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Lake Travis Elementary Please Sign In By door Inside: Volunteer Sign Up Conference Times GT Info!

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1 Lake Travis Elementary Please Sign In By door Inside: Volunteer Sign Up Conference Times GT Info!

2 Before I start… We have a lot to cover! This slide show will be uploaded on the web site soon so you can refer to it again if needed! Much of the same information is in our brochure.

3 About Mrs. Shanafelt  14 th year teaching & 8 th year at LTE  Presley, my daughter is also a 3 rd grader in Ms. Dodson’s class  Last year my family traveled to 23 countries, which was an amazing experience for our family

4 Let’s keep in touch!  Ways we communicate :  Tuesday Folder – feel free to write back  E-mail – preferred if urgent   Phone 533-6300 x6454 IMPORTANT – DO NOT MAKE TRANSPORTAION CHANGES AFTER 1 PM SAME DAY!  Notes in student planners – love this!  Website (both homeroom and grade level)  Gradebook message alerts (sign up for text messaging)


6 Character Counts

7 OLWEUS Anti- Bullying Program

8 One Way Dual Language Language of the Day Signage in English and Spanish Gomez and Gomez One Way Dual Language Model

9 Our Homework Routine  Reading Log Nightly  Read fifteen minutes then write a 3 sentence summary or 3 facts for non-fiction  Spelling Practice, Mon – Thurs, is routine  Monday – write all words 3 times each  Tuesday – write words in alphabetical order (ABC order)  Wednesdays –write five sentences using as many words in a sentence you can  Thursday – student choice/study with partner  Daily Math Fact Practice- (apps are a great way to do this) start with addition to review then move on, multiplication is a beast so start with easy facts and work up (0,1,2,5,10)  Vocabulary List to Study – review nightly, the list should come home on by Wednesday but please keep it in the red folder so we can review them at school too; tests on Fridays  It is okay to work ahead! Assigned Mondays, due Fridays.  Extra copies, spelling lists, vocabulary lists, and worksheets are found on the Third Grade Team Website. User name lastname.firstname Password Six digit number (lunch number) Kids can buy homework passes with the bucks they earn. One HW pass = no homework for one night

10 Too much Homework? Too little? TELL ME!  Tasks, other than reading, should not last more than 30 minutes a night  In addition, students are expected to read at home for at least 15 minutes.  Stop working if your child is really trying for over 45 minutes. Don’t let it get to that frustrational level. Send me a note or email about the situation.  Based on your input, we can adjust or reteach homework.  Students will have to stay in at study hall on Friday if homework isn’t complete on Friday. They will also take it home over the weekend to finish. If it doesn’t come back then they will complete whatever is missing the following Monday. PLEASE NOTE: Students leave study hall when done and do not have to miss all of recess.

11 Tuesday Folders  Include important announcements on LEFT.  Includes graded work on RIGHT.  Student conduct grade is in the middle.  Conduct is a cumulative grade.  A point loss cannot be regained. Lose 5 points before grade changes.  Excellent Conduct Scores 95-100  Above Satisfactory 90-94  Satisfactory 85-89  Less than Satisfactory (S-) 80-84  Needs Improvement 70-79  Unsatisfactory Scores below 70 – Mandatory Parent conference  MAJOR incidents lose more points and get a note or call home. See brochure.  Minor incidents are shown in the Tuesday folder.  Students lose a point if verbally warned, clip dropped, 5 minutes of recess loss, and THEN they continue to follow the rules.  Call or email if you ever have a question. Please sign every Tuesday night and return it every Wednesday morning!

12 Ways We Praise  Bucks- ask your kids to tell you about how they earn them  Meaningful compliments  Class Compliment Parties  Star Student- looking for students who exemplify our character traits

13 Our Special Schedule  Think “block scheduling” like high school or middle school.  Third grade is divided into four teams:  Red,  Blue,  Yellow, and  Green.  We have a four day rotation: A Day, B Day, C Day, and D Day.  After the fourth day, we restart with A Day again.  You can find out what letter day it is….  On the LTE Website Calendar  In your child’s planner  You can find out what specials your child attends on each letter day by referencing the rotation taped in their homework folder.

14 You can see grades and averages as we post!  ParentConnect (TxGradebook) allows you to view grades. Sign up as a user today!  Graded work also comes home weekly in the Tuesday Folder for your review.  Benchmarks (longer, STAAR formatted tests) are shared at Fall Parent Conferences. If your child is at risk of failing, we will send a progress note AND contact you often!

15 Report Cards Show Grade Averages Your child will earn a numeric average on the report card  Language Arts (spelling, grammar, and writing)  Reading (vocabulary, comprehension, story/book study)  Mathematics  Social Studies  Science 90 – 100 = A 80-89= B 70-79 = C Failing is less than 70.

16 Yes, STAAR testing starts in third grade. Some of you may feel like this about testing, but….

17 It will all be ok! Test Dates are: Math- April 21 st Reading- April 22 nd STAAR does not determine if children pass. Math is not scored this year (due to new TEKS being rolled out this year), only reading I will let you know if your child needs help and we’ll address concerns as the year progresses.

18 Birthday Celebrations  Last fifteen minutes of school on the last Friday of each month in the classroom (dates on LTE calendar)  Read packages carefully! Please do not send treats with peanuts or peanut oil.  Please do not send treats on other days. Thanks! Our August/September Day is Sept. 26 th at recess (2:25 pm).

19 Join Lake Travis Elementary PTA! Forms are on the round table

20 Volunteer in our room!  Sign up if you would be willing to come in to present something you enjoy, your work, or if you aren’t sure just ask or let me know and we can try to fit it in  Can volunteer at school or help from home, just let me know what you prefer  Lots of one-time, special event volunteers needed. Sign up at LTE PTA website.  Join PTA if able… more members can mean MORE GRANT OPPORTUNITIES for our school.

21 Have a Question? Check out our Class (news) and Grade Level (homework) Web Sites!

22 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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