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Perform pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation 4.09.

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1 Perform pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation 4.09


3 SALES METHODOLOGIES Full sales process used to generate revenue ADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES Initial cost is fairly cheap Can use the internet Customers can ask questions Very time consuming Highly competitive Get quite a bit of rejection

4 PERSONAL SELLING Direct communication to inform and persuade customers to make purchase decisions Determines client needs and responds through planned, personalized communication – Face to face or… – TELEMARKETING Solicit customers to buy products over the phone


6 PREPARING SALES PRESENTATIONS There are four questions to be answered before you can begin to prepare: 1.Why are you saying it? - PURPOSE 2.To whom are you saying it? CUSTOMER PROFILE 3.What are you going to say? – CONTENT – WRITE A SCRIPT 4.How are you going to say it? - FORM

7 PURPOSE 1.Communicate Information 2.Make a Proposition/Sell a product or idea 3.To Inspire and Motivate – Generate enthusiasm

8 CUSTOMER PROFILE DETERMINES A PROSPECT'S NEEDS – Consider how much they know already – Establish the Characteristics DEMOGRAPHICS

9 CONTENT 1.Decide on your APPROACH – CUSTOMER-BENEFIT Use questioning to exemplify product benefits – Ex: Asking if customer would like to save money on office supplies – Introductory approach Simply state name and reason for presenting 2.Summarize the objectives of your presentation 3.List and prioritize points you need to cover 4.Collect information to support your points

10 WRITE A SCRIPT Use to: – JOG MEMORY DURING PRESENTATION Help to remember key points that they want to cover – Plan presentation length – Practice before presentation Make sure language is – POSITIVE – PRECISE (short) – PERTINENT (Meaningful to the customer) Help the customer understand what you are saying in a brief, simple way

11 “You Do” Prepare a sales presentation for a sports event or good…you choose! Make sure to follow the below procedures and write them as you go to turn in for a grade: 1.Identify the Purpose 2.Identify your Customer Profile 3.List your Content 4.Write the Sales Script Be ready to present in class!

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