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UniCERT III B The Short academic paper and doing the presentation exam 2013.

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1 UniCERT III B The Short academic paper and doing the presentation exam 2013

2 Requirements Full Course (10 SWS) 1st Semester: 4 SWS Language Practice 2 SWS Area Studies 2nd Semester: 4 SWS (a) 2 SWS LP (b) 2 SWS Presentations Academic Paper (2000 wds) by middle of May Final Exams

3 Academic Paper Length: 2000 words The academic paper is a piece of writing which comprises the following: –Title page, contents page, an abstract (i.e summary of the contents and arguments of the paper) –Focus and clear research question(s) –The paper presents a discussion and analysis of the chosen topic on the basis of a literature review –Conclusion –List of references –Writing a Research PaperWriting a Research Paper

4 Topics for academic papers You are free to choose your topic in discussion with me You will use as your sources preferably articles from academic journals General text books or collections of articles on the topic (University Library) will provide you with the necessary backgrounding (monographic sources). The minimum requirements: 2-3 books, 3-5 journal articles Government, association, NGO, professional association, company and other websites do NOT count as fulfilling the minimum requirements

5 Topics for presentations Students will select a presentation topic in agreement with their presentation course teachers. This will very likely be a presented version of their AP. They will be examined in June-July

6 Presentations Length: minimum 20 mins + discussion (5-10 min)* Tools: PPT, white/blackboard, OHP A handout MUST be produced (1 side of A4 consisting of Abstract [75 words], Outline, Selected sources) *Space must be planned for questions and discussion (approx. 5 -10 mins)

7 Presentation methods You are recommended to use small cards (A6) with keywords and an effective outline to aid you in the delivery of the presentation A4 sheets with a complete text should not be used, not least because you will be heavily penalised if you are tempted to read from the text Delivery should obviously be as confidently free as possible

8 Presentation evaluation criteria Seriousness and intention to interact with the listeners Planning of the talk, selection of the material Reference to sources used (i.e. „academic“ style) Speaking style (loudness, pace/speed, intonation, pronunciation) Language: formal academic style, appropriate vocabulary (specialist terminology), ability to explicate and exemplify Originality

9 Presentation evaluation criteria Each presentation will be marked and the mark will go towards your overall Unicert 3 certificate (25%) Please do not forget that, while you are permitted to repeat any parts of the UniCERT examination that you happen to fail, failure in any one part of the total certificate may lead to you having to repeat that part of U3 and the exam. The effect of this might be the loss of at least one semester and a postponement of the start of UniCERT 4.

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