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Lodi Unified School District Career and Technical Education Executive Summary May 21, 2013 1.

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1 Lodi Unified School District Career and Technical Education Executive Summary May 21, 2013 1

2 CTE prepares students for college AND career through multiple pathways LUSD offers courses in 12 of the 15 recognized CTE industry sectors. LUSD offers 20 pathways within those 12 industry sectors 18 LUSD CTE courses are approved through Delta College to receive college credit 8 CTE courses meet UC a-g requirements CTE classes offer context-rich support in math and English CTE courses are tied to exacting standards and produce results. 2 Executive Summary

3 CTE courses help students develop the ability to think critically, solve problems and work collaboratively, the skills prospective employers say are most missing in job applicants CTE teachers work closely with business partners and advisories. According to independent studies, CTE positively affects attendance, grade point averages, graduation, employment opportunities and college success. Nearly 50% of LUSD H.S. students are enrolled in CTE 75% of LUSD seniors have taken at least one CTE course 3 Executive Summary

4 Challenges: – Enrollment: Loss of summer school and spike in academic intervention courses have led to declining enrollment in CTE classes – Equitable access to CTE courses – Funding: CTE designated funding streams could disappear under Gov. Brown’s LCFF. – Remaining Current and Relevant: Maintaining state-of- the-art equipment, technology and teacher training – College preparatory track narrows choices – Increasing intern/extern opportunities – Perception that CTE is Vocational Education 4 Executive Summary

5 Future Actions: – Make CTE pathways accessible to ALL students – Pursue and develop additional industry partnerships to support community, context-based learning Work with teams of gen. ed and CTE teachers to develop context-rich, industry-relevant lessons. Provide expanded externship opportunities for students to put their academic and CTE skills to work – Pursue opportunities to link CTE and general education for Common Core Standards: Encourage more academy-like teams 5 Executive Summary

6 Academies: – LUSD is home to FIVE California Partnership Academies (CPAs). – There are 601 total students in these five academies. – Academies exemplify the future of education especially for common core standards. – Academies team core academic and CTE teachers to integrate English, math, science, social science and CTE standards to create hands-on, context-rich, relevant learning environments. – Academies epitomize Professional Learning Communities 6 Academies Team Teachers for Student Success

7 California Partnership Academies (CPA) The CPA’s represent a high school reform movement that is focused on smaller learning communities with a career theme. The CPA model is a three-year program (grades ten—twelve) structured as a school-within-a-school. Teachers collaborate across disciplines (Excellent model for common core standards!) Academies incorporate integrated academic and career technical education, business partnerships, mentoring, and internships. The funding for three of our five academies (Lodi and Tokay) would disappear under Gov. Brown’s proposed LCFF. Bear Creek’s Green Academy funding is set to expire January, 2014. 7

8 California Partnership Academies APPLE “Education/Child Development” –Lodi High Agricultural Science– Lodi High C 3 O 2 * – Tokay High Green Technology – Bear Creek High Health Occupations – McNair High 8 * Children-Centered Career & Occupational Opportunities Academy

9 California Partnership Academies History (Ms. Boschee) Benefits (Ms. Anaforian) Foundation for CTE-themed student organizations (Ms. Lum and Mr. Newport) Challenges (Ms. Cancilla) How integrated curriculum model can be extended beyond academies (Ms. Boschee and Ms. Anaforian) 9

10 Fund four Requests for Application (RFA) to recruit teams of teachers to apply for funds around CTE themed pathways – Cost: $100,000 Provide funding to establish an agriculture program at McNair High School – Cost: $200,000 (approx.) $70,000 for teacher $130,000 for Greenhouse, equipment & supplies 10 Recommendations:

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