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New Faculty Orientation

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1 New Faculty Orientation

2 Welcome Welcome to Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine! We are honored that you have chosen to become a part of our faculty family. Starting out at a new institution can be simultaneously exciting and inherently disorienting, but we want you to know that we are here to help make that transition as smooth as possible.   We have many resources, programs, and opportunities to support your faculty position and to help you become accomplished, productive, and successful in your chosen areas of endeavor, including teaching, research, service, and clinical care. The Center for Excellence in Medical Education, in particular, provides you with many of these resources Dr. Robert Foldberg, Dean OUWB School of Medicine

3 A Brief History Oakland University (Oakland) and Beaumont Hospital (Beaumont) were founded at approximately the same time, half a century ago, in close proximity to each other and in a region of greater Detroit. Oakland is one of 15 public universities in Michigan and has an enrollment exceeding 18,000 students and a Carnegie classification of doctoral/research university-intensive. Beaumont is a three-hospital regional healthcare provider and is now a 1700-bed tertiary care, teaching, research and referral hospital system. In January 2007, Oakland and Beaumont submitted a letter of intent to the LCME to initiate the formal process of accrediting a new allopathic medical school. The initiative was approved by both the Beaumont Hospital Board of Directors and the Oakland University Board of Trustees on July 31, 2008.

4 Our Mission & Vision The Mission
The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine is a collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and technologically advanced learning community, dedicated to enabling students to become skillful, ethical, and compassionate physicians, inquisitive scientists who are invested in the scholarship of discovery, and dynamic and effective medical educators. The Vision The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine will be recognized by its students and faculty members - and by their peers in the global medical community - as a premier educational environment for individuals to become physicians and to study medicine throughout their lives, to transform the practice of medicine through research, and to lead in promoting, maintaining, and restoring health to individuals and communities served by the school and its graduates.

5 Our Goals Our mission is accomplished through the following goals, which exemplify a student-centered approach to biomedical education, a patient-centered approach to the delivery of health care, and a focus on highly original research that includes the biomedical sciences and extends beyond the laboratory to all disciplines that impact the health of patients and their communities. Over-arching Goals: To achieve and sustain excellence in medical education, research, and patient care. To serve our community through the faithful execution of our mission. Medical Education related Goals: To integrate and translate scientific basis into the art and practice of medicine. To inspire all students and teachers to work as partners with peers, colleagues, patients and community as continuous learners and scholars in ways that advance the practice of medicine. To sustain a collaborative culture of excellence in learning by applying the best knowledge in the science of education to our medical education community. To stimulate and instill lifelong learning and continuous renewal of intellectual curiosity to actively seek new knowledge and skills necessary in all professional endeavors.

6 Our Goals Research Program related Goals:
To embrace internal and external partnerships that promote the development of novel technologies to advance medicine. To create and integrate research in all aspects of education, to foster scientific excellence, innovation and leadership. To promote collaborative research that stimulates physicians and scientists in various disciplines to investigate and apply scientific findings into clinically useful care practices. To strive for, develop and integrate medical education research into the daily activities of the medical school. Faculty related Goals To promote a culture that recognizes and values the role of faculty and staff as partners in the success of school’s mission. To advance, support and recognize the medical educator, mindful of the role biomedical scientists and physicians play as communicators and teachers. To create a dynamic exchange of ideas between medical scholars and colleagues in other disciplines, acknowledging the potential contributions of many fields to the improvement of healthcare.

7 Our Goals Health care services related Goals:
To affirm, emphasize and demonstrate that the individual and the community is the raison d'être of our activities. To integrate preventive, wellness and curative patient care into all aspects of education, mindful and respectful of culturally competent care and compassionate interpersonal communication toward patients and families. To embrace, promote and incorporate new knowledge and treatment modalities for health care and management of diseases. To develop mutually supportive relationships with external partners in clinical services that foster and enhance our clinical and educational programs. Administration Related Goals To create new sources of revenues and to ensure effective use of available resources. To promote a culture that recognizes and values the role of faculty, staff and student as partners in the success of school’s mission. To promote and sustain a culture of excellence in management that demonstrates our values of compassion, integrity, transparency, collaboration and innovation.

8 Our Administration Dr. Robert Folberg, Founding Dean
Linda Gillum, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty Development & Diversity Asst. Dean for Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Vonda Douglas-Nikitin, MD, Asst. Dean for Community & Global Outreach Nelia Afonso, MD, Vice Dean for Business Administration Cheryl Verbruggen, MSA Robert Noiva, Ph. D., Associate Dean of Medical Education Robert McAuley, Ph.D, Associate Dean for Educational Technology Angela Nuzzarello, M.D.,MHPE Associate Dean of Student Affairs Asst. Dean for Admissions Christina Grabowski, MSA, Asst. Dean for Student Affairs & Career Development Sandra LaBlance, Ph.D. Academic Department Chairs

9 Academic Department Chairs
Department of Anesthesiology James Grant, MD Department of Biomedical Science Judith Venuti, Ph.D Department of Emergency Medicine Terry Kowalenko, MD Department of Family Medicine and Community Health Paul Misch, MD Department of Internal Medicine Michael Maddens, MD Department of Neurology Daniel Menkes, MD Department of Neurosurgery Fernando, Diaz MD Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Ray Bahado-Singh, MD Department of Ophthalmology George Williams, MD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Department of Pathology Mark Kollins, MD Department of Pediatrics Brian Berman, MD Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Ronald Taylor, MD Department of Psychiatry Ron Samarian, MD Department of Radiation Oncology Craig Stevens, MD, PhD Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Molecular Imaging Duane Mezwa, MD Department of Surgery Alan Koffron, MD Department of Urology Kenneth Peters, MD

10 Faculty Appointments Faculty appointments are made through recommendation by the appropriate Department Chair and require approval by several governing bodies. Oakland Based Faculty are afforded tenure track appointments at the assistant, associate or professor rank. Faculty members with tenure track appointments must maintain active employment with Oakland University. Beaumont Based Faculty are afforded a time limited, non-tenure track, standard faculty appointment at the rank of instructor, assistant, associate or professor, within the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Faculty members who hold standard appointments are required to engage in the School of Medicine’s Meaningful Participation Program.

11 What is Meaningful Participation?
The Meaningful Participation Program is designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts of the Beaumont medical staff in dedicating the time and expertise necessary to assure that every graduate of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine has received the training necessary to become an effective, compassionate contributor to the well being of the community.

12 Maintaining Your Faculty Appointment (Beaumont Based Faculty)
The Meaningful Participation Program consists of two components: Faculty/Professional Development Service Each faculty member with a clinician focus must: Participate in the equivalent of three faculty/professional development activities over the course of a three year period (appointment timeframe). Obtain nine service credits over a the course of a three-year period.

13 Faculty Governance The faculty members of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine have certain responsibilities and privileges that operate through the system known as faculty governance. This organizational framework establishes rules for the conducting faculty business and enables faculty members to participate in developing and implementing the policies and procedures of the School of Medicine. For more information regarding Faculty Governance, please review the following documents available on the School of Medicine’s website: Bylaws of the Faculty Constitution Faculty Handbook

14 Critical Policies Critical Policies and Documents are available for review on the OUWB School of Medicine’s website. It is imperative that new faculty review the following: Administrative Guidelines Prohibiting Discrimination Guidelines for Handling Discrimination Complaints Conflict of Interest FERPA Standards of Conduct for the Teacher-Learner Relationship OUWB Faculty Handbook OUWB Student Handbook

15 Standards of Conduct for the Teacher-Learner Relationship
The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine recognizes the function teachers serve as role models for learners is fundamental to the educational mission. Behaviors that fall short of these values undermine the effectiveness of the teacher-learner relationship and threaten the integrity of the educational mission. Foremost, the School aims to prevent medical student mistreatment through education and the continuing development of a sense of community. If medical student mistreatment should occur, the School will respond firmly and fairly. It is the responsibility of each faculty member to review and complete the attestation agreement on an annual basis. Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. The complete document and attestation agreement can be found at the School of Medicine website.

16 FERPA What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
FERPA (also sometimes referred to as the Buckley Amendment), is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of Students' education records. What constitutes an education record is broadly defined and applied. Therefore, consider the Student as the "owner" of his or her education record, and the institution as the "custodian" of that record. FERPA defines the obligations of the University, regarding the release and access to such records. Generally the law provides with few exceptions that no Student information, including but not limited to applications, forms, letters, records, and transcripts may be released, whether orally or in writing, without prior written consent by the Student.  The Dean of Students' Office has a sample release. Find FERPA information at

17 Medical Library The Medical Library provides the OUWB learning community with the spaces, resources, services and instruction that enable students to achieve the information mastery necessary for excellence in patient care, teaching and research. The Medical Library is located within OU's Kresge Library, with the same hours. The library's collection is mainly electronic, comprising thousands of online books, journals and databases. Key resources include: AccessMedicine, MDConsult, Stat!Ref and UpToDate. Services for faculty include: mediated searches, resource location and acquisition, assistance with adding links to Moodle and copyright clearance, and creation of course specific web pages.

18 Activating Accounts Technology plays an important role in the management of your academic life. Through your SAIL and OU accounts, you will receive important information about: Grades Student bills Financial aid status Class registration Campus news and events Activate both your SAIL and OU accounts by following these instructional videos. You will need your Grizzly ID Number (found in your acceptance letter). If you do not have your Grizzly ID Number, contact Undergraduate Admissions at (248)

19 Working Hours and Time Reporting (Oakland Based Faculty)
Academic Administrators, Faculty members, Librarians and Administrative professionals are required to submit a leave report containing leave time taken on a monthly basis. Each employee shall record actual leave hours through Web Time Entry (SAIL) for each pay period during which any leave time is utilized. Each administrative supervisor is accountable for the management and approval of complete and accurate records of hours worked for each employee under their charge. Neither an employee nor an administrative supervisor shall disregard or circumvent the recordkeeping requirements of the OUWB School of Medicine by instructing or permitting an employee to file incorrect hours through Web Time Entry (SAIL) or by any other means. Request for scheduled absences, including jury duty, personal leave, vacation, bereavement, military leave, medical leave & excused days without pay must be requested as far in advance as possible. It is the employee’s responsibility to request leave or excused time off and submit the appropriate documentation. Request for Absence Forms are available at

20 FAQ’s Who do I refer to regarding questions about my employment?
You should contact the Director of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development with any questions regarding your employment. Where is Faculty Affairs located? Faculty Affairs is located on the 3rd floor of O’Dowd Hall. What are the office hours for Faculty Affairs? We are available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Who is my immediate supervisor? All faculty members have a direct reporting structure to the Chair of the Department who reports to the Dean of the School of Medicine. Faculty members holding administrative positions may have variable reporting relationships. When will I be paid? Oakland University employed Faculty members are paid on a monthly basis on the last working day of the month.

21 FAQ’s Continued I am a Beaumont based faculty member; am I eligible for benefits. The benefits for Beaumont based faculty are administered through Beaumont Health Systems. When will I be eligible for my benefits? Generally, benefits become effective the first of the month following 30 days of employment. When is open enrollment for my benefits? Oakland University holds its open enrollment in late October or November. Please watch for s and the OU for updates. Whom do I contact if I have benefits questions? Please contact the Office of Benefit and Compensation Services. They are located in 401 Wilson Hall and can be reached by phone at (248) I cannot access my Grizzly ID, , or SAIL account. My computer is down. Whom should I contact? Please contact the Helpdesk Technician for the School of Medicine who will troubleshoot most problems.


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