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Free Technologies for Inclusion: Bridging the Digital Divide.

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2 Free Technologies for Inclusion: Bridging the Digital Divide

3 Video Feed With Presenter Text pane for viewers to add comments, questions etc My PowerPoint Presentation Delegate List (left panel)

4 Enabling Technologies can help everyone not only for people with disabilities

5 Making the Disability Equality Duty Meaningful for staff as well as students Scottish FE and HE institutions have developed comprehensive strategies over the years to be more inclusive and support our learners. Have we forgotten our most important commodity - our staff? e.g. many institutions have a site license for TextHELP Read and Write Gold which would be of assistance to many staff but often people don’t know about it.TextHELP Read and Write Gold Promoting strategies to prevent work-based ergonomic solutions and increase productivity

6 How They Learn Reflect on knowledge or skill Write responses Interact with resources Record information Plan responses Reading Tools Alternative Interfaces Recording Tools Planning Tools Communication Tools What They Do How To Help Visualisation Tools Writing Tools Introduce new knowledge or skill Exemplify new knowledge or skill Test understanding of new knowledge or skill by completing specific assignments Reflect on knowledge or skill Assistive technologies supporting all learners Process, tasks and tools

7 Free Portable Enabling Technology Solutions

8 Open Office a free version of Microsoft Word Back

9 Planning & Organisational Tools Mozilla Sunbird - Calendar Hott Notes 4 – Sticky Notes * Back

10 Keyboard and Mouse Alternatives Dasher (Case Study)(Case Study) Click on the image below to see a demonstration Dasher is a information-efficient communication system driven by continuous pointing gestures. Instead of using a keyboard, the user writes by continuous steering, zooming into a landscape painted with letters. Dasher can be driven by a regular mouse, by touch-screen, or by gaze-direction.

11 Case Study: Paul Cerebral palsy, aged 23 On-screen keyboard Business Studies and IT Headmouse


13 But with Dasher you need to move the pointer as much… No need to click or dwell… just ‘drive’ through to the next word

14 What else does Paul think about Dasher…? Paul estimates that Dasher is about 4 times quicker… …even new users can achieve 25wpm very quickly.

15 Paul Used Dasher to Complete his Thesis Final thesis all done with Dasher Excellent degree in Business Studies and IT last summer…

16 Finding the best colour for people Background Black Brown Dark Blue Dark Red Orange Green Blue Red Lime Sky Blue Violet Yellow Bright Green Gray 25% Rose Light Yellow Light Green Pale Blue Ivory White Text BlackYes? BrownYes? Dark BlueYes? Dark RedYes? OrangeYes? GreenYes? BlueYes? RedYes? LimeYes? Sky BlueYes? VioletYes? YellowYes? Bright GreenYes? Gray 25%Yes? RoseYes? Light YellowYes? Light GreenYes? Pale BlueYes? IvoryYes? WhiteYes?

17 Reading & Writing Support Rapid Set – Change Font/Colour Background Vu Bar – Read Text one line at a time

18 Click N Type and Mouse Tools

19 EnorMouse Quite simply, this replaces the standard mouse pointer with an enormous mouse pointer

20 Visual Support Virtual Magnifying Glass * Sonar – Cursor Ring*

21 Multimedia and Presentation Tools AudacityAudacity records and editing audio What do educators think of this: Helps people record their voice rather than type information Helps teachers record information for people to listen to if reading is difficult

22 Many students with dyslexia, dexterity issues visual difficulties or audio learning styles record lectures. Audiobook Cutter allows learners to split MP3 audio books and podcasts in a fast and user friendly way. Because of this feature, long audio recordings can be cut into manageable albums with just a few clicks.

23 What Next? Where can I find out more about the AccessApps?

24 Other free Web Based Resources MindMaps Online applications include: MindMeister ( a free web application for brainstorming online (

25 Vocaroo Vocaroo calls itself a voice recording service, and that is exactly what it is. With a very straightforward interface, the user can record his or her voice. The recording may then be shared via email, embedded on a web page, or downloaded to the QuickTime player on a computer. Since there is no limit to the length of a recording, the potential uses of Vocaroo are also unlimited. It can be used to answer questions on a test, to tell a story, to describe how something works, to communicate via email, to recite poetry, or to sing a song.

26 ELLLO ELLLO is a free online listening resource of over 1,000 listening activities designed especially for ESL and EFL students and teachers. Most listening activities include images, an interactive quiz, transcript of the audio and downloadable MP3. Learn more about ELLLO by following this link

27 WordTalk For people with reading and writing difficulties, having text reinforced by hearing it read aloud can be very useful. Specialised programs have existed to do this for a long time, and in many cases are extremely helpful and highly appropriate and should be seriously considered, perhaps in consultation with professional advice where necessary. WordTalk is a free text-to-speech plugin developed for use with all versions of Microsoft Word (from Word 97 upwards). It will speak the text of the document and will highlight it as it goes. It contains a talking dictionary to help decide which word spelling is most appropriate. Sitting neatly in your toolbar it is highly configurable, allowing you to: * Adjust the highlight colours * Change the voice and the speed of the speech * Convert text to speech and save as a.wav or.mp3 file so that it can be played back on an iPod or mp3 player.

28 Listen to your written information instead of reading it

29 http://www.rsc-sw-

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