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To Prevent when possible, to treat when needed, to EMPOWER always!

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1 To Prevent when possible, to treat when needed, to EMPOWER always!

2 To Prevent when Possible To Treat when Needed To Empower Always

3  Health promotion and Prevention of illness are paramount~ The KEY to wellness  All factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration ~ Holistic and Comprehensive  Practitioners exemplify its principles and commit themselves to self-exploration and self-development~ The walk speaks louder than the talk  Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process ~ Empowers people in their own health


5  The student health fee $14- semester per student funds the program.  LPC contracts with VCHS for medical services College health practices guided by ACHA, HSACCC  Mental Health grant ~ Measure A funds  Mental Health Internship program  Community partnerships: Discount services, wellness programs on campus

6  Medical Care  Mental Health Services  Wellness Coaching  Health & Wellness ~ Outreach

7  Free Medical Exams - Treatment for minor injuries, illnesses; referrals for complex/chronic care.  Free On –Site laboratory Testing - Pregnancy, Strep throat, Blood Sugar, Urine Analysis  Discounted Immunizations, Free Flu shots and TB testing  Prescriptions - Generic $4:Target,Walmart  Lab Services & X-rays - Discounted Fee through ValleyCare and Quest Lab  Woman’s Health Exams - Paps, breast exams, birth control – lab fee or referral  STI testing & treatment - Lab fee or referral

8 Urgent Care Visit: Strep Throat **Average cost without insurance** $80-$180 Mental Health Counseling ** Average cost without insurance** $35 - $150 per hour

9 Eliminate Barriers to Medical Services  Prevent unplanned pregnancies  Prevent the spread of STIs *including HIV*  Early Detection & Prevention of Cancer

10  Smoking Cessation Counseling  Stress Management Tools: Massage services  Health Promotion: Outreach, educational events  Living with Illness counseling – diabetes, hypertension, cancer, HIV, etc.  Community referrals

11  Make an appointment, ask a question, or just chat with Kelly!  Over the counter medications : Tylenol, Motrin, Allergy medication, Antacid, and more.  Variety of Bandages,Condoms, and Topical medication  Educational Literature in the lobby

12 Providers: Licensed MFT, MFT-Intern  Crisis counseling and referrals  Stress Management  Life Coaching  Depression or Mental Health evaluation and referral – Collaborative:Nurse Practitioner & MFT  On-going mental wellness support


14  Comprehensive health and mental wellness resources  Online appointment requests  Latest Health News and health and wellness events on campus


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