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Unit 4 Clause-guessing & discourse markers 1. To guess meanings of clauses 2. To know discourse markers.

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1 Unit 4 Clause-guessing & discourse markers 1. To guess meanings of clauses 2. To know discourse markers

2 Example—1 Surprisingly, since modern PR was largely an American invention, the U.S. leadership in public relations is being threatened by PR efforts in other countries. Ten years ago, for example, the world's top five public relations agencies were American-owned. In 1991, only one was. The British in particular x…y…z. A recent survey found that more than half of all British companies include PR as part of their corporate planning activities, compared to about one-third of U.S. companies. It may not be long before a…b…c. are becoming more sophisticated and creative London replaces New York as the capital of PR

3 Focus: clause guessing Clause/sentence? Context Coherence Common sense Meaning

4 Example—2 Lead deposits, which accumulated in soil and snow during the 1960’s and 70’s, were primarily the result of leaded gasoline emissions originating in the United States. In the twenty years that the Clean Air Act x…y…z, the lead accumulation world-wide has decreased significantly. has mandated unleaded gas use in the United States

5 Example—3 Time and again labor-market analysts mention a need for talents that liberal-arts majors are assumed to have: writing and communication skills, organizational skills, open- mindedness and adaptability, and the ability to analyze and solve problems. David Birch claims he does not hire anybody with an MBA or an engineering degree, “I hire only liberal-arts people because they have a less-than-canned way of doing things,” says Birch. Liberal-arts means an academically thorough and strict program that includes literature, history, mathematics, economics—plus a computer course or two. With that under your belt, you can feel free to specialize. A) people who have a strategic mind B) people who are ambitious & aggressive

6 Round One (1) Finish Requirement 2 (passage structure) (2) There are 5 blanks in the passage which may be phrases, clauses or sentences. Fill in them according to the context. (10 minutes) (3) Discuss with your group members and then choose one to write down the answers to the 5 blanks. (8 minutes)

7 Answer—round one the opposite is true are the source of true happiness why he resists marriage the joys of watching a child grow up or of playing with a grandchild more hours

8 Answer—round one The author’s opinion General opinion but Reason1 …Reason2 Why? Suggestion ? Fun-filled, painfree life equals happiness Things leading to happiness involve some pain1.the story of a bachelor 2. the story of couples with infant children Three liberations

9 Discourse Markers—1 Role: …A……… But in fact,......B…… We will know: (1) A is probably opposite to B in meaning (2) B is probably the writer’s opinion

10 Discourse Markers—2 Role: …A……… In addition,......B…… We will know: (1) A and B are two points listed by the writer (2) A is more important in position than B

11 Discourse Markers—3 Role: …A……… For example,......B…… We will know: (1) B is used to exemplify (explain) A (2) A is the writer’s opinion

12 Review Sentence/clause-guessing Discourse markers [task: memorize all of them listed in Unit4] NEXT TIME: Learn how to use markers Paragraph development

13 Assignment 周内作业 : 完成 Exercise2, Assignment1&2( 选择题、填 空、以及全文翻译 ) ,下周一送到教 1 北 507 下周作业(下次课检查) : 完成奠基篇 Unit4 中的阅读部分: Part III 背诵所有 markers 提示:下下次课开始,每次课都要进行 10 分 钟左右的单词听写(阅读中涉及的词汇)

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