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Honours and Appointments Secretariat A MATTER OF HONOUR.

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1 Honours and Appointments Secretariat A MATTER OF HONOUR



4 Here’s the real scandal! % List NY2012 % List BD2012 % List NY2013 % Pop North East3.12.83.4 4.3 North West10.99.88.2 11.4 Yorks & Humberside4.64.26.9 8.4 East Midlands5.2 4.7 7.1 West Midlands6.26.87.0 8.9 East9.08.810.0 9.1 South West9.09.610.0 8.1 South East16.115.414.4 13.6 London14.317.115.2 12.2 Wales5.85.44.9 Northern Ireland5.66.95.8 2.9 Scotland7.26.87.1 8.6

5 Today’s Presentation Background to the Honours System Who gets honours? – And how can we make sure that the right people do? How to nominate

6 Honours are for people who demonstrate exceptional service and achievement People who... – Have changed things, with an emphasis on achievement – Exemplify the best sustained and selfless voluntary service – Have demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship – Carry the respect of their peers – Have shown sustained achievement against the odds requiring moral courage – Have made significant contributions towards building the Big Society – Are major philanthropists showing sustained commitment If in paid employment, they are for people who go beyond their job

7 Big Society Examples People working to strengthen communities in deprived areas Community organisers People running neighbourhood groups People working for voluntary or charitable organisations Community fundraisers People tackling any extremism which promotes violence or hatred People supporting green enterprise at a local level

8 Honours Lists Two lists per year: Birthday and New Year Several elements: – Prime Minister’s list (up to 1300 names) – Defence Secretary’s list (200 names) – Foreign Secretary’s list (150 names) – Others (Privy Counsellors, The Queen’s personal list, some overseas countries) This presentation focuses on PM’s list

9 Levels (1) Companion of Honour (up to 47 in UK) A pre-eminent and sustained contribution in the arts, science, medicine, or government (9 v acancies). Knight/Dame A pre-eminent contribution in any field of activity usually, but not exclusively at national level, or in a capacity which will be recognised by peer groups as inspirational and significant nationally and demonstrates sustained commitment. CBE A prominent national role of a lesser degree, or a conspicuous leading role in regional affairs through achievement or service to the community or a highly distinguished, innovative contribution in his or her area of activity. OBE A distinguished regional or county-wide role in any field, through achievement or service to the community including notable practitioners known nationally.

10 Levels (2) MBE Achievement or service in and to the community which is outstanding in its field and has delivered sustained and real impact which stands out as an example to others. BEM Achievement or contribution of a very “hands-on” service to the community in a local geographical area. This might take the form of sustained commitment in support of very local charitable and/or voluntary activity; or innovative work that has delivered real impact but that is relatively short (three to four years) in duration.

11 Recent Reforms 1993 (John Major): – End of automaticity – Introduction of public nominations: now 10,000 enquiries a year, leading to 3,000 nominations 2005 (Tony Blair): – Independent Selection Committees. – PM passes recommendations direct to HMQ 2012 (David Cameron): – Philanthropy and Political Service Committees – Reintroduction of British Empire Medal

12 ANNEX 1

13 Who gets them? At New Year 2013 (1223 people): 1068 (87%) were at OBE, MBE and BEM level 247 (20%) were at OBE 535 (44%) were at MBE 286 (23%) were at BEM 72% were working in their local community in some way 47% were women But only 6% from ethnic minority communities

14 Sectors 43% went to people nominated for work in the voluntary sector 14% went to people in Business, Science and Technology 10% went to people in Sport 10% went to people in Education 7% went to people in Health 5% went to people working in the cultural economy (Arts and Media)

15 Who’s missing? Women Ethnic minorities Entrepreneurs Philanthropists The retail sector Technology And we need more strong MBE and BEM candidates – including young people

16 Women are under-represented Women have never made up more than 47% of the list. At The Queen’s Birthday 2012, the proportion dropped to only 41%.

17 It’s even worse at the higher levels Starkly illustrated by the NY12 List: 7 Dames compared to 27 Knights. BD12 and NY13 Lists only marginally better.

18 We need more women to submit nominations Nominators of female CandidatesNominators of male Candidates

19 A great opportunity Honours are a wonderful encouragement – To individuals – To organisations or businesses – To communities – To the region Who or what do you want to stimulate in your region? How can you reach out to your priority areas?

20 Who do you know who deserves an honour? What is special about his/her achievements? – How have they made a difference? – How have they have overcome obstacles or gone the extra mile? Has it been a sustained performance? – What has been their impact? – How are they head and shoulders above their peers or a role model to others? – What has been their voluntary contribution? Don’t just produce a CV or job description!

21 Where do I start? Download a nomination pack from or telephone 020 7276 Be prepared to provide at least two independent letters of support. Then be patient (though you can ring the Cabinet Office for a progress report)... and remember that not all nominations will succeed. If you would like a member of Rutland’s Honours Advisory Panel to review your Citation before it is submitted to the Cabinet Office, please email to who will forward to a member of the panel for an

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