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Plus tips for using Publisher to create a document ROLE MODEL/HERO BROCHURE.

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1 Plus tips for using Publisher to create a document ROLE MODEL/HERO BROCHURE

2  Open Publisher (Not Microsoft Word) and choose “brochure.”  You can choose your template from the program ones or the online ones.  It doesn’t make too much difference which one, but once you choose one stick with it because changing affects the content of your work once you get started. GET STARTED WITH BROCHURE

3  You may need to insert photo boxes and text boxes if there is no box there for you add a photo or add writing. Start with the insert tab at the top. For a text box, go to shapes and click the text box in the upper left corner.  You may want to adjust the size of the document on the screen in the lower right-hand corner by sliding the arrow point to the middle-mark at 100%.  You may need to play with fonts a lot on this project. Some fonts are bigger than others in the same point-size. Also, don’t choose any hard to read fonts that are squiggly or don’t show upper and lower case letters. GENERAL POINTERS

4  Delete any extra text boxes or prompts from your brochure design. It WILL print them. They are not “invisible” in the final output.  If the program is being difficult because we just don’t know everything about using it, don’t forget to use the back arrow to undo some crazy thing that just happened or write it in Microsoft Word and cut and paste it into Publisher.  When possible, work with and work around the special features of the design you chose. You may alter the format in a minor way to achieve what works with your design. (See the scrolls on my Works Cited panel on the example.) DON’T FORGET

5  The two pages that you see represented on the left towards the top are your front and back of a tri-fold brochure set of pages.  On the top page on the right is the front of your brochure because it will be folded. Consider that the title page.  The middle of the top page is the very back. That will be our works cited.  The top page’s left third is what comes after the title page in the fold-out design. The whole bottom page is what shows on the three panels of the inside of your brochure. THE LAYOUT

6 You will need:  A title that chooses Hero or Good Role Model.  A subtitle that explains a little the point of your brochure ( see my example).  A photo of one of the heroes/role models that you have chosen to use an example.  Insert a text box if necessary and add your MLA name information at the bottom (see my example). PANEL ONE (TOP RIGHT SIDE)

7  State your term: Hero or Good Role Model and follow it by a colon (:) and then define your term in your own words. 1.First, use antithesis (a la the Mark McGwire article) to say what your term is not or is not necessarily. (See my example.) 2.Then, in bold face font, write your own definition in your own words. You may make it personal by using I, me, and my since it is your definition. 3.Add at least one photo of a person that you use as an example here. PANEL TWO (TOP LEFT SIDE)

8  Use or create a title box so that it explains your connection to being a hero or role model (see my example).  Write a brief personal statement that is kind of like an attention grabber about how you relate to these traits that you have outlined on your pre-writing sheet.  Add a photo of a person that you use as an example that you have not put in a photo of yet. PANEL THREE (BOTTOM LEFT SIDE)

9  Create or use a title box that states the three or four characteristics that you are using to exemplify your hero or role model.  Begin writing the support paragraphs. Make your font small enough, 9 or 10, so that two to three paragraphs will fit in this panel. The text box may not connect to connect to the one in the next panel, so for layout’s sake, end a paragraph at the bottom of this panel. PANEL FOUR (BOTTOM MIDDLE)

10  Write your last paragraphs including your conclusion. To the best of your ability, keep the font size the same between Panel Four and Panel Five since they are really a section to be read together.  Include one or two photos of your example people.  End your conclusion at the bottom of this panel. PANEL FIVE (BOTTOM RIGHT)

11  Create or use a text box to say Works Cited.  Add MLA references for your sources. See the Works Cited that I have uploaded as a file to the English I part of the website as a fill in model. We also did a practice in class.  Add the information that you need and copy and paste them into your Works Cited alphabetically by first significant word. PANEL SIX (TOP MIDDLE)

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