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Select “Statistical Sources” ***Example for EStat exercise***

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1 Select “Statistical Sources” ***Example for EStat exercise***

2 Select “E-Stat”

3 Select Search Censuses

4 Select 2001 Census and click Go!

5 Select the 2001 Census of Population (Provinces…) and click on Go!

6 Under “Profile Selection:” select “2001 Labour Force Activity … and Unpaid Work” and click on Go!

7 From this page first select the “Geography” and then the “Characteristics”

8 Select this under “Geography ”

9 To select the “Characteristics” first click on “View Checklist”

10 Scroll down and check off all the characteristics that you need. At the bottom of the page select:

11 Now reduce the Geo List

12 Select only “Canada” from the list by clicking on it and then at the bottom of the page select “Table Areas as Columns” as the output.

13 Here are the results. Now redisplay the results as a percentage of the total.

14 Here are the percentages. Now redisplay the data as a Pie Chart.


16 From the TRU Library Research page select “Statistical Sources.” ***Example for Cross-tabulation***

17 Under Canadian Statistics select “Statistics Canada.”

18 On the Statistics Canada homepage select either Census icon.

19 Under 2001 Census select Data Products

20 From the Data Products page select Topic-based tabulations

21 Select “Canada’s workforce: Unpaid Work” as the topic.

22 Select the first table.

23 Here is the resulting Table. From the Age Groups dropdown Menu, select “15-24 years” and then click on the Refresh button.

24 Here is the resulting table. To calculate the % of females in the 15-24 years age group that do 15-29 hours of unpaid housework use the circled numbers. Calculation: 167550/1953910 * 100 = 8.6%

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