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Honours and Awards Presentation to hvoss By AVM Mike Smart.

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1 Honours and Awards Presentation to hvoss By AVM Mike Smart

2 Introduction The Honours System – aims The Herefordshire Honours Panel Who gets honours – why and how Sources of advice

3 The Aim of the System The Honours System is some 600 years old Winston Churchill summarised it as follows: “ The object of giving medals, stars and ribbons is to give pride and pleasure to those who have deserved them. At the same time a distinction is something which everybody does not possess. If all have it, it is of less value. There must, therefore be heartburning and disappointments on the borderline. A medal glitters but it also casts a shadow. The task of drawing up regulations for such awards is one that does not permit a perfect solution. It is not possible to satisfy everyone without the risk of satisfying nobody. All that is possible is to give the greatest satisfaction to the greatest number and to hurt the feelings of the fewest”

4 Herefordshire Honours Panel Main role of the Panel is to appraise the citations sent to the Lieutenancy by the Honours and Awards Secretariat for comment Members: Lt Gen Sir John Foley, AVM Mike Smart, Mrs Paula Snow, Mr Christopher James, Mr Will Lindesay and Rev Kay Garlick Confidentiality of nominations is vital BUT the process is open In addition to appraising citations the Panel has three other roles: –Outreach – spreading understanding of the honours system –Advising the public on nominations and –Sleuthing – including improving and sustaining numbers of candidates especially from women and ethnic groups

5 Honours Lists Two lists per year: Birthday and New Year Several elements: –Prime Minister’s list (up to 1300 names) –Defence Secretary’s list (200 names) –Foreign Secretary’s list (150 names) –Others (Privy Counsellors, The Queen’s personal list, some foreign countries Today we are focusing on the PM’s list

6 Levels Knight/Dame – a pre-eminent contribution to any field of activity usually, but not exclusively at national level CBE – A prominent national role of a lesser degree or a conspicuous leading role in regional affairs through achievement or services to the community OBE – A distinguished regional or County wide role in any field, through achievement or services to the community including notable practitioners known nationally MBE – Achievement or service in and to the community which is outstanding in its field and has delivered sustained and real impact which stands out as an example to others BEM – Achievement or contribution of a very “hands –on” service to the community in a local geographical area. This might take the form of sustained commitment in support of very local charitable and or voluntary activity or innovative work that has delivered real impact but that is relatively short (three to four years) in duration

7 Recent Awards in Herefordshire K/DCBEOBEMBEBEMTotal BD 1011 NY 1121 BD 11213 NY1222 BD 12134 NY 131233211 BD 13112

8 Honours are for people who: Have changed things with an emphasis on achievement Have delivered in a way that has brought distinction Exemplify the best sustained and selfless voluntary service Have demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship Have the respect of their peers Have shown sustained achievement against the odds requiring moral courage Have made significant contributions towards building the Big Society Are major philanthropists showing sustained personal commitment If in paid employment they are for people who go beyond their job

9 Some Examples People working to strengthen communities in deprived areas Community organisers People running neighbourhood groups People working for voluntary or charitable organisations Community fundraisers People tackling any extremism which promotes violence or hatred People supporting green enterprise at local level

10 Who gets Honours and Awards? At Birthday Honours 2012 (1201 people) 1064 (88%) were at OBE, MBE and BEM level 239 (20%) were at OBE 532 (44%) were at MBE 293 (24%) were at BEM 72% were working in their local communities in some way 41% were women 6% were from ethnic communities

11 Sectors 11% went to people in Education 7% went to people in Health 14% went to people in Business, Science and Technology 7% went to people in the Arts and Media 42% went to people nominated for work in the voluntary sector

12 Advice Advice on the process can be found in the Lieutenancy section on the Herefordshire Council website Advice on preparing nominations can be obtained at or in writing Cabinet Office, Honours and Appointments Secretariat, Ground Floor, Admiralty Arch, London SW1A Email: Advice may also be obtained from the Panel through the Lieutenancy Office

13 Questions?

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