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Welcome to the ACMPE Recognition Luncheon and Fellows Convocation.

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1 Welcome to the ACMPE Recognition Luncheon and Fellows Convocation

2 MGMA Board Chair Stephen A. Dickens, JD, FACMPE

3 Thank you to ACMPE volunteers ACMPE Certification Commission ACMPE Advancement Committee ACMPE Examinations Committee ACMPE Professional Papers Committee ACMPE Forum Representatives Essay Exam Graders

4 Harry J. Harwick lifetime achievement award Ronald Menaker, Ed.D., MBA, CPA, FACMPE

5 ACMPE Certification Commission Chair Thomas Ludwig, RN, MBA, FACMPE

6 Removing process barriers Expanded exam access = more members taking exams Streamline Fellowship program

7 Updated Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management

8 2013-2014 highlights More than 300 CMPEs 37 new Fellows in 2014 Fellows Class 6,900 ACMPE participants 3,400 active CMPEs and Fellows More than 650 exams delivered in 2014

9 MGMA Board Chair Stephen A. Dickens, JD, FACMPE

10 David W. Berg, FACMPE Owatonna, MN

11 Jill M. Berger-Fiffy, MHA, FACMPE Ipswich, MA

12 Donna M. Bergman, MBA, FACMPE Pocatello, ID

13 Bonnie R. Bina, MHHSA, FACMPE Minnetonka, MN

14 Marcia Brauchler, MPH, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CPHQ, FACMPE Highlands Ranch, CO

15 Linda R. ClenDening, FACMPE Brentwood, TN

16 Joseph Compton, MD, MBA, FACMPE, FACP, CPE Dubuque, IA

17 Barbara L. Daniels, FACMPE, CMOM Manchester, TN

18 Melissa L. Dishong, MBA, FACMPE, CPA Greensburg, PA

19 R. Jodi Faustlin, MPA, FACMPE, FACHE Marshalltown, IA

20 Mischelle L. Ferrell, MHA, FACMPE Sparta, TN

21 Michael W. Fooshe, FACMPE, CPA Dickson, TN

22 Maliha Gillani, MHA, FACMPE Ashburn, VA

23 Barry G. Howell, FACMPE Flower Mound, TX

24 Aaron P. Keenan, MBA, FACMPE Rochester, MN

25 Grace L. Keenan, MD, FACMPE Ashburn, VA

26 Judith H. Lento, FACMPE Jacksonville, FL

27 John T. O’Connor, Jr., FACMPE Missoula, MT

28 Melanie A. Olsen, FACMPE Sioux City, IA

29 Lola Osawe, MHA, FACMPE Yorba Linda, CA

30 C. Anne Pontius, MBA, MT (ASCP), FACMPE Brentwood, TN

31 D. Star Roth, FACMPE Sandy, UT

32 Judy Smith, FACMPE, CPC Cookeville, TN

33 Sheri Smith, FACMPE Brentwood, TN

34 John M. Spiekerman, FACMPE San Antonio, TX

35 Sandra L. Sprague, FACMPE Beaverton, MI

36 Peggy Starling, FACMPE Little Rock, AR

37 Angela K. Stevenson, MHA, FACMPE, CPC Indianapolis, IN

38 Richard N. Tate, FACMPE Chattanooga, TN

39 Ronald J. Goff, MS, FACMPE, FACHE Fort Lauderdale, FL

40 Kregg Heenan, FACMPE Erie, PA

41 John A. Lewis, FACMPE Memphis, TN

42 Chantay R. Lucas, FACMPE Fort Myers, FL

43 Christy Mokrohisky, MBA, FACMPE Orange, CA

44 Grover C. Peters III, FACMPE, FACHE Pullman, WA

45 Richard J. Priore, FcD, FACMPE, FACHE Mounds View, MN

46 John D. Shevock, FACMPE, FACHE Dover, DE

47 ACMPE oath As a Fellow, I affirm, support and promote the Association’s mission, principles and core values. I will protect the integrity of the medical practice management profession to promote quality patient care. I will hold myself accountable to the ACMPE Code of Ethics and exemplify high standards of professionalism.

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