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United States Jaycees National Programs & Awards.

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1 United States Jaycees National Programs & Awards

2 Civic Leadership Certification (CLC) Program Purpose: To provide a guide for chapters (and states) to run a healthy, thriving chapter. To achieve 100% efficiency, the chapter must complete all of the activities. A program to build a plan for your chapter for the year and the steps to a healthy 100% efficient chapter!! Chapter road map to success If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

3 Shoot for Success Program Program Purpose: Provide guidance to chapters to help them reach 30, 50, and beyond as well as provide guidance in a new chapter’s first year Program set up for chapters to work with a mentor to evaluate their chapter, develop an action plan to focus on strong programs and projects that will draw members to the chapter Assists the chapter to focus on proactive recruiting instead of reactive recruiting Available for chapters of all sizes

4 Passport to Civic Leadership (P2CL) Program Purpose: To activate and retain members Activation tool for members who want to achieve maximum value from their Jaycee membership. Provides direction for a brand new member and get them involved immediately. Completion of the “steps” is called a “degree.” There are a total of 10 degrees to complete Tasks include meeting attendance, participating on a project committee, helping run the Active Citizen Framework and more Skills learned through these activities such as public speaking, business writing or project management, will benefit members professionally

5 Passport to Civic Leadership (P2CL) Members can track their progress as they complete activities on the USJC mobile phone app or at Download the app now! Chapter presidents verify the activity completion as they are submitted in the website The activities can be completed in any order. However you will remain at the lowest degree until each bullet point is completed under that degree

6 Adopt a School Program Purpose: To run an Active Citizen Framework project based on education needs in the community Provides chapters with the opportunity to make a positive impact in schools and build partnerships in the community Working with the school and through the Active Citizen Framework, the chapter identifies NEEDS, finds the SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION, and seeks PARTNERS to create positive change based on education needs

7 First Timers Program Purpose: Provide a program for individuals attending a Conference for the first time to allow them to get the most out of the experience and meet others Provides a framework for First Time attendees at Conventions for meetings and trainings for attendees to participate in. Incentive for completion of program – drawing for a FREE registration to the next conference Upcoming National Meetings include: 2015 USJC National Convention-Mar 26-28 in Nashville 2015 USJC Annual Meeting-Sept 24-26 in Houston 2016 USJC National Convention-April 7-11 Cruise from New Orleans

8 ONTO Program Purpose: Build excitement for attending the JCI World Congress ONTO informs all members about national and JCI conventions and assists members wishing to attend Upcoming JCI World Congress 2015 JCI World Congress-Nov 3-8 in Kanazawa, Japan 2016 JCI World Congress, Quebec City, Canada

9 Junior Chamber Youth Program Purpose: To provide an opportunity to build Jaycee chapters for young leaders (High School and Younger) Junior Jaycee Chapters are for youth between the ages of 7 and 17 Junior Jaycees extends the mission, goals and objectives of the US Junior Chamber to the next generation Created for our youth to gain leadership skills within the community through volunteering for community service projects, interacting with others and leading activities during regular meetings

10 Why should a chapter start a Junior Jaycee Chapter? Active citizenship for the youth Building future Jaycee members Leadership training for members Develop community awareness for youth Nurture self-confidence Create fun and constructive events for youth Assist with manpower for your Jaycee events

11 How do I start a Junior Jaycee Chapter? Elect or appoint 2 current Jaycee members (preferably one male and one female) to be Junior Jaycee Advisors Form a recruiting team Create a plan of action Organize a Junior Jaycee membership event Charter Junior Jaycee chapter and elect youth officers Set monthly meeting dates and times Complete charter information forms Work in cooperation with your new Junior Jaycee Chapter Remember to advise, not run, your Junior Jaycee Chapter

12 Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) Recognizes and honors ten Americans who exemplify the best attributes of the nation's young people each year since 1939 Held in conjunction with National Convention Past recipients include: John F. Kennedy, Gerald R. Ford, Ann Bancroft, Gale Sayers, Elvis Presley, Dan Quayle, Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Larry Holmes, Bill Clinton, Captain Scott O’Grady and NFL Quarterback Kurt Warner

13 Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA) Candidates must be US citizens, age 18 through 40, who exemplify the Jaycee Creed and dedication to a better nation Judges give consideration to each nominee's adherence to the principles embodied in the Jaycee Creed Honorees receive a "Silver Hands" trophy designed by 1954 recipient Arthur M. Kraft Hundreds of nominations come from local and state organizations, not for profits, individuals and others Many states run similar statewide programs and chapters host Distinguished Service Awards

14 JCI Project Impact 100 Addresses a root cause of a community challenge identified through a community needs analysis Is formulated through involvement and collaboration of community stakeholders Involves partners from all sectors of society taking united action to create sustainable impact Is monitored throughout the process and evaluated at the end to determine the impact created in the community Engaging and empowering 100 people by involving them in the project planning and execution Or Empowering and impacting 100 people within the project’s target population as participants FOLLOWS THE JCI ACTIVE CITIZEN FRAMEWORK: POSITIVELY IMPACTS THE LIVES OF 100 INDIVIDUALS BY EITHER:

15 Governmental Involvement Program Purpose: Empower members to work with their local government to be the voice for active young people Program to be held in Washington DC Build partners with other like-minded organizations Empower members to be a spokesperson The USJC have a long history of being at the forefront of program development and problem solving through government involvement and partnerships

16 National Partners & Affiliates

17 Program Purpose: To build awareness about how malaria affects the global health system by “buying a net to save a life” Global grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria, a leading cause of death among children in Africa. Malaria affects more than 200 million people a year and causes over 600,000 deaths mostly children under the age of five in sub-Saharan Africa. A child dies of malaria every 60 seconds. It only costs $10 to provide a life-saving bed net to protect a family from malaria Nothing but Nets

18 Bed nets work by: Stopping mosquitoes from biting at night and spreading the disease. Insecticide on the net kills the mosquitoes when they land, preventing them from flying on to find their next victim. JCI and US Jaycees are partners with the NBN campaign to provide JCI members the opportunity to take action against malaria through advocacy, education and fundraising in their communities worldwide Collectively, JCI has donated over $2 Million and ranks as the campaign’s 2 nd largest contributor next to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Nothing but Nets

19 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society LLS Purpose: provide a venue to chapters to build a relationship with their local LLS chapter to advocate for health-related causes Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for chapters wanting to make an impact in the area of health and wellness. The SC Jaycees has a strong LLS relationship, consisting of both exposure and leadership opportunities for chapters so there is a mutually beneficial partnership established

20 GO Kickball GO Kickball Purpose: provide a venue to chapters to create a social atmosphere to build membership base GO Kickball has leagues in 40 cities across 16 states and continues to grow A relationship that promotes health and wellness while giving the chapter access to community exposure, new members, and fundraising opportunities

21 GWIG A Free mobile App offers a simple and convenient way for users to exchange a digital business card Allows members to promote their businesses to one another or refer others businesses to fellow members Subscriptions are available which raise funds for chapters

22 Public Policy Platform: UN Millennium Development Goals

23 Competitions An opportunity to personally develop yourself in a friendly atmosphere Aimed at improving members' skills in the areas of speaking, debating, writing and interviewing. More information available at Public Speaking Debating Effective Writing Interview & Portfolio

24 Professional Skills Competitions John W. Clark Jaycee Spotlight – Jeopardy based live competition Write-Up – Writing Competition Durward Howes Competition – Speaking competitions – one for Masters and one for Novices Debate Competition – Teams of three debate on selected topics Portfolio/Interview Competitions John H Armbruster “Keyman” Memorial Award for members <2 yrs C. William Brownfield Memorial Award for members >2 yrs Andrew and Charlotte Mungenast Memorial Award for families

25 Member Recognition & Honors Awards: Recognizes members for their hard work throughout the year, from projects to them personally and for chapters achieving success Lifetime honors: State Level U.S. Junior Chamber Ambassadorship JCI Senatorship

26 Member and Officer Awards Up to 5 Outstanding New Members recognized annually Up to 5 Outstanding Members recognized annually Charles Kulp, Jr. Memorial Award presented up to 10 outstanding Local Presidents in the nation Heidi Juttner Memorial Award presented up to 10 outstanding local Vice Presidents, regardless of the names of their office

27 Single Project Entry Awards Submitted through the US Jaycees Website. Must be approved by the State President Project Categories include: William B. Roberson Best Local Community Empowerment Program Best Local Economic Development Program Best Local Inter-organization Collaboration Project Best Local Personal Skill Development Program Best Local Growth and Development Program Best Local UNMDG Project Best Local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Dr. Jerry Bruce Memorial Award for Best Long-term Community Development Program Best Project of the Year

28 Chapter Awards Clarence H. Howard Memorial Award – Most Outstanding Chapter for Annual Report Harold A. Marks Memorial Award – Most Outstanding Junior Chamber Chapter in the Nation Hampton Whetsell Memorial Award – Most Outstanding New Local Organization Chapter Marketing Campaign Award

29 Junior Chamber Youth (JCY) Awards Professional Skills Competitions Debate Speak-Up (By Age Group) Most Outstanding Local Member Most Outstanding Local Chapter Single Project Entries

30 Additional Resources 90-Day, 60-Day, 30-Day Reminders Project Management Guide (PMG) Online Library USJC New Member Orientation Webinar USJC Program Webinars

31 Use the resources and programs that already exist to build your chapters and our global organization stronger RIGHT NOW!


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