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 LO-CO2 – present some information and evidence with some structure Annotation.

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1  LO-CO2 – present some information and evidence with some structure Annotation

2  "When you annotate a text, you underline, highlight, draw arrows, and make marginal comments. Annotating is a way of making the text your own, of literally putting your mark on it--noting its key passages and ideas." (John C. Bean, Virginia Chappell, and Alice M. Gillam, Reading Rhetorically. Pearson Education, 2004) What is annotation ?

3  Students are responsible for pulling out not only the main points of the text, but also the other key information (e.g., examples and details) that they will need to rehearse for exams. In this way annotation goes beyond the process of isolation. Students are actually transforming information by changing or personalizing it in some way." (Jodi Patrick Holschuh and Lori Price Aultman, "Comprehension Development." Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research, 2nd ed., edited by Rona F. Flippo and David C. Caverly. Routledge, 2009 ) Annotation definition

4 Students achieves if:  Present information and evidence with an appropriate structure in an organized way so that can be understood by other learners  Describe the basis for the research or data reported this would include things like types of information used, methodology, problem statements, limitations.  critically comment arguments or conclusions presented in the given article Success criteria


6 account forclarifydescribeexemplifyindicate question  analyzecomparedepictexhibitinvestigate recognize  argueconcludedetermineexplainjudgereflect  assesscriticizedistinguishframejustifyrefer to  assertdefendevaluateidentifynarratereport  assumedefineemphasizeillustratepersuade review  claimdemonstrateexamineimplyproposesuggest A list of some verbs for referring to texts and ideas in annotations:

7  The evidence indicates that...The article assesses the effect of...  The author identifies three reasons for...  The article questions the view that..... Sentence patterns for annotation

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