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1 Climate Change and Pathfinder porgramme Hannah Williams (Policy) Usha Ladwa-Thomas (Communities)

2 Everything we do a commitments in: “One Wales” a programme for Government lang=en

3 Presentation will cover Big Picture with regards Policy context Sustainable Development scheme/charter Climate Change Strategy (Hannah) Communications and Engagement : some learning and our way forward Communities /Third sector engagement : context and history to Pathfinders Programme

4 SD as a central guiding principle Sustainable development will be the central organising principle of the Welsh Assembly Government One Wales, One Planet

5 SD in Wales? In Wales, sustainable development means enhancing the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of people and communities, achieving a better quality of life for our own and future generations.

6 How is to be done? In ways which promote social justice and equality of opportunity and In ways which enhance the natural and cultural environment and respect its limits using only our fair share (one planet’s worth nor nearly 3 planets worth) of the earth’s resources and sustaining our cultural legacy.

7 More than a greening agenda It is about hard but different choices –Long-termism –Silo-busting –Evidence based –Invest in resilience It is about securing legitimacy and support –Clear ideology and narrative (Not green agenda but wellbeing agenda) –Build trust –Behaviour change strategy

8 Sustainable Development Charter Identify existing best practice on SD Share existing best practice on SD Annual Challenge – embedding SD so that it makes a difference.

9 Sustainable Development and climate Change Climate Change is an outcome of unsustainable living Climate Change Strategy launched last October (2010) Climate Change Commission set up ( Contact for dates to observe) Policy: Action:

10 Welsh Assembly Government Strategy

11 Underpinning principles: Helping people make climate-friendly choicesHelping people make climate-friendly choices Leading by exampleLeading by example Building climate action into all policy areas :implications for transport, culture, health and social care etcBuilding climate action into all policy areas :implications for transport, culture, health and social care etc Drive energy efficiencyDrive energy efficiency Welsh Assembly Government Strategy

12 Communicating or engaging?? Historically: Targeted communications campaigns/adverts /DEFRA segmentation research Missing : Linking science with human behaviour/motivation for change. Learning from other large scale behaviour change work e.g. in health and social care. Too much focus on individuals and individual behaviours rather than overall life styles/community membership. Over-emphasis on “one size fits all” awareness raising campaigns Guilt/fear based appeals. Lack fun or even glamour (dull, negative, difficult to do and unpopular!) Evaluation : of large scale campaigns/adverts (UK and USA) confirmed lack of impact

13 Our approach Understand what Government can do and what others could do - Top down and facilitate bottom up work – Defra’s 4Es – Enable, Encourage, Engage and Exemplify

14 Encourage Enable Engage Exemplify Catalyse 4-E approach to behaviour change Taxes & fiscal measures Regulation & fines League tables Targets / perf management Prizes / rewards / bonuses Preferential treatment Status recognition Subsidies / discounts Feedback Remove barriers to act Set defaults / opt-out vs opt-in Form clubs / communities Provide information Choose intervention timing Personalise Provide space / facilities Build confidence Ease/cost of access Community/network action Deliberative fora Segmentation / focus Secure commitment Personal contacts Role models / 'super-users' Paid/unpaid media campaigns Pester power / Peer pressure Workplace norms Evidence base Walk the talk & lead Consistency across policies Sustained approach Credibility / confidence Benchmarking / evaluation Learning & improvement Political consensus building

15 Moving towards low carbon behaviours Targeting behaviours For householders 75-80% of environmental impacts of relate to housing, food, home energy and personal transport) For organisations, facilities & waste management, energy choices, efficiency of process, purchase, transport and logistics are key CC but there are competing concern e.g. the state of the economy

16 Communications and Engagement Strategy Challenge: about buying and using less than we currently do, and so is significantly more difficult to achieve. Strategy - how we will engage with people across Wales in order to drive action to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change, in a sustainable way. *** Some reading (last slide)

17 Communications and Engagement Strategy Approach: is a nationally-led, locally implemented programme of campaigns based on a social marketing approach provide the national vision and narrative which is needed to promote action at all levels develop the capacity for action at the local level 1. Social marketing training and development for key activists and enablers (

18 Communications and Engagement strategy Provide the evidence base to support action 1. Commissioning a Welsh survey of attitudes and values, and people’s behaviours on energy, water, waste and transport so that can help us take a segmented approach to our audience 2. Energy behaviours ; Brook Lyndhurt report (ULT send by email) 3. Transport behaviours : Sustrans report (ULT send by email) 4. Pathfinders research element : Your work 5. 3 social marketing, pilot programmes that can be scaled up.

19 Third sector engagement So what of the Third sector /communities? What have we done so far to engage community and Third sector organisations? What of the future?

20 Third sector and Climate action History: Original report on what communities said they wanted to help support and stimulate action Segments: Positive Greens,(6%) Side supporters(18%), cautious participants (75%), Unable to engage (1%) Leadership by Third sector organisation Language (doing it but not seen as climate change action) and lacking element of narrative on WIIFM? Grants to stimulate and support action Diversity of action and narratives: peak oil? Local resilience/ etc Growing interest in community energy Wish to learn from others before them Urban/rural differences Leap of faith rather than evidence based action

21 Broadly did/do… Behaviour change programmes Making resources available Building capacity and leadership Using community development tools like timebanking Engaging and Looking to see how we scale up supporting Collaborating with others Gathering evidence of what works

22 Social marketing approach Social marketing approach by any other name?? Introduced and “nudged” communities to learn from programmes like Sterling Going Carbon Neutral programme Brought Doug McKenzie Mohr Seminars to Wales (x2) seminars Building on evidence for successful, community led, social marketing approach via Pathfinder programme

23 Making resources available So far we have: Small grants for small actions via Environment Wales Establishment of Ynni’r Fro programme : 6 development officers locally placed / European funding / support 22 social enterprises for community scale renewable Establishing a joint DECC and WAG Low Carbon communities Programme : Lammas (Pembrokeshire), Cwm Clydach (RCT), Awel Aman Tawe (Swansea Valley), Cwm Arian (Pembrokeshire)

24 Resources: Looking ahead: Grant scheme for all sectors ; launched March 7 th / run by WCVA and Environment Wales/development officer based at Cynnal Cymru (details by email) Dormant Accounts Scheme : launch in July 2011 Pathfinder Officer time for some hand holding and sign posting and mapping community activity across Wales Influence other funders: Trusts, Banks, delivery agents like: CCW, EST, Carbon trust etc

25 Building capacity and leadership Wales Council for Voluntary Action: Climate change Leadership Group. Community Action for Climate Change Networks : On going Community University: Support and enablement of “winners” of large grants ( NESTA, LCCC, British Green Street etc ) to develop ideas that are of Wales wide importance /scaling up Training in social marketing / programme of events Sharing of the big vision for Wales and facilitating local networking for paid workers. Time banking

26 In collaboration with Spice and by seconding Ben Dineen to the WAG climate Change team we are Develop capacity of the third and community sector to exchange skills and knowledge across Wales Undertake three pilots to identify if carbon reduction programmes can be accelerated using timebanking. ( Background paper to follow) Pathfinders to work actively to recruit and promote.

27 Engage and support Support Ministerial visits to projects Listen to and respond to individual concerns and sign post Identify emerging patterns and needs e.g. need for community energy group and champion, support, advice etc Peer mentoring scheme (to be developed) Signpost to funding and other support e.g. Ynni’r Fro, Environment Wales etc

28 Collaborate with others Cynnal Cymru : Civic engagement for sustainability. Work with Community councils, Sustain Wales website, Green heroes etc SDC : Policy advice to Government WCVA: role in leading, informing and supporting third sector organisations Environment Wales Ynni’r Fro work : 6 development officers (Andy to elaborate) SD Co-ordinators in local authorities Low Carbon regions work in SW Wales Umbrella organisations: e.g.Planed

29 Gather evidence of what works Low Carbon Communities Challenge - research approach to community led work. Pathfinders - what happens when communities led on social marketing approaches Pathways programme of work - SW England. DECC and WAG supported. Small scale research: Ynni’r Fro development officers perceptions of nature of communites coming forward for community scale renewables. Evaluation and monitoring of timebanking work

30 Encourage Enable Engage Exemplify Catalyse 4-E approach to behaviour change Targets / Prizes / rewards / bonuses Incentives: FITS “Nudge” Status recognition (Peer mentoring) Feedback Remove barriers to act Build capacity Form clubs / communities Provide information Choose intervention timing Personalise Provide space / facilities Build confidence Ease/cost of access Community/network action Deliberative fora Segmentation / focus Secure commitment Personal contacts Role models / 'super-users' Peer pressure/conversations Workplace norms Evidence base Case studies Walk the talk & lead Sustained approach Credibility / confidence Benchmarking / evaluation Learning & improvement

31 Top tips! Never turn anyone away: sign post them Collaborate and facilitate Watch out for patterns across your area of work and share them/record them. Be reflective Feed things upwards, side ways and downwards Work with those already there (paid or otherwise Wales is a village! Wales is bilingual and has diverse groups and interests. Get skilled up in social marketing, in community development, and Enjoy

32 Useful reading and papers to follow Useful reading Mindscape: Influencing behaviour through public policy. Cabinet offcie report Sustainable Consumption Roundtable’s report, ‘I will if you will’ - Towards sustainable consumption The diffusion of environmental behaviours; the role of influential individuals in social networks Report for DEFRA by Brook Lyndhurst ( 2009) GSR Behaviour change knowledge review. Practical Guide : An overview of behaviour change models and their uses, HMT Publishing Unit, London. Andrew Darnton (2008) Selling sustainability : Seven lessons from advertising and marketing to sell low- carbon living. NESTA (2008) International Review of Behaviour Change Initiatives. The Scottish Government Social research (2011) Common Cause. Partnership report by COIN, FoE, Oxfam, etc(2010) Papers to follow via email Reducing emissions through behaviour change : report to Welsh Assembly Government. Brook Lyndhurst (2010) Reducing Carbon emissions from transport in Wales through behaviour change. Sustrans (2010) Background on work on Timebanking Strategy: communications and engagement

33 Policy: Action:

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