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Emerging Paradigms of Diversity in the Health Professions

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1 Emerging Paradigms of Diversity in the Health Professions
Marquette L. Cannon-Babb, Pharm.D., CGP Temple University School of Pharmacy Assistant Dean of Admissions Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

2 GLOBAL HEALTH RISKS: Mortality & Burden of Disease


4 Trends in Health Risks

5 Racism & Health Domains, Levels & Life Course
Embodiment Pathways of Embodiment Cumulative Interplay of exposure, susceptibility & resistance Accountability & Agency LEVELS: Societal & Ecosystem Political Economy & Ecology Economic & Social Deprivation Global National Regional Area Household Individual Social Trauma Toxins, Pathogens, & Hazards Pathways: Standards of Living Exposures Occupational Environmental Social Targeted Marketing Inadequate Medical Care This model is rather confusing by the fact that none of the descriptors (blue boxes) is labelled “racism” or “biology” Historical Context & Generation Response to Discrimination Life Course: In utero infancy childhood adulthood Adapted from: Krieger N (2000, 2008)

6 ECOSOCIAL THEORY A theory of systematic approach wherein patterns of disease distribution are described in relation to health inequities EMBODIMENT how people literally exemplify (embody) their life experiences PATHWAYS of EMBODIMENT how life experiences result in diverse outcomes (e.g., physical, chemical, biological, social exposures) “This may involve gene expression (not just gene frequency)” CUMULATIVE INTERPLAY of EXPOSURE Both biological & social exposures  susceptibility & resistance Accountability & Agency Involves social inequalities in health & assessment strategies that are or are not monitored, analyzed, and addressed

7 Jim Taylor Mary Turner Tondra Young Corey Anderson

8 Eight Trends in Changing Healthcare Workforce
Retirement of the “Baby Boomers” Loss of skilled senior personnel while managerial positions and “generalists” are easier to replace Shortage of skilled health IT professionals Highly skilled programmers, clinicians, technicians Impending trend in significant turnover Undertrained millennial generation Actual skill level of recent graduates ? > encouragement of college students to  IT jobs Changing future of healthcare leadership Rise of more open communication & collaboration Impact of company culture on recruitment & retainment Younger generations desire to have a broader say in business IT = informatics technology


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