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Viterbi Career Services ENGR 102 – Tips for Freshmen & Resumes Presented By: Lilian Barajas.

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1 Viterbi Career Services ENGR 102 – Tips for Freshmen & Resumes Presented By: Lilian Barajas

2 Workshop Overview Career Services Overview General Tips for Freshmen Fundamentals of Resume Writing Resume Checklist Finding an Internship

3 VCS Resources

4 Viterbi Career Services (VCS) Viterbi Career Expo (fall and spring) Thursday, October 14 th 2010 10:00 – 3:00 at Engineering Quad Wednesday, January 26, 2011 10:00 – 3:00 at Engineering Quad Engineering Industry Information Sessions VCS Workshops Upcoming VCS Events

5 Tips for Freshmen Get to Know Your Faculty Attend Office Hours Approach Faculty after Class Inquire about Research Opportunities Get Involved in a Student Organization Sign up with a Professional Engineering Org Find another USC org that you Share a Passion Explore Careers in Your Field Attend Company Events Spotlight Series Check out Company Websites

6 What is a Resume? A brief, customized summary of your skills, interests and abilities A method of marketing and advertising your most valuable skills A tool to help you secure an interview or meeting with a potential employer

7 Heading Your name and contact information Objective/Profile Specific and positive statement of the type of opportunity you are seeking and its fit to your skill-set Education List of your education background (degrees, institution, date or expected date of graduation) Relevant coursework Academic Projects Highlighted list of academic project experience as relevant to the available opportunity Purpose of a Resume Resume Sections

8 Work Experience Summarized list of tasks and projects completed during a work opportunity Focus on leadership, results and achievements Affiliations/ Leadership Activities or organizational participation outside of the classroom that demonstrate transferable skills Skills List of technical skills according to skill type (programming languages, lab equipment, etc.) List of language fluency Interests Activities that are unique and interesting Purpose of a Resume Resume Sections


10 Resume Basics Includes Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Header Tommy Trojan 555 Omaha Lane, Apt. B Los Angeles, CA 90089 213-740-1111 Jane Bovard 3650 McClintock Ave 213-555-5555 Los Angeles, CA Josephine Bruin 3550 Hilgard Ave ◦ Los Angeles, CA 90095 ◦ 213-555-5555 ◦

11 What types of positions are you seeking? Objective/ Profile Seeking a challenging position at a growth-oriented organization. Seeking a summer internship in biomedical engineering. Seeking a summer internship in technical support to apply my interpersonal skills and two years professional experience in customer service.

12 Degree and University Start with Most Recent Institution Engineering Degree Listed Above University Include School, Major, Graduation Date Always include GPA if 3.0 or above Relevant Coursework List Upper-Division Course that Relate to Specific Job Avoid Listing Introductory Courses Education

13 Example: Education BS in Electrical EngineeringGPA: 3.5 University of Southern California Expected 5/2013 Los Angeles, CA Relevant Coursework: Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design Linear Control Systems Optical Fiber Communications Systems Principles of Radar

14 Highlight tools and languages unique to your skill set! Technical Skills Programming Languages, Software Applications, Lab Equipment Language Proficiency (verbal) Skills

15 Academics projects, research or papers that exemplify the work you’ve completed as an engineering student Briefly summarize classroom experience = on-the-job skills Consider your Transferable Skills Skills from the Classroom = Success in the Workplace Focus on your role in the project Examples: Team Leader, Presenter Emphasize the process and the end result of your project What were the project tasks? What did you learn? Academic Projects

16 Cargo Plane Completion Fall 2009 Team Member Designed, built and tested prototype aluminum wheels Helped build carbon fiber fuselage and foam tail glass with fiberglass skin Ozone Flight Sampler Fall 2009 Team Leader Collaborated with a team of six on the thermal design of reciprocating engine and rocket propulsions Optimized properties in order to reach upper stratosphere Met objective and improved performance by 20%

17 On- Campus, Co-Op, Internship and Full-Time Positions Reverse Chronological Order Include Company, Title, Start and End Date Bullet points: Tasks, Responsibilities, Achievements Use Action Verbs and Specific Details Consider your Transferable Skills Work Experience

18 Office Assistant Sept 2009 – present USC Engineering Student Affairs Data Entry General Office Tasks Office Assistant Sept 2009 – present USC Engineering Student Affairs Update and maintain Access database of student records Schedule appointments for 8 advisors Respond to phone and in-person inquiries

19 What organizations and activities utilize your time? Professional engineering organizations a must! Campus & community involvement Stress leadership roles in organized activities Interests should be UNIQUE & INTERESTING Activities

20  Proofread for grammar and spelling!  Make sure your resume is easy to scan by the human eye and online bots  Font size between 10 & 12 point  Consistency in formatting  One page resume  Adjust margins between.5 & 1 inches  Use light colored paper – very positive and professional Resume Checklist

21  Avoid templates (MS Word resume templates)  Do not exaggerate and BE HONEST  Watch tenses and utilize action verbs  By the way… PROOFREAD!!! Resume Checklist

22 What is an Internship An internship is any short-term, supervised work experience usually related to a student's major field, for which the student may or may not earn academic credit. The work can be full- or part-time, on- or off-campus, paid or unpaid. Internships provide students with the opportunity to:  Gain exposure to a wide variety of occupations and environments  Test out career areas of interest and obtain career related experience  Apply acquired knowledge to bridge that gap between the classroom and the world of work  Develop and enhance marketable skills  Meet and learn from professionals in the field and develop a network of valuable contacts  Usually during the summer or part-time during the academic year - USC Career Planning and Placement Center

23 Why Get an Internship Why An Internship?  Enables you to be more competitive in today's job market  Allows you to explore career options  Gives you the opportunity to preview and test different occupational fields  Creates a network of contacts  Assists you in learning professional etiquette and ethics

24 Steps to Finding an Internship 1.Speak with your academic advisor and an advisor in Viterbi Career Services Academic Advisors will help you determine if you are academically ready for part-time or full-time work experience during the academic year Viterbi Career Services will help prepare to look for an internship 2.Search connectSC & Weekly Wire A number of Co-op and Internship Opportunities are available online through connectSC and the Weekly Wire’s “Special Opportunities” section 3.Attend Career Fairs and Information Sessions Viterbi Career Services Fall ‘10 Career Expo – October 14 th Viterbi Career Services Spring ‘11 Career Expo – January 26 th 4.Search Corporate Websites & Online Industry Job Posting Sites Available on VCS Student SiteVCS Student Site 5. Network with Family, Friends and Faculty

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