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Lead practitioner accreditation Building a world class work force for a world class education system.

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1 Lead practitioner accreditation Building a world class work force for a world class education system

2 Objectives Understand what it is to be a SSAT lead practitioner Gain an overview of the LP accreditation programme How the programme can support school improvement, linked to priority areas

3 What is LP accreditation? Nationally recognised endorsement of innovation A Framework and tool to facilitate reflection and evidence impact Builds on the SSAT’s network of lead practitioners

4 The Challenge: Develop a culture where teaching and learning is constantly being discussed and improved – without reliance on outside intervention. Build capacity for improvement and provide evidence that can be used for external measures of success such as inspection. Motivate our best staff to stay, to improve and attracts the best candidates to our school. Connect our school to local and national networks to go on improving.

5 Benefits for individual staff National accreditation for professional expertise in leading practice Continued professional development through the accreditation process Opportunities through the membership of SSAT lead practitioner community National stage to showcase work through SSAT radars / conferences Supports future leaders of learning in getting to the next stage of leading practice Track record for aspirant SLEs. Progression to Masters with Russell Group university Evidence if applying for Leading Practitioner pay scale


7 Why do it as a school? a way of celebrating, valuing and rewarding those who lead practice a professional accreditation for what they are doing already a tool to support you to get to the next stage of leading practice.

8 Model for our school


10 Action Research Plan What will you do and why? Action In your classroom/school Observe What do you see and hear? Reflect How could you refine?

11 Exemplar School based projects Raising standards through development of learner voice Creativity Across the Curriculum Raising standards in Literacy using digital technology Maximising impact through scientific writing, group work and research skills Independent learning in outstanding business lessons, using successful questioning Raising achievement in GAT cohort through Residential Activity High Quality training for NQT on AfL Stretch and Challenge for high achievers through understanding and challenging mindsets in MFL Using Screen Capture technology to flip the learning Cross the Magic Threshold into Collaborative Working

12 Application steps Step 1: Undertake online self-assessment Step 2:Write supporting statements for each criteria Step 3:Gather evidence to exemplify impact Step 4: Upload evidence and submit work for moderation Step 5: Await feedback



15 15 “In my school I had reached a point in my career that involved working with a network outside the school – no one else had this type of experience – the accreditation process gave me a structure for my own performance management. It helped me to see where I could develop – into the Transforming and leading section”

16 “Undertaking the lead practitioner accreditation process is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It enables you to reflect on your practice, recognise and celebrate your achievements and focus your attention on where you need to be headed next”

17 “Applying for the lead practitioner accreditation was, quite simply, the best CPD I have had in 14 years of teaching”

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