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2 OBJECTIVES 1. Identify some benefits of communicating effectively. 2. Explore expressions or conversation strategies you can resort to in order to keep a conversation going. 3. Get familiar with different sites you can use to keep in touch with real language use.

3 Watch the following video

4 Now analyze and reflect Could the guys successfully communicate? Why? What would you recommend they do to be better communicators? Is it important to keep a conversation going? Why?

5 Build good relationships with others Understand and share ideas Encourage yourself to be up-to-date Have the possibility to practice vocabulary COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY YOU CAN Did you consider any of these ideas in your reflection? ?

6 questions follow-up ask conversation use sounds responses appropriate use questions ask echo information repeat question answer and a ask a one similar questions ask ways in two I use mean no in a say way friendly use and to disagree expressions agree Check your work here!

7 Now practice Watch the following videos and identify ideas that exemplify the strategies you discovered before. Write your answers on a piece of paper. Video 1

8 A: Did you practice with the CD? B: Did you say CD? Of course I did. I do it everyday! A: Every day? Get a life. Don’t you have to work, study or relax? B: Sure I do, but I know how to organize my time. Do you? A: Well, It’s late, let’s go to class! Ask echo questions Answer a question then ask a similar one Ask echo questions Now compare

9 Video 2

10 A: You know, I have worked a lot on that project! B: Me too! It has been exhausting. What did you complete already? I mean, did you complete the first chapter? B: No way. I still have to work on the third part of it. Did you? A: Well, not really but I'm not missing much! use expressions to agree ask questions in two ways Answer a question then ask a similar one Now compare

11 Video 3

12 A: Have you seen Black Swan? B: Um... Is that the one with Nicole Kidman? A: Duh! Hello! Where have you been? Natalie Portman is there. B:Natalie who? I have no clue! A: Do you remember the movie The Professional? She was the little girl. She is an excellent actor! B: Is she the gorgeous woman from Star Wars, episodes I and II. A: Yes, she is. Have you seen it? B: Actually, no. I'm going to rent it this weekend. use conversation sounds Ask echo questions Ask follow up questions say no in a friendly way Now compare

13 Remember to take advantage of every chance you get to practice English: before and after class with your classmates, at the cafeteria, at work, university… Don’t forget to use the conversation strategies analyzed before. Tips

14 Tools Student’s BookCD Rom Social Language List Companion website

15 Online resources! ESL Podcast Urban Dictionary Lyrics Training

16 Links!!!! 0 e/index_new.html e/index_new.html 0 m/ m/ 0 0

17 Conclusions By learning to use conversation strategies, I will: 0 Exchange ideas in a comfortable way. 0 Keep a conversation going. 0 Make the conversation interesting. 0 Create opportunities to talk about trendy topics. 0 Learn to be a good listener. Be a successful communicator.

18 Your opinion is important for us, so take your time and evaluate this session!!! Thank you!!!

19 Ask follow up questions Use conversation sounds Use appropriate responses Ask echo questions Repeat information Answer a question and ask a similar one Ask questions in two ways Use I mean Say no in a friendly way Use expressions to agree and disagree Some conversation strategies Go back

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