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State and District Leadership Teams Candidate Workshop.

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1 State and District Leadership Teams Candidate Workshop


3 3 SHARE a special moment  You are first and foremost a 4-H member at the local club level!  No preferential treatment  Lose your anonymity and become a public figure – action and inaction are scrutinized  Act without being pressured


5 5 EMBARK on a new adventure Role model & spokesperson for the two Land-Grant Universities Uphold the high ideals, values and moral standards of Oklahoma 4-H Actively travel within the district and state to fulfill responsibilities “Youth Advisory committee” to the State/District 4-H Program

6 6 EMBARK continued… Conduct educational programming at the county, district and state levels. Active and contributing committee member Plan, conduct and evaluate events and activities. Seek opportunities to expand and diversify audiences and programs


8 8 ENRICH your mind and spirit  Selfless - putting other people's needs, interests or wishes before your own  Challenge personal growth with demanding leadership responsibilities  Personal and family sacrifices of time and finances

9 9  Certified Volunteer  Training mandatory  Leadership Team Retreat mandatory Continuing Education ENRICH your mind and spirit

10 10 Test your intent with these two definitions of the term.  Prestige as a term of respect associated with high quality - then you will be a successful member of the state leadership team.  Prestige in terms of for the glamour, attractiveness or importance associated with being a member of the state leadership team - then you should seriously reconsider.


12 12  Fulfill responsibilities of the office  Practice the life skills of self- responsibility, Organization, Time Management and Communication  Serve as a liaison to counties and conduct programming  Communicate with adult and youth leadership teams and county educators Endure life’s difficult situations

13 13  Serve on committees  Attend district and/or state council meetings  Reporting  Participate in District and State Events designated as mandatory Endure continued

14  Attend all meetings and committee meetings  Firm understanding of committee work  Active participant on committees  Chair committee(s) 14 Meetings


16 16 Persevere no matter how tall the order

17 17 Grounds for being removed from office… Probation and/or removal from office for those who violate the Code of Conduct, break rules for any sanctioned 4-H event or who do not fulfill their responsibilities.


19 Part 1. Application Form 200 pts District team 300 pts State Council Part 2. Functional Resume Part 3. Three letters of reference Part 4. Commitment Form Part 5. Workshop Part 6. Consultation Session Part 7. Campaigning and Election Each district established their own deadline for filing for district office. Parts 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the process State deadline for filing for District Representative is September 1. All seven parts in the process 19


21 21 Odd YearsEven Years SW – 20 counties Cluster 1 - Canadian, Oklahoma, Cleveland, McClain, Grady Cluster 3 – Comanche, Cotton, Jefferson, Stephens and Garvin Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large Cluster 2 – Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Tillman, Kiowa Cluster 4 – Roger Mills, Beckham, Custer, Washita and Caddo Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large NW – 17 counties Cluster 1 – Grant, Garfield, Kay and Noble Cluster 3 – Woods, Alfalfa, Woodward Major Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large Cluster 2 – Harper, Ellis, Beaver, Texas, Cimarron Cluster 4 – Dewey, Blaine, Kingfisher, Logan Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large Western District Clusters At-Large District Representative At-Large District Representative will be elected for a one year term and must be in their junior or senior year of high school.

22 22 Odd YearsEven Years SE – 19 counties Cluster 1 – Pittsburg, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore Cluster 3 – Pottawatomie, Seminole, Hughes, Pontotoc, Coal Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large Cluster 2 – Love, Carter, Marshall, Johnston, Murray Cluster 4 – McCurtain, Pushmataha, Choctaw, Bryan, Atoka Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large NE – 21 counties Cluster 1 – McIntosh, Muskogee, Sequoyah, Adair, Cherokee, Wagoner Cluster 3 – Okmulgee, Okfuskee, Creek, Lincoln, Payne Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large Cluster 2 Osage, Pawnee, Tulsa, Washington Cluster 4 – Nowata, Rogers, Mayes, Craig, Ottawa, Delaware Cluster 1 & 3 At-Large Cluster 2 &4 At-Large Eastern District Clusters District Representatives District Representatives must be elected during their sophomore or junior year in high school so they will be available and accessible to service their cluster of counties during the “2 year term.”


24 District Officer/State Council Representative  Demonstrated the life skills of Self- responsibility, Organization, Time Management, and Communication  “Firm” understanding and “experience” with committee work  Certified 4-H volunteer or going through the certification process 24 Be a person of “Character.”

25  Delegate attending district conference the year seeking office  District Officer resides within district during term  District Representative must reside within the cluster of counties elected to serve. 25 Be a person of “Character.”


27 Council Responsibilities include:  One-two year commitment  Dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per week  Practice the life skills of Self- responsibility, Organization, Time Management, & Communication.  Liaison to specific counties 27

28 Responsibilities continued  Minimum of two county visits required per year to conduct state educational programming.  Communicate on a regular basis with county youth and adult leadership teams  Encourage participation in 4-H programming  Collect information for reporting to the state and district reporters. 28

29 Responsibilities continued  Attend State Leadership Team Board meetings.  Represent Oklahoma 4-H by participating in district and state activities and events.  Serve as an active participant on state and district committees – planning, conducting and evaluating events and activities. 29

30 Responsibilities continued:  Attend District Officer meetings as a state liaison.  Exemplify Youth-Adult Partnerships in all interactions.  Perform duties delegated by the team leadership or advisor.  In a timely manner, complete all reporting procedures including the Quarterly Progress Review required of team members. 30


32  Follow through with the duties of your office  Initiate, plan and conduct business meetings with assistance of the advisor.  Attend officer meetings  Serve as an active participant of committees  Plan ahead for assignments  Communicate with counties and collect news from county officers 32 District Officers

33  Visit counties to do programming  Communicate with advisor and team members.  Attend District Events  Keep Council Representatives and Ambassadors informed and involved as part of the total district leadership team  Support and promote state programming at district level. 33 District Officers continued…


35  Formal Uniform – green jacket, tie, shirt, slacks/skirt and dress shoes  Informal Uniform – Orange polo with khaki’s (short, skort, capri, slacks, skirt, etc.)  Casual Uniform – Leadership Team T-shirt 35 Boost your self-esteem Do not wear any part of uniform for anything but official 4-H functions


37 37 Forms Candidates Guide Posted at ership/file.htm ership/file.htm Site will be updated with 2012-2013 forms in August.

38 Good Luck to everyone this fall!!

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