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As coaches, administrators and educators, we hope to instill in our students the desire to act with character, not just because they believe it is expected.

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2 As coaches, administrators and educators, we hope to instill in our students the desire to act with character, not just because they believe it is expected but because they believe it is right. --Robert Kanaby, NFHS Executive Director Jim Tenopir, NFHS President

3 Winning at the high school level should be a pleasant outcome to fulfilling the TRUE PURPOSE of sport in school…which is to serve the complete educational needs of those who choose to participate. The PREEMINENT PURPOSE of sports and activities is not to teach someone how hit a three-pointer or to throw a curve ball but how to harness the discipline, desire and commitment that come from striving to achieve these goals and then channeling those traits into overcoming the challenges of everyday life. - Robert F. Kanaby, Former NFHS Exec. Dir.


5 Whether in the classroom, auditorium, gymnasium, or on the field of play – WE ARE EDUCATORS FIRST! Our primary purpose remains the same…

6 Teach what matters most! …for a lifetime


8 PROGRAM GOALS: 1. To promote the mission of education-based activities: - Unique learning labs --An extension of School Day -Life lessons, character development, universal values, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Personal Responsibility, Leadership, Teamwork 2. Teach, Enforce, Award, Model Sportsmanship (TEAM-up) 3.Provide a positive climate at our high school events 4.Implement a school sportsmanship program 5.Host first statewide student leadership conference

9 1. DO ROWDY RIGHT! – Cheer FOR your team & not against your opponent. 2. WE WILL – Sportsmanship Pledge 3. LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE-Dare to Lead (June 23, 2012) 4. PROMOTE POSITIVE PARTICIPATION Best Practices, Stories of Remarkable Individuals, Exemplary Sportsmanship, Random Acts of Kindness 5. SCHOOL SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD PROGRAM “Raise the Bar, Earn Your Star!”

10 Sportsmanship Matters – DO YOUR PART!  T EACH students, fans & spectators what is expected  E NFORCE the expectations for appropriate behavior  A WARD those that display exemplary sportsmanship  M ODEL the values of education-based activities

11  Honorable Behavior vs. Inappropriate Behavior  Respectful of Others vs. Disrespectful Behavior  Polite, Courteous vs. Trash Talking, Bullying  Set Good Example vs. Looking for Attention  Self-Control vs. Profanity, Arguing, Fighting  Positive Attitude vs. Complaining, Negative  Responsible, Accountable vs. Blaming Others  The Team Comes First vs. What’s In It For Me  Playing Hard, Clean vs. Looking for Short Cuts  Fair Play vs. Cheating, Win at All Costs

12  First and foremost you are a TEACHER  Make sportsmanship your #1 priority!  Set a good example for players & fans  Be a model of self-control and respect to all  Treat game officials with respect at all times  Must exemplify the highest moral character, behavior and leadership possible  Teach/model/promote values & life skills daily  Zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior

13  Representing your school is a privilege  Respect the game, respect the participants  Accept responsibility as a role model  Learn the rules & explain them to others  Treat your opponents with respect  Refrain from taunting, trash talking or making any kind of derogatory remarks to your opponents or officials  Respect the judgment of the game officials, no matter how much you may disagree

14  Be a positive example of support  It’s important to praise & not criticize  Show appreciation for all outstanding plays  Respect opposing players, coaches & fans  Recognize the service that officials provide  Treat game officials with respect  Remember that a ticket to a high school athletic event is not a license to verbally assault others (officials, coaches, players, opponents)

15 Good sporting conduct is an integral part of interscholastic athletics. Any type of cheering, yelling or others actions which are done in a manner to disconcert, be derogatory or taunting toward anyone involved in the contest is considered inappropriate. Cheering and other support should be POSITIVE. Inappropriate behavior allows for a loss of respect for the game and the players. DO ROWDY RIGHT! CHEER for your team, not against the opponent!

16 Get LOUD, Be Proud BUT… Do Rowdy Right!

17 Make SPORTSMANSHIP & POSITIVE SCHOOL SPIRIT a priority at your school. Students need to understand the meaning and importance of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is conducting oneself with respect and dignity. Teach it, Enforce It, Award it and Model it (TEAM)! Derogatory and demeaning cheers or conduct are considered detrimental to the orderly and positive conduct of education-based interscholastic activities. Extracurricular activities are an extension of the school day, providing unique and valuable opportunities for further enrichment, growth and personal development. Everyone is a winner if administrators, athletic directors, coaches, staff, players, students, parents, spectators and fans TEAM-up to support appropriate behavior at all of our high school activities. UHSAA Policy for Positive Participation

18  Provide clear expectations & proper supervision at games & contests  Post a Code-of-Conduct or Sportsmanship Policy  Provide UHSAA Sportsmanship Pre-Game Announcement and PSAs  Cheer FOR Your Team & not against your opponent. No negative cheering.  Respect the game; respect the participants  Treat the contest as a game not a war  “Humble in Victory, Gracious in Defeat”

19 WE WILL play fair and play by the rules Represent our schools with integrity WE WILL treat our opponents with the dignity they have earned And respect coaches and officials WE WILL value our opportunity to compete And thank those who support us WE WILL always do our best to achieve what we can achieve Individually and more importantly—as a team And when the game is over, WE WILL shake hands—win or lose It’s the right thing to do FIND WAYS FOR THE STUDENTS & STAFF TO SHARE THIS PLEDGE Examples: create a “We Will" DVD, have players read prior to game

20 Saturday, June 23, 2012  Approximately 250 students  Representation from all member schools  Invite 2 students from each school  INFORMATION will be emailed in OCTOBER

21 2011 To qualify schools must meet the criteria outlined on the UHSAA School Sportsmanship Award Application on the Sportsmanship page @

22 Sportsmanship Page @

23 Coaches are one of the most influential people in the lives of their athletes. They have the opportunity and the responsibility to teach valuable lessons that can impact the development of a child… for a lifetime.

24 Thanks for all that you do!

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