data Elements: MSRB is requesting more information from the employer Each data element requested has a purpose for MSRB. Categories of Data Elements: Employee Demographic Information Employment Position Information Position Hours Job Classification Union, or Collective Bargaining Unit, Information Contract Begin and End Dates Earnings Information Annual Earnings Earnings for the Pay Period Contribution and Service Information Type of Contribution and Amount Hours Worked for the Pay Period - Unpaid Leave Information

6 Employer Payroll Code Values
Code values are used to drive retirement specific business rules received through the employer payroll process. Types of Code Values: Retirement Plan and Contribution Rate Codes Contribution Type Codes Regular, Differential, Sabbatical, Worker’s Compensation, Housing Allowances, Educational Incentives, 415 Limit Excess, Longevity, Fitness Compliance, Violence Pay, Other Allowances, Other Contributions Unpaid Leave Type Codes Family, Personal, Military, Educational, Maternity, Employer Suspension

7 Employer Payroll File Format Changes
File Structure: Multiple Record Types Record Type 1: Employee Demograhic Information Record Type 2: Contribution Data Record Type 3: Leave Information Employee Information Record (Record Type 1) Contribution Transaction (Record Type 2) Leave Transaction (Record Type 3) Report Summary Record (Record Type 4)

8 Employer Self Service (ESS)
What is Employer Self Service (ESS)? Secure website Provides employers access to specific business process functionality. Functionality includes: Employer Payroll Submission Communication with MSRB

9 Employer Self Service (ESS): Employer Payroll Submission
Purpose: Enables Employer Payroll Data Submission - Provides historical repository of previously submitted Employer Payrolls Payroll Data Submission Details: File Submission File Upload Functionality ‘Real-Time’ Business Validations Data Entry “Copy Forward” Functionality Automated Calculation of contributions based on Member Contribution Rate and Earnings Enables submission of: Member demographics Earnings, Contribution, and Service Information

10 ESS: Employer Payroll Submission – File Submission

11 ESS: Employer Payroll Submission – Data Entry

12 Employer Self Service (ESS): Communication Functionality
Automated Messaging based on Employer Payroll processing, or other business processes. Mass Messages to all employers. Ad hoc messages from MSRB to a specific employer contact.

13 ESS: Communication with MSRB

14 Next Steps Construction & UAT: Payroll Submission process and ESS functionality Parallel C.R Testing: Submitting Contribution Reporting files in new format Training: Employer Training Sessions

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