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Hidden Treasure: The Effective Use of Text Sets! Rosalyn S. Graham SWP Summer Institute 2012.

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1 Hidden Treasure: The Effective Use of Text Sets! Rosalyn S. Graham SWP Summer Institute 2012

2 My personal roadblock and “ah ha” moment? I have my special teacher mentor texts that I read aloud during our reading lessons.These books support the craft, genre, or topic that my students study during the week and are placed away. Students should continue to read text with the same craft, genre, or topic in text sets as well. I realize now that I have used text sets ineffectively. I have text sets and children have choice as to what baskets to read from, but there are not enough that compliment the craft, genre, or topic of study that I teach. I would like to use the text sets that I have to form these “floating” text sets that focus on the much needed topics.

3 Your Experience….. Maybe you are a seasoned teacher with an abundant amount of text sets that cover several topics…

4 Your Experience Or maybe you are still building your text set collection…..

5 Research Research suggests that there is no skills-only approach that can substitute for extensive reading when trying to build a reader’s aptitude (Just Read, Florida, 2004). A text set can provide a strong base that will allow for both extensive reading and strategy practice.

6 Agenda What are text sets? What are your options in organizing text sets if you are just beginning or if you have used them previously? How do you gather text sets without spending a large amount of money?

7 A text set is a type of mentor text. A mentor text is a piece of writing used to exemplify a specific aspect of writer’s craft. Therefore text sets consists of five to ten books on a particular topic or theme. The books are of varied genre, readability, and content. They also present a variety of perspectives for readers to consider. One of the values of sharing text sets with readers is they can delve deeply into a topic or theme and generate ideas and questions. ( The Reading Teacher. Cyndi Giorgis, Nancy J. Johnson)

8 theme (ie love, friendship) Plot Time period Historical Event Genre (ie poetry, biography) Content Area Isoke Nia and Katie Wood Ray, NCTE 2008

9 Does this text set provide the models that will help students grow as writers? Do they stimulate creativity and create interest? Are they rich in beautiful illustrations that add another layer to the text? Text sets that could fit into more than one category. (ie. Animals text set…… fiction, nonfiction, research)

10 Do they demonstrate the importance of choosing words wisely? Are they short enough to be shared entirely in one reading. Does the reading come from the world outside school? Katie W. Ray

11 First grade text set: Author study - Author study Eric Carle - Theme study of animals Could these books belong to other text sets as well?

12 Turn and talk with your group: What text sets do you currently have? If you were to add two text sets to your library what genre, craft, or topic would you choose?

13 How do you obtain text sets? Scholastic books- Teachers earn points as their students make purchases Library-Multiple examples of specific kinds of writing. Librarian can help you stack text by the kind of writing represented in those text. -Katie W. Ray Magazine subsrciptions/Students can donate children mags. Newspapers Yard Sales

14 Resources - Isoke Nia and Katie Wood Ray, NCTE 2008 Ray, Katie Wood. Study Driven. Heinemann, 2006 ndouts/mentor_texts_cappelli_dorfman.pdf ndouts/mentor_texts_cappelli_dorfman.pdf doc/...mentor+texts doc/...mentor+texts ces/classroomlibraries/archive.html ces/classroomlibraries/archive.html b3/ b3/

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