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What do you do when you need to make decision about an important aspect of your life?  What classes to take…  Play soccer or basketball…  Purchase.

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2 What do you do when you need to make decision about an important aspect of your life?  What classes to take…  Play soccer or basketball…  Purchase Nikes or Adidas….  Choose Fox news or CNN  Yahoo or Google  Confucius or Hammurabi  African or Asian elephants

3  When you need to make a choice where there are many variables involved, what do you often need to do in order to sort out the information? What critical thinking technique might you use in order to make a clear, prudent decision?

4 Which summer job to pursue…

5 Where to go on vacation…


7 Compare and Contrast *goal

8  On Friday, you will be composing a compare and contrast essay in class.  Your subjects will be Whitman and Dickinson.

9 Two types of Compare and Contrast Formats…  Let’s assume…  Snickers = A  Kit Kat= B

10 Block Method AAA BBB Everything about Snickers para 1  A. Peanuts, caramel, Nougat, covered in chocolate  A. single unit  A. made by Mars  A. Fun size=80 calories Everything about Kit-Kat para 2  B. 3 layers of wafer covered in chocolate  B. Double unit  B. Made by Nestle  B. Fun size =60 calories

11 Point by Point AB, AB, AB…  Para 1  Snickers/Kit-Kat  A/B  Para 2  Snickers/Kit-Kat  A/B

12 A/B Point by Point  Paragraph one  A--Snickers peanut, caramel, nougat  B--Kit-Kat 3 layers of wafer  A--Snickers covered in chocolate  B--Kit-Kat covered in chocolate  A—Snickers Fun size=80 calories  B—KitKat Fun size =60 calories  Paragraph 2  A--Snickers single unit  B--Kit-Kat 2 or 4 segments  A--Snickers—Mars  B--Kit-Kat—Nestle  A—Snickers—peanut Butter  B—Kit-Kat—Extra Crispy

13 Complete the graphic organizer  Similarities in the center  Whitman traits on one side  Parallel Dickinson traits on the other

14 Example  Whitman used free verse Parallel trait----  Dickinson used fixed form  Continue to list traits on both sides—keep them parallel

15  Compare contrast three points using the point-by- point method  Compare contrast three points using the block method

16  At the age of 15, Drake met an agent, the father of a high school friend. The agent found Drake a role on the Canadian TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation as Jimmy Brooks. In the show, Brooks is a basketball star who became physically disabled after he was shot by a classmate. Degrassi: The Next GenerationJimmy Brooks

17 Ben Franklin Drake the Rapper

18 Listen carefully to the following John Green video. On your scratch paper, jot down some of the attributes of each man. Be prepared to discuss the two topics.  ** john green  drake

19 Whom is the more accomplished person, Franklin or Drake?  How would you decide? How might you sort through the information in order to determine the more successful person? Is there an organizational tool that you could use?

20 Franklin Drake  Founding father  Great inventor  Wealthy family  Privileged  Kicked out of home  Started with little money  Builds massive empire  Made way to top  Credits self  Talents span all genres  Rap star  Innovative music  Canadian  Mom a teacher  Degrassi TV show  Middle class roots  Makes half a million per show  Credits “we”  Mainly musical talent

21 The Venn diagram  As a collaborative group, quickly organize the notes from the Green video and write them on the Venn diagram; list at least three items in each section.

22 What do they share  Both successful  Both tenacious  Both worked toward goals  Both made major contributions to their areas of interest  Both repetitive  Franklin “ingenious”  Drake “started from the bottom”

23 Whitman and Dickinson  Why should you care?  Reinforce your poem writing assignment  Strengthen your writing in other subject areas  Strengthen critical thinking skills  Assist in making real life decisions in the future

24  Please bring the following items to the library that day:  prewriting sheet.  Compare and Contrast handout (tomorrow’s lesson)  You will receive the specific essay prompt on Friday. This is spontaneous writing, much like the SAT essay. Do not bring any prewritten materials. They will be removed.

25 Review Game  Sort through the various characteristics of Whitman’s and Dickinson’s writing.  Place each characteristic in the appropriate column—  Whitman—Dickinson--Both

26 Get up and move to the next table.  Assess that team’s arrangement.  Make any necessary corrections, AND tell the other team what you are changing and why

27 Return to your original table  Independently complete the compare and contrast sheet. Use your notes and your Whitman and Dickinson packets.  Avoid superficial, obvious points :  They are both romantics   They are both poets 

28 Complete for homework  Polish and refine each point  Rewrite as needed  Think about how you would explain and exemplify each point  Don’t limit yourself to six points: Give yourself options!!

29 Choose a topic to compare/contrast:  Country music/Rock music  Justin Bieber/John Mayer  Snickers/Kit-Kat  The Voice/American Idol  Lindsey Lohan/Britney Spears  Target/Wal-Mart

30  Delay tomorrow: Begin Dead Poet’s Society  Essay on Monday  Cancellation tomorrow: Begin Dead Poet’s Society  Essay on Monday Full Day tomorrow—essay report to room 242

31 Write on the notebook paper:  Attention-getting device  (Skip several lines)  Thesis Statement

32 Essay Materials  Whitman packet and Madness packet  Outline/Essay assignment sheet  Venn Diagram  Composition Style Book  Thesis Statement and Attention-getting device sheet that you have on your desk  NOTHING ELSE WRITTEN OUT IN FULL SENTENCES.  Any document that contains full sentences other than thesis or AGD will be confiscated.

33 Thesis Statement page 6  Subject  Opinion/ Impression/ Slant  What you intend to cover  ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS

34  Subject: works/style of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman  Opinion/ Impression/ Slant: Appear to be different but actually do share many traits  What you intend to cover: style, attitudes  Although the works, style, and attitudes of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson appear to be different, many characteristics of the two writers are similar.

35 Attention-getting device page 8  Startling fact  Rhetorical Question  Quotation  Just a few ideas…

36  Be sure to use appositives and appositional phrases in your essay.  Ex: Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson, both nineteenth century Romantic writers, …

37 Model of Point by Point essay

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