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ABSOLUTISM The Age of Absolute Monarchs LOUIS XIV and IVAN the TERRIBLE.

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1 ABSOLUTISM The Age of Absolute Monarchs LOUIS XIV and IVAN the TERRIBLE

2 Absolutism What? It is an absolute leader. –A leader who has unlimited power. These rulers do not share power with anyone. There are no law making bodies: –No parliament –No congress –No other power but the KING.

3 Absolutism There are two kings who exemplify this kind of governing: –Louis XIV: France –Ivan the Terrible: Russia

4 Absolutism Louis XIV: –French Monarch (king) –Referred to himself as the “Sun King”: Just as the Sun is the center of the Solar System, Louis was the center of French government. –Famous Quote: "L'état, c'est moi" (I am the state). –3 rd king of Bourbon Dynasty Dynasty: series of rulers from the same family –Much violence when he was young (riots, etc.)

5 Absolutism Louis XIV: –Became king at age 23. –Ruled for 54 years: 1661-1715. –He hated cities, loved the countryside –He loved to eat: 500 cooks. –Much ceremony in his court. –There was nothing he liked so much as flattery –He had fourteen personal wigmakers and 1,000 wigs –He had servants dress him

6 Absolutism Louis XIV –He loved good music and helped Opera to become popular throughout Europe. –He hated washing and took only three baths in his whole life. –Louis fought many wars: Reason: To expand French territory: unsuccessful Large army. Advanced. At this time, France was stronger than any other country. –BUT: His wars brought the country to near bankruptcy.

7 Absolutism Louis was known for his excesses The French people were heavily taxed to pay for the wars of Louis XIV and his excessive life style. These excesses laid the ground for the French Revolution. No freedom of religion: Edict of Fontainebleau: provided for the destruction of Huguenot churches and the closing of their schools –Why: Louis followed the motto, "one king, one law, one faith"

8 Absolutism Louis XIV: –The Builder: More excesses He had the Palace at Versailles built for himself. Versailles is located 11 miles south of Paris. 36,000 workers used to build palace. He moved in in 1682. All of this just for his home!

9 Absolutism Versailles Palace: –No walls, but gardens –The palace stretched for 700 yards. –It contained a chapel, theater, library and official chambers. –About 4000 lived in the palace. –Most famous room: Hall of Mirrors. 246 ft long and 33 ft wide. –Gardens covered over 250 acres. –Importance: Center of French government. This palace reflected his absolute power.

10 Limited Monarch England – The monarchs had to share power with the rest of government Three reasons the government was limited 1.Magna Carta – 1215 Nobles were given notes that could not be taken away. Kings had to follow rules 2.Parliament – an assembly made up of a House of Lords and a House of Commons that kept some power of the king 3.English Bill of Rights – additional limits on the monarchy; it protected the people rights

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