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Reading Across the Cultures!! Shianne Wisdom #27 Class 801.

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1 Reading Across the Cultures!! Shianne Wisdom #27 Class 801


3 1. Mexican male reading a TIME magazine on the train. 2. Hispanic male reading El Diario on the D train. 4. A girl reading the high school book on the train.

4 1. Asian female reading a fashion magazine on the train.

5 Comfort of Home readers!!

6 1. My little sister reading a Dora book in the living room. 2. Rachel trying to catch up on some Spanish reading in the living room. 3. My Grandma’s friend reading a circular from Key Food at her house.

7 Train station readers!!

8 1. Mom reading the metro card machine in the train station. 2. Tourist reading the map in the trains station. 3. A female reading a interesting book in the train station.

9 People who like to read at friends house!!

10 1. Grandma reading a Jcpenny magazine at friends house. 2. Mom reading a text message on her blackberry at friends house.

11 All other settings vary!!

12 1. An African- American female reading greeting cards in the store. 2. Sanjay reading in the auditorium. 3. Caucasian male reading a LSAT book on the L.I.R.R.

13 How did you feel completing this project?? While completing this project I felt weird at first. I felt weird because I was taking pictures of strangers without permission. As I began to take pictures day by day I felt more comfortable. Taking the pictures made me think in a different way. Taking the pictures also helped me see the difference of other peoples reading life and mine.

14 How do each of the photos that you selected exemplify your ideal reading life?? Each of the photos exemplify my reading by saying that I read everywhere and anywhere. These pictures also exemplify me by saying that I mostly read on the train like others. Some of these don’t exemplify me. Some photos don’t exemplify me because I don’t like to read with music in my ear and that is what some people are doing in the photos.

15 How will you use what you have learned to enhance your reading life? I will use what I have learned and may use it in my reading life. I would enhance my reading life by, while I am reading a work book. I can take notes on the side. I can also enhance my reading life by maybe trying out different setting and see how each setting feels.

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