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Global Process Innovation Value Proposition 1 © Global Process Innovation, 2014 Global Process Innovation will help your organization implement sustainable.

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1 Global Process Innovation Value Proposition 1 © Global Process Innovation, 2014 Global Process Innovation will help your organization implement sustainable Business Process Management that delivers strategic value. With active support from leaders, implementation will be efficient, effective, and powerful.

2 Who is Jim Boots? Principal and owner of Global Process Innovation, a BPM consulting firm based in Danville, California ( Over twenty-five years developing process management capabilities at Chevron; primary builder of Chevron’s BPM infrastructure from 2005-2010 Principal at the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) and Lead Architect of IVI’s BPM Critical Process Author of BPM articles and an upcoming book Sought-after speaker at conferences, seminars, and workshops E-mail address: 2 © Global Process Innovation, 2014

3 What is Business Process Management? The B in BPM stands for Business  Profitability  Risk management  Portfolio management  Customer satisfaction The P in BPM stands for Process  The activities of the enterprise organized to produce desired outputs  An inherently hierarchical construct – from high level “functional” activities to low level tasks  The means by which strategy and policy are translated into action The M in BPM stands for Management  A responsibility of managers  A practice involving goal-setting, assessment, planning, monitoring, reinforcement, review, learning and adjustment 3 © Global Process Innovation, 2014

4 Gartner Definition of Business Process Management 4 © Global Process Innovation, 2014 "BPM is a management discipline that treats business processes as assets to be valued, designed and exploited in their own right. It is a structured approach employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to manage and continuously optimize an organization's activities and processes. It aims to improve agility and operational performance.” - Gartner

5 Why is BPM Important? BPM Improves: Knowledge Capture & Transfer Reliability & Efficiency Compliance & Risk Management Product Quality Agility Innovation Through Collaboration Accountability Workforce Empowerment 5 © Global Process Innovation, 2014 Profitability Growth Global Goodwill

6 Common Areas of Big Value through Better Process Supply Chain of any organization handling physical goods  Interface-rich environment – contracts, supply, production, logistics, forecasting, transactions  Break-through examples from Wal-Mart, Apple, Dell  Big leverage in high inventory/high capital businesses Frequent, high-impact processes that involve many resources  On-boarding and off-boarding employees and contractors  Managing resolution of IT tickets  Managing employee performance evaluation and salary treatment  Procurement High value processes  The content, flow, and linkage between strategic planning, tactical planning, and operational planning  Portfolio management, seismic analysis (for an oil exploration company)  Equipment reliability assurance (for an equipment manufacturer)  Whatever the processes are which should exemplify your organization’s core competence  High risk and/or compliance processes  Standard operating procedures and behavioral reinforcement in high-risk environments  Processes involving high potential liability in the event of non-compliance or major incident  Businesses with high compliance assurance costs © Global Process Innovation, 2014 6

7 Accelerating Maturity, Increasing Value It is not unusual for an organization to start its process management journey by undertaking process documentation, process improvement, and/or process automation projects. These efforts can yield significant tactical benefits by improving a specific activity or set of activities in an organization. As the value of improving processes becomes more apparent, some organizations develop a systematic way to address the entire set of processes so the value from process efforts can be maximized. This is the beginning of serious Business Process Management. Global Process Innovation can help you progress from wherever you are on the maturity curve. 7 © Global Process Innovation, 2014

8 Global Process Innovation: What We Do, How We Do It, and What You Get 8 © Global Process Innovation, 2014 What We DoHow We Do ItWhat You Get BPM Implementation Learning & Planning Workshop  Hold onsite session with up to 12 attendees  An interactive workshop using as a framework the IVI BPM maturity model (see next slide)  An understanding of BPM capability  An action plan for enabling BPM implementation BPM Assessment & Implementation Plan Development  Engage with management sponsor  Conduct online surveys and face-to-face interviews  Discuss alternative action plans with leaders  A detailed assessment of current BPM capabilities, risks, and opportunities  A one-year BPM Implementation Plan: key decisions, communications, and actions Strategic Guidance for BPM Implementation  Hold weekly monitoring, development, and guidance sessions until BPM capability is self- sustaining  Mostly phone & web-sharing with occasional site visits; 1-2 days per week on average  Assurance that implementation is optimized per management objectives and that exceptions are addressed promptly Process Architecture Documentation  Collaborate with selected subject matter experts to detail organization’s processes and their relationships  A highly articulated process model which improves collaboration and decision-making at every value stream hand-off point Process Improvement or Automation  Collaborate with subject matter experts using Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve a specific, impactful process  Automate a process (if technology in place)  An improved process, typically demonstrated by increases in efficiency, reliability, agility, and/or quality of output Custom Consulting Services  Per client specifications  Efficient and effective BPM implementation

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