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Austin Discovery Middle School Transformation to Fine Arts Academy.

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1 Austin Discovery Middle School Transformation to Fine Arts Academy

2 Why Fine Arts? › ADS already has strong K-5 arts / music programs ● › Fine Arts programs exemplify our core values of creativity and continuous leaning ● › Fine Arts programs also promote ❖ › Problem Solving ❖ › Cooperative learning ❖ › Critical Thinking ›

3 Academic Programming Math and History ● › Grade level specific ● › Block scheduling to promote workshop ● › Opportunities for: ○ small group instructions to meet needs of all students ○ › Project Based Learning ELA / Literature and Science ● › Multi-age classrooms ●Student choice in course selection ●Allows for workshop method and lab groups

4 Special Programming Will be aligned with McCallum Fine Arts Academy Embedded …..

5 Project Based Learning Students will have dedicated PBL time each week to learn organization, research strategies, and problem solving skills within the context of real life experiences.

6 Social Emotional Learning - SEL During a time in child development when students need healthy connections with adults and peers, ADS offers powerful leadership opportunities for students with: ●Restorative Circles ●Student Council and Action Committees ●Peer mentoring

7 After School Programming Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, ADS will offer clubs to all students. Teachers have already expressed interest in: ●Robotics ●Odyssey of the Mind ●Yearbook ●Science / History Fair ●Running Club / Soccer ●Battle of the Books ●Drama Club ●UIL

8 “When Do We Begin?” Timeline for Implementation of ADS Fine Arts Academy 2015-2016 ●Amendment to charter to clarify change in programming ●Dedicated Middle School teachers for Art, Music, Theatre Arts, as well as PE and Eco- Wellness ●Introduction of after-school programming to support student interest 2016-2017 ●Addition of Dance courses to Fine Art programming ●Dedicated space in new facility for Theatre and Dance classes ●Additional changes to after school programming and electives based on feedback from student interest.

9 Timeline for 2015 Expectations for Communication March Post Jobs for 2 nd Art, Music, Eco- Wellness teachers as well as additional Middle School teachers needed to accommodate growth April - June Work with stakeholders to gather feedback regarding course descriptions and scheduling June-August Update website and email communications regarding introductions of new Middle School staff August Student / Family orientation to allow for an understanding of finalized program and student choice with electives

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