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MMSTI Montana Math and Science Teacher Initiative Friday, 1 May 2009 ~ Front Street Learning Center, Helena MT.

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1 MMSTI Montana Math and Science Teacher Initiative Friday, 1 May 2009 ~ Front Street Learning Center, Helena MT

2 Math and Science Education: A National Imperative 2  President Obama’s Speech to the National Academy of Science  Science Math Teacher Initiative, APLU - University Commitments:  

3 Charge to the Committee October 2008 I. Conduct Data Collection and Analyses II. Identify Problems, Barriers, and Opportunities III. Propose Solutions IV. Develop Plan of Action 3

4 Data Collection and Analyses 4 Brief Overview of Data Collection and Analyses to Date  Annual Production by Major/State Licensure  Summary Chart: Demand and Production and Gap Mis-assigned Teachers Status of OPI Data Collection Process  Personnel Recruitment and Retention Survey  Tracking Teacher Retirement Department of Labor Data Math and Science Needs – AA School Districts State Plan: Recommendation for Systematic Data Collection

5 Review: Annual Production by Major/State Licensure 200620072008 PBC1Bac.C2PBC1Bac.C2PBC1Bac.C2 K-8 (Elementary) 1295431562141183586331414 141361582 Biology282416391929071716 Broadfield16211414251603128 Chemistry033705430230 Earth Science015707010020 Physics006000421040 Mathematics215452252032302173556 PB= Post-BaccalaureateBac.= Baccalaureate C1= Class 1 Licensure (Master’s)C2 = Class 2 Licensure (Standard) 5 K-8 Montana Institutional Data (8 of 9 Campuses Reporting); 2006-2008. 5-12 Montana Institutional Data (7of 8 Campuses Reporting); 2006-2008.

6 Demand and Production DemandProduction: 08* Vacancies**Mis-assigned Teachers BaccalaureatePost- Baccalaureate GAP K-8 ***15 (44 all)36114 In Progress Biology0170 Broadfield9120 Chemistry030 Earth Science020 Physics141 Mathematics24352 6 * 2008 Montana Institutional Data: K-8 (8 of 9 Campuses Reporting); 5-12 (7 of 8campuses reporting). ** Total Vacancies Posted as of April 29, 2009 on OPI, MSU, and UM websites. *** K-8 Vacancy Data = 15 out of 44 posted vacancies are for middle school math or science teachers.

7 College/University Data State Level Data Time Frame: Semester/Quarterly Production by Major: Total Number of Education Graduates  K-8 and 5-12 by Major  Baccalaureate  Post-Baccalaureate  Master’s/ Teaching Certification  Gender/Ethnicity Education Pipeline Data Institutional Reporting by Major/Concentration Time Frame: To be Determined OPI:  Licensure  Vacancies  Mis-assigned Teachers  TRS OCHE:  Institutional Data  Education Graduates  Non-Education Math and Science Majors  Department of Labor Data 7 State Plan: Recommendation for Systematic Data Collection

8 Overview of State Programs Supporting Math and Science Education 8 Governor and First Lady’s Math and Science Initiative: Anna Green, First Lady Assistant and Policy Advisor Math and Science Programs Supported by the Office of Public Instruction: Katie Burke, Science Curriculum Specialist; Jean Howard, Mathematics Curriculum Specialist, Office of Public Instruction Math Science Partnerships: Elisabeth Swanson, Science Math Resource Center, Montana State University

9 9 Leadership from the Governor and First Lady

10 Math and Science Programs Supported by OPI Katie Burke Science Curriculum Specialist Jean Howard Mathematics Curriculum Specialist 10

11 Montana Regional Education Service Areas 11

12 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IMPLEMENTATION LEVELS FOR REVISED MONTANA CONTENT STANDARDS AND PERFORMANCE DESCRIPTORS Level I Provides the basic introduction and orientation to the revised Montana Content Standards and Performance Descriptors Level II Provides high quality, job-embedded training in strategies for developing, implementing and evaluating learning experiences that: ~are standards-based ~integrate Indian Education for All ~exemplify best instructional practice Level III Creates and sustains a network of experienced Montana educators who advocate and disseminate the ideas and methods that exemplify best instructional practices. 12

13 Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) Competitive grant program - ESEA Title II, Part B Programs that improve instruction, academic achievement and upgrade the status and stature of mathematics and science teaching. Requires participation and partnership of - State education agencies, - institutions of higher education, - local education agencies, elementary schools, and secondary school. 13

14 Current MSP Projects Category 1 Clark Fork Watershed Science Partnership (CFWSP) - East Middle School, Butte - Montana Tech of UM - WM-CSPD Broadwater to Bozeman (B&B) - Townsend and Bozeman Schools - MSU-Bozeman - Montana Learning Center Big Sky Transitions to Inquiry (BSTI) - Big Sky, Butte, Hamilton, Sentinel High Schools - U of M – Missoula 14

15 Current MSP Projects Category 2 Partnership to Reform Inquiry Science in Montana (PRISM) - Nine Region III Class C Elementary Schools - MSU-Billings - SMART Southwest Montana Science Partnership (SMSP) – Clark Fork Watershed Science Partnership - Montana Small Schools Alliance - Montana Education Consortium - Montana Tech, U of M and MSU - WM-CSPD 15

16 Current MSP Projects Category 2 Science and Inquiry Learning in Classrooms (SILC) - Bozeman and Helena Area Schools - Headwaters Academy - MSU-Bozeman - Montana Learning Center 16

17 Montana Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Project (MSEC) Research-based tool collects, reports, and uses data on what and how content is taught to assist with instructional improvement Gail Surwill, Billings Ex Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction - Five year project with elementary and middle schools - Presentation at National SEC Webinar May 22 17

18 Math Science Partnerships Elisabeth Swanson Director, Science Math Resource Center Montana State University 18

19 Colorado Partnerships Examples and Lessons for Montana Noah Finkelstein Associate Professor, Department of Physics University of Colorado - Boulder 19

20 Colorado Partnerships STEM Colorado/Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Learning Assistant Model CUTeach 20

21 Opportunities for Montana  Changing Institutional Culture: CU Model  Innovation Through Institutional Integration 21

22 Opportunities for Montana Continued… Strategies for Moving MMSTI Forward 22

23 Next Steps… 23

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