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Pyramid Of Intervention & Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

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1 Pyramid Of Intervention & Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)



4 Explanation needs to be detailed to allow other staff to understand the situation. Previous Steps: Enter # of attempts Min. of two parent contacts w/ summary AND notification of possible placement. Admin will case manage referrals and play “gate keeper”. Intended for referrals to come though advisors, but anyone can access.

5 Movement Between Levels Administration will work with 7th Period staff, Ext. LHL staff, Strategic Advisors, and Otto (psych) to best place students Intent is for placement to be fluid and best utilize resources. Students could receive support from multiple levels. Communicate with VP’s as issues arise and/or escalate. We will attempt to maximize our resources!

6 Exiting the Pyramid Administrators and Pyramid staff will monitor student progress in 3-week intervals Classroom Teachers – PINK stickers indicate that you need to do something – typically put a daily behavior rating in student’s planner It is IMPORTANT that this be done EVERY PERIOD, EVERY DAY


8 Pyramid of Interventions We will schedule a brief training with new teachers in September to go over the Pyramid of Interventions & processes in greater detail

9 Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) See Packet -Students will be given a quiz at the conclusion of Warrior Pride Days -Each Advisory teacher will pick one student to receive a Jamba Juice. It must be a student that gets 100%. Quiz will be given following your tour at Warrior Days.

10 Warrior Pride Days Purpose: Tour & Assembly Monday, August 22 through Thurs., August 29 – see packet –Bell schedules –Rotations –Activities Use the Area Expectations to Reinforce appropriate behaviors

11 First Day of School During Advisory –Take attendance –Introduce yourself -- Let them know you CARE ! –Make sure new students have a friend –Using planner map, point out location of restrooms and cafeteria –Explain that ID is punched in for cafeteria and go over cafeteria information (handout)

12 Olweus Class Mtgs. Goals 1.Explicit teaching of expected behaviors and behavioral consequences 2.Reinforce the message that the adults are tracking and sensitive to bullying Class meeting every Friday (Second Step Program or Olweus) following Class Norms Topics are listed and provided Resources posted on First Class You have flexibility to alter discussion points/topics to meet the needs to your students, but class meeting to be held on Fridays. Strive to make your advisory a safe environment so EVERY WAMS STUDENT knows there is at least one caring adult…YOU!

13 Bully Poster

14 Discipline Steps & Flow Chart

15 New Referral for Major Discipline After you have exhausted the Flow Chart and have followed all the steps. Send student with a referral. Make sure you have made parent contact.

16 Restorative Justice Restorative justice strategies may be utilized to provide opportunities for students to be accountable to those they have harmed, and enable them to repair the harm they caused to the extent possible.

17 Positive Student Recognition Echoing Expectations At the conclusion of every instructional period, each teacher is to “echo” our environmental expectations by recognizing a student who exemplified one of those expectations. Students are to receive a ticket. PRIDE Tickets All staff members will utilize PRIDE tickets to reinforce appropriate behavior. Staff members will look for “teachable moments” and give students PRIDE tickets when they exemplify one of those expectations that are on banners across campus. Buckets for tickets will be located on the stage for students to turn in their tickets. We will be raffling off miscellaneous low-cost items at various times. True Warrior of the Week Staff members are to look for students who stand out or demonstrate a True Warrior trait that is extraordinary. Staff members may submit their nominations at any time. True Warriors will be introduced during daily announcements and the nomination form will be read. Forms can be found in front of Mrs. Nino’s office by announcement folder.

18 Let’s use the tickets! PRIDE Tickets for Teachers & Staff Each Monday during Advisory, the teacher gives 3 students a red PRIDE ticket to award to staff Students then search throughout the week for staff who are reinforcing the PRIDE Area Expectations and award them a ticket Friday before class meetings, the 3 students report who they gave the ticket to and how it was earned Prizes for staff – extra jeans day, duty coverage, etc. - still working on this

19 Activity Every Child, linked to a caring adult.

20 Advocacy is not a single event or a regular scheduled time, but an attitude and approach grounded in adults caring for students translating into action that are responsive to their needs.Advocacy is not a single event or a regular scheduled time, but an attitude and approach grounded in adults caring for students translating into action that are responsive to their needs. “I have learned that people may forget what you said, they may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. ”

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