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Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) End of Year Report Academic Year 2007-2008.

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1 Council on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) End of Year Report Academic Year 2007-2008

2 Executive Committee The Executive Committee provides oversight, direction, and coordination of activities of its sub-committees Chairs: Susan Levine and Pranoti Mandrekar Members: Andrea Badrigian, Warren Ferguson, Emily Ferrara, Paulette Goeden, Robert Layne, Abraham Ndiwane, Lori Pbert, Danna Peterson, Josh Singer, David Slaga, Valerie Wedge DEOO Support: Marlene Tucker and Marian Wilson

3 Executive Committee Accomplishments  Received support from the new Medical School Dean for the adoption of best practice guidelines for the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty  Established a nominating committee to ensure representation of staff in Full and Executive Committee membership and leadership  Formalized process for coordinating initiatives with the Women’s Faculty Committee  Established Professional Women’s Committee

4 Executive Committee Accomplishments  Supported establishment of post-doctoral office  Developed liaison between the clinical system Diversity Advisory Board and CEOD  Organized formal presentations and conducted discussions at the CEOD full and executive committee level to understand demographic/diversity data of the Medical School  Supported activities of the CEOD committees

5 Executive Committee Goals  Ensure visibility of the CEOD work through annual presentations to department heads, faculty and staff meetings  Explore initiatives to support UMMS Outreach and Volunteer programs and community involvement  Develop training program/diversity champions for recruitment and retention of diverse employees  Review and incorporate AAMC guidelines into CEOD initiatives  Establish a follow-up process related to CEOD recommendations to the Chancellor

6 ADA Subcommittee The ADA Subcommittee works to ensure that UMMS is an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities Chairs: Angela DiTerlizzi and Shelly Yarnie Members: Mark Armington, John Congdon, Deborah Harmon Hines, Jodie Nosiglia, Lori Pbert, Robin Pollier, Ann Ruder, Chelsea Wogsland DEOO Support: Nellie Toney and Marlene Tucker

7 ADA Subcommittee Accomplishments  An architectural firm was hired to conduct a survey of the University campus to ensure that the campus is accessible to individuals with disabilities

8 ADA Subcommittee Goals  Continue to offer ADA and accommodations awareness trainings  Provide education to the UMMS community through programs and external resources  Continue working relationship with Facilities to improve access and remove barriers at all University locations  Work with the committee to bring the Baystate Wheelers to the UMMS campus in September for Disability Awareness Month

9 Civility Subcommittee The Civility Subcommittee promotes a civil and respectful organizational culture Chairs: Eydie Cullen, Ellen Jane Foley, Tom Hopkins Members: Karen Bixby, Susan Fischer, Sharon Grundel, Bernice Hairston, Elana Hastings, Parto Khorshidi, Rebecca Lich, Lisa Morris, Kathleen Nichols, Michelle Nowers, Anne Pratt, Cherie Ronayne, Ann Ruder, Ronit Velde, Ranjana Verma, Catherine Warren, Jeffrey Way, Mary Zanetti DEOO Support: Nellie Toney

10 Civility Subcommittee Accomplishments  Sponsored Civility Day on September 18 th : Keynote Dr. Daniel Goleman  Participated in UMMS International Day  Recruited new members to the committee

11 Civility Subcommittee Goals  To propose a program in which 40 UMMS representatives are trained to become Civility Ambassadors; ambassadors will support staff and departments with issues of incivility  To recognize employees in the organization who exemplify outstanding acts of civility in their workplace  To develop a civility brochure to be distributed at new employee orientation and to assure visibility of the University’s commitment for a civil and respectful organization

12 Civility Subcommittee Goals  To coordinate a full-day retreat/training by a distinguished trainer for members of the CEOD, Civility committee and other UMMS civility champions  To provide training regarding civility to senior leadership  To create a “Civie” award to recognize employees who exemplify civility

13 GLBTA Subcommittee The GLBTA Subcommittee supports the University in its commitment to an environment that is respectful, fair and affirming to all who work and study here, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity Chair: David Slaga Members: Caitlin Connolly, Joanne Derr, Emily Ferrara, Charles Labonte, Robert Layne, Chuck Lidz, Jodie Nosiglia, Danna Peterson, Valerie Wedge DEOO Support: Nellie Toney

14 GLBTA Subcommittee Accomplishments  Presented a three-part series: Travelin’ Thru – concerning transgender health and life issues  Participated in Worcester PRIDE activities  Identified GLBT books to be added to the Lamar Soutter Library  Liaison to the UMass Memorial Clinical System’s GLBT Health Disparities Initiative through representation at initiative planning meetings  Partnered with QMass to support their activities – Transgender Health luncheon  Supported DEOO in its implementation of GLBTA related trainings (e.g., Safe Space and Allies Trainings)

15 GLBTA Subcommittee Goals  To sponsor an educational forum/presentation on “Understanding Bisexuality”  To continue with the activities accomplished throughout this year  Support for development of a “QMass Faculty Advisory Group” to expand opportunities for student- faculty exchange and mentorship (possibly through hosting a dinner for interested faculty and students)

16 International Subcommittee The International Subcommittee provides welcome and support to UMMS international employees and their families Chair: Michelle Deignan Members: Jenny Babon, Bob Grant, Jun Guo, Mary Handley, Janice Lagace, Robert Layne, Abraham Ndiwane, Linda Nelson, Naomi Northrop, Mary Ellen Nsiah, Mohan Pahari DEOO Support: Nellie Toney

17 International Subcommittee Accomplishments  Sponsored the third annual International Festival of Cultures, May 9, 2008  Supported and coordinated English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for employees

18 International Subcommittee Goals  ISSO website is in process of being revised and will link incoming and current employees to UMMS and Worcester resources  Plan for 2009 Festival  Establish a volunteer mentoring program for incoming international employees

19 Mature Workforce Subcommittee The Mature Workforce Subcommittee serves the needs of the mature worker Chair: Michael Gregory Members: Jennifer Carey, Karin Fitch, Janet Hirsch, Pat Keith, Phillip Merriam, Wendy Miller, Robert O’Connell, Robin Pollier, Josh Singer DEOO Support: Nellie Toney and Marian Wilson

20 Mature Workforce Subcommittee Accomplishments  Submitted proposal to establish an office of retired UMMS employees to coordinate benefits and opportunities for retirees on campus  Co-sponsored two events with the Work Life Office:  Redesigning Retirement  Balancing your life – meeting the needs of older relatives  During Older Americans Month, sponsored a presentation by Deborah Banda, State Director of AARP

21 Mature Workforce Subcommittee Goals  To co-sponsor, with the Work Life Office, a four-part series in October – “Issues in Caring for Elders”  To review and develop strategies for departmental succession planning for knowledge retention  Review concept of “phased retirement”

22 Minority Academic Achievement Committee (MAAC) Committee Purpose: The Committee is committed to increasing the diversity of faculty and residents at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In particular we seek to recruit and retain faculty and residents from underrepresented minority groups.

23 MAAC Chairs: Danna Peterson and Warren Ferguson Members: Onesky Aupont, John Congdon, Linda Cragin, Anthony Davis, Sheilah Dorsey, Chyke Doubeni, Deborah Harmon Hines, Jose Lemos, Benjamin Nwosu, Robin Pollier, Yvonne Shelton, Bob Woodland DEOO Support: Marian Wilson, ex officio member; Bonnie Bray, administrative support

24 MAAC Accomplishments: Institutional  Committee was renamed  Half time faculty diversity leader has been added to the administrative organization chart in Faculty Administration  Dean and hospital CEO have included a diversity objective to department chair’s annual goals

25 MAAC Accomplishments: Faculty  Two new faculty diversity scholars awarded: Drs. Ben Nwosu and Sonia Ortiz  Dr. Chyke Doubeni represented the Committee on the Working Group for Faculty and Leadership Development

26 MAAC Accomplishments: Residents and Fellows  Subcommittee formed to enhance diversity recruitment and retention among GSBS students and fellows  Ad hoc committee formed to improve resident recruitment and retention  Faculty development workshop being piloted on provision of feedback to residents of color and international graduates

27 MAAC Goals  To expand and enhance structure of Faculty Diversity Scholars Program committee  To contribute to searches for Vice Provost and Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs  To focus on resident recruitment and retention

28 Professional Women’s Subcommittee The mission of the Professional Women’s Subcommittee is to create a work environment that is inclusive and supportive of all professional women employees, enhances their professional and personal development, promotes salary equity at all professional levels, and enables UMMS to earn their individual and collective regard as an “employer of choice” Chairs: Mary Handley and Audrey Smolkin Members: Andrea Badrigian, Linda Benson, Jennifer Carey, Sheilah Dorsey, Kristin Mullins, Christine Pimentel, Kathleen Trumpaitis, Randi Wasik, Valerie Wedge, Sue Young DEOO Support: Marlene Tucker

29 Professional Women’s Subcommittee Accomplishments  Recruited membership, formalized committee, and held monthly meetings  Established three work groups: Information Gathering, Focus Groups, Mission  Attended relevant conferences to obtain information that was shared with the committee  Discussed potential speakers and events  Hosted two speakers: Joanne Derr who spoke about career ladders; and Judy Ockene who spoke about mentoring  Presented draft mission statement to CEOD for review and approval

30  Compile a user-friendly demographic profile of professional women from data available in DEOO, HR and other related sources  Support the UMass Gender Equity Salary study  Host a networking event, recruitment meeting, or open house in fall 2008  Host one-two additional networking get-togethers  Initiate a speakers program possibly in partnership with the Women’s Faculty Committee  Monitor programming recommendations and implementation of work group findings to assure compliance  Re-evaluate mission on the basis of new information and set/revise priorities accordingly Professional Women’s Subcommittee Goals

31 Recruitment and Representation Subcommittee To review the current membership of the CEOD, determine “gaps” in representation, and develop a recruitment plan that ensures that there is inclusive representation on the council of the entire UMMS community Chair: Andrea Badrigian Members: Karin Fitch, Bob Grant, Josh Singer DEOO Support: Bonnie Bray

32 R&R Subcommittee Accomplishments  Drafted a document called Proposed Recruitment Committee Mission, Role and Responsibilities. This document serves as a guide for the new standing Recruitment Committee, which we propose should commence in academic year 2008-2009.

33 R&R Subcommittee Goals  To cease as an ad hoc committee; the Recruitment Committee will become a new standing committee and will take on the role of ensuring successful recruitment and representation efforts for the CEOD

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