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Introduction and Overview for AFPOA Matt Connon, General Manager

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1 Introduction and Overview for AFPOA Matt Connon, General Manager

2 What We Will Cover Today How Unified Information Access Improves Strategic Insight and Productivity Attivio Introduction and UIA Solutions Customer Success with AIE


4 Proprietary & Confidential Structured Data Unstructured Content The Great Divide

5 Unified Information Access (UIA) ALL Information Resources Must be Exploited Combining the precision of structured data with sentiment and meaning of unstructured content (which represents 85% of information assets) The next quantum leap in productivity will come from the use of IT systems that analyze structured and unstructured data... It will contribute to an improvement in all aspects of business operations. What Happened? Why it happened?

6 Proprietary & Confidential …with unstructured content, extracting its sentiment & meaning Combines structured data, retaining its normalized structure… Provides Customers with Unprecedented Insight! Crossing the Great Divide to Deliver Business Value UNIFIED INFORMATION ACCESS

7 Proprietary & Confidential Why Organizations are Investing in UIA Lower the cost of managing and analyzing information Unify access to all of our information sources, both structured and unstructured to provide a comprehensive view of information across email, file servers, and applications Provide faster, easier access for more users to structured data in our legacy systems Improve customer support Source: Search and Discovery Software: A Survey of Buying Intentions and Use (IDC #229149, July 2011)

8 UIA Solutions: Information-rich markets by vertical Government Military intelligence Law enforcement Security Regulators Financial Services Banking Insurance Financial exchanges Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Research Health insurance Patient records Media Advertising Publishing E Commerce Consumer Goods & Services Retail Manufacturing Marketing

9 UIA Solutions: Information-rich markets by horizontal application Information Governance E-discovery Compliance Master Data Management Records management Security Intelligence Fraud investigation Data loss prevention Business Intelligence Analytics Performance management R&D and Engineering Discovery Documentation Manufacturing Customer & Employee Interaction HR appraisal Call center analytics Market research and surveys Social media analysis

10 UIA Has Emerged As A Mainstream Approach to Leveraging All Information IDC Predictions 2012 Jan. 5, 2012 Dan Vesset, Program VP Business Analytics


12 Proprietary & Confidential Attivio Overview Who We Are: Traditional enterprise software or hosted subscription licensing License Options: Award-winning enterprise software company headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts USA Experts in unified information access (UIA), information analytics, enterprise search, business intelligence and data warehousing Our mission: driving critical business results by maximizing the return on our customers’ information assets Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE), the only UIA platform that delivers comprehensive insight from integrated content and data by combining full text search and content analytics with standard SQL Global leaders in financial services, manufacturing, media, technology, telecommunications, management consulting, and government 100% of our customers are referenceable Patented Unified Information Access technology Agile, embeddable platform with small footprint Rapid Development and Deployment environment Our Product: Our Capabilities: Our Customer Relationships:

13 Proprietary & Confidential The Attivio Active Intelligence Engine

14 Proprietary & Confidential Components of the AIE Platform

15 Proprietary & Confidential Database and Search Technologies Are Not Enough

16 Proprietary & Confidential AIE Analytics Text Analytics Time-Series / Trend Analysis In-Engine Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) tool integration

17 Proprietary & Confidential Solution Enablement with AIE Enterprise Information Integration Online Portals Customer Experience Management SharePoint Integration Enterprise Performance Management IT Knowledge Expert Social Brand Management Embedded AIE for Technology Vendors Active Regulatory Management AIE Based Solutions Universal engine for ALL types of information Increase productivity, identify opportunities, reduce costs and risk Web Logs Wiki/ K-Base CMS Email Data Ware- house ERP CRM All relevant information delivered to interactive interfaces Web Email Share Point AIE: UIA Platform

18 Proprietary & Confidential Solution: Active Intelligence Engine Integrates economic profiles, time-series market data, past research documents, news, etc. Universal index ensures Enables navigation of data and content within the same view Facilitates time series data analysis alongside research, news, etc. Outcomes Lineage of past research effectively leveraged as a strategic asset Enables new analysis based on past research Helps identify new market correlations and uncover timely, new investment ideas Challenges Empower research analysts to access and actively reuse investment research and analysis Replace non-integrated home-grown tools and databases to retrieve investment data, research, etc. Case Study – Major Investment Firm Source: Sr. Living

19 Proprietary & Confidential 19 FacetFinder Navigation by Sentiment Category Topic Hierarchical navigation through familiar structured data Ad hoc refinement of charts/analytics via free text search Pivot from structured data to unstructured and back, through related concepts, metadata

20 Proprietary & Confidential Time Series Analysis

21 Proprietary & Confidential Solution: AIE Integrates all enterprise info relevant to a service call regardless of data type Easily navigate and find known solutions and critical data for fast incident resolution Identify and manage potential SLA violations Expedite root cause analysis to aid in problem management and prevent re-occurrence Role-based dashboards track activities and performance Outcomes 78% Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR); Annual person- hour savings = 16 FTEs Over 90 applications now supported and served by AIE solution Problem System outages causing slower collections, lost productivity Service interruptions taking too long to resolve IT Knowledge Expert – Customer Case Study

22 Proprietary & Confidential Solution: Active Intelligence Engine Indexes, joins and presents from multiple engineering and supply chain system databases, along with files and documents Enables impact analysis by presenting drawings, notes by part, plus associated part cost Enables dashboards for analysis of engineering productivity, integrating multiple quality, operations and scheduling databases Outcomes Positive impact to R&D productivity, product cost and quality Engineers do not have to find/correlate information on their own Proactive response to slips in schedules, product/part quality, etc. Challenges Expedite analysis impact of R&D design changes on cost, schedule, etc. by part – Diverse sources of data, files and docs Easily monitor and analyze R&D performance based on quality, milestones, etc. achieved – down to the part level Case Study: Global Manufacturing Firm Source: I Make America

23 Proprietary & Confidential AIE and BI Analysis

24 Media and Analysts on Attivio “Attivio is focused on creating a new architecture for information access...that leapfrogs over current technologies because they are not burdened with legacy code. They have attracted some of the best minds in information retrieval." Sue Feldman “Attivio greatly differentiates itself from other solutions by embracing and balancing business intelligence and enterprise search capabilities, its patented technology innovations and the depth and experience of its management and development teams. They exemplify a company that is truly living up to its promise of helping organizations realize positive business results.“ Hugh McKellar “Why is Attivio cool? Because it means users can explore the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ in one step; for example, using search to combine a classic structured query with qualitative information. In addition, Attivio enables users who would normally be too intimidated to use an ad hoc query tool, but who are quite comfortable with a search engine, to find the information they need in a structured database.” James Richardson “Your company collects terabytes of data, yet finding the information that employees need is tricky because it's scattered...IT pros tried many techniques to solve this data management dilemma, including universal databases, data warehouses, and enterprise search. Newcomer Attivio offers another alternative.” John Foley “Solutions by Attivio also push information out to workers drawn from various repositories. Attivio…uses ‘the precision of SQL and the fuzziness of search,’ to deliver enterprise information in dashboard form.” Bryant Duhon “[Attivio is] on the forefront of a shift away from reliance on relational databases and towards search-based applications.“ Nick Patience “The next quantum leap in productivity will come from the use of IT systems that analyze structured and unstructured data….It will contribute to an improvement in all aspects of business operations.” Peter Sondergaard Awards: 24

25 Summary Unified information access has emerged as the method to maximize the value of information assets across disparate sources of data and content Attivio’s AIE platform solves information intensive challenges across verticals and application types AIE expands the scope of information that technical and non- technical users can query, search, and analyze

26 Proprietary & Confidential Thank You! Matt Connon General Manager 857.226.5053

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