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1 The Centre of Excellence. 2 Cessna Technologies Private Limited is a global player in the Engineering Services Sector focused on  Design Engineering.

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1 1 The Centre of Excellence

2 2 Cessna Technologies Private Limited is a global player in the Engineering Services Sector focused on  Design Engineering  Process Engineering  Reverse Engineering  CAD/CAM/CAE Services  Automotive Engineering  Aerospace Engineering  Earthmoving and Heavy Engineering  Hydraulics & Pneumatics  Electrical Engineering P ROFILE

3 3 A BOUT U S  Cessna Technologies, “The Centre of Excellence” comprise of dedicated and highly skilled professionals. Our objective is to provide cost effective & end-to-end solutions to the Technology driven business in the field of engineering.  We work towards increasing our Customer’s productivity with perfectly balanced blend of experience, commitment, innovation and cost effective services  We deliver professional and pragmatic solutions in the engineering services, project consulting and out-sourcing  Our work culture is people oriented, where we match individual aspirations with organizational objectives  Our teams exemplify our customer-oriented work style. They are comfortable working across cultures and across contexts; their consistency and dependability lies in their emphasis on creating solutions that are problem-focused, high on quality and quick in terms of time-to-market.

4 4 O BJECTIVES  To provide pragmatic and cost-effective Engineering Design Solutions in minimum possible time.  Continual improvement in Quality Management System  Strive relentlessly to improve ourselves, our services and products so as to become the best  To be a globally respected corporation that provides best-of- breed business solutions using latest technologies and delivered by best-in-class people & in-time.

5 5 I NFRASTRUCTURE  Cessna Technologies is located at the heart of Silicon City Bangalore, INDIA with spacious facility specially designed for CAD/CAM/CAE environment  Premises are modular in construction with Physical Access Restrictions.  For large projects, Cessna Technologies can demarcate physical areas as per customer requirement with project specific access restrictions. Total Utilized Space : 2400 sq ft Under Expansion : 2400 sq ft Manpower : 28

6 6 I NFRASTRUCTUREManpower:  CAD / CAE Engineers : 20 Nos.  Quality Team : 2 No.  Team Leader : 4 Nos.  System Administrator : 2 No. Hardware:  Work Stations: 28 Nos.  Servers: 2 Nos.  LAN Connectivity : All the Machines Dedicated Systems for Internet Applications Platform: Windows NT, Windows XP/2000

7 7 I NFRASTRUCTURE We use following software:  AutoCAD  Pro/Engineer  Solid Edge  CATIA v4/v5  I-DEAS  Unigraphics  Ansys  Hypermesh  Fluent  CAESAR

8 8 E XPERTISE Computer Aided Design Services:  Detailing and Drafting  CAD Modeling and Drafting  Optimization and Value Engineering  Surface Modeling  Reverse Engineering  Assembly Modeling  Etc..

9 9 E XPERTISE Computer Aided Engineering Services:  Meshing  Finite Element Analysis  Structural  Thermal  Computational Fluid Dynamics

10 10 F ACILITIES Cessna Technologies offers state of the art facilities to cater the needs of engineering sectors to accomplish given task at the best. Regular Communication:  Telephone/Fax  Internet  Video Conference (Under Implementation) Data Transfer or Exchange:  FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  *Electronic Data Format (CD), Hard Copies etc *(Through proper courier services Domestic/International) *(Through proper courier services Domestic/International)

11 11 F ACILITIES  Daily Documentation as per ISO standards  Project Information System – a Customized Software (Under Implementation)  -Daily work Allocation  -Daily Time/Effort Estimation  -Defect Tracking  -Rework Tracking  -Project Report Generation  The whole project configuration is version controlled using Configuration Management System

12 12 Business Model  Total Offshore Model: In this case the total work is done offshore, away from the Clients location. Within this model, a dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) can be set up for the client, or a dedicated pool of people can work for the client on a project-to-project basis depending upon the requirement and the workload of the Client.  Offshore but not in India: In this case Cessna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can run an Offshore Development Center elsewhere which is suitable for the client's requirements.  Offshore/Onshore Model: In this case part of the work is completed offshore whilst the remainder is completed onshore in our local offices. This is particularly effective when data is sensitive or requires proximity to a client’s location but the more routine and less sensitive tasks can still be completed offshore.

13 13  Offshore/Onsite Model: In this case, major portion of work is done offshore, however parts of work like training, implementation, etc are done onsite by the company providing offshore services. Also the work involved may require one of the consultants to be onsite through out the project. Various Scenarios can be recalled in this kind of an Offshore Model.  Offshore/Online Model: Cessna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. delivers its outstanding services on-site without the added cost and time of travel etc. Instead, via an efficient broadband communications and latest thin client technologies, we are able to deliver data as if its team sits in the client's office. When the crunch is on, an added bonus to off-site support is having additional Cessna Technologies Pvt. Ltd. staff available on an "as need" basis.  Total Onsite Model: In this case full time consultants are placed onsite at the client’s location to perform the work.  Total Onshore Model: In this case all the work is done onshore at our local offices using local teams. In some cases, offshore teams can be brought onshore and work within our local offices. Business Model

14 14 C ORE COMPETENCY  Legacy Conversion  Conceptual Design  Press Tool Design  Jigs & Fixture Design  Reverse Engineering  Piping Design  Data Migration  Standard Migration  Standard Parts/Library creation  Machine & Manpower Deployment  Structural Analysis  Hydraulics and Pneumatics  Electrical Engineering

15 15 F OCUS A REA  Automotive Engineering  Engine  Chassis  Body (BIW)  Transmission  Interiors/Exteriors  Aerospace Engineering  Manufacturing Industries  Piping Design

16 16 C ONTACT U S  Cessna Technologies Pvt. Ltd., #720, 2nd Floor, 3rd Block, Vidyaranyapura Main Road, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura Bangalore-560 097 India Ph: 0091-80-2364 5882/83  For Any Queries Mail us at:  For Further Information Please Visit us on :

17 17 T HANK Y OU

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