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1 Jim Wright Intervention Teams in School Settings: Key Challenges

2 Jim Wright http://www.jimwrigh html

3 Jim Wright Activity: What challenges does your school face? Assemble into groups to discuss the following question … What are the most significant challenges that face your school? Record key points of your discussion to share with the large group

4 Jim Wright Target Student Skill Gap Avg Classroom Academic Performance Level ‘Dual-Discrepancy’: RTI Model of Learning Disability (Fuchs 2003) Gap in Rate or ‘Slope’ of Improvement

5 Jim Wright 1. Identify & Verify the Scope of the Problem 2. Select Interventions That Address ‘Root Cause’ 3. Set Goals for Improvement 4. Monitor Student Progress & Evaluate Outcome Solving Student Academic or Behavioral Problems: A Four- Part Model

6 Jim Wright Difficult-To-Teach Students Experience greater difficulty with learning and retention of information May also have behavioral problems Fall along a continuum, with some students showing more severe needs than others

7 Jim Wright Difficult-To-Teach Students: The Numbers One in ten children in schools is classified as Special Education 3-5% of students may qualify for ADHD In 1998, about 40% of 4 th grade youngsters fell below grade-level on a national reading test

8 Jim Wright Difficult-To-Teach Students “An increasing body of evidence supports the need for students with disabilities to be directly taught the processes and concepts that nondisabled children tend to learn naturally through experiences.” --Office of Special Education Programs 21 st Annual Report to Congress (1999)

9 Jim Wright Difficult-To-Teach Students: What Works (OSEP, 1999) Adequate range of examples to exemplify a concept or problem-solving strategy Models of proficient performance—e.g., step-by-step strategies Experiences where students explain how and why they make decisions Provide the student with:

10 Jim Wright Difficult-To-Teach Students: What Works (Cont.) Frequent feedback on quality of performance and support so the student persists in activities Adequate practice and activities that are interesting and engaging Provide the student with:

11 Jim Wright ‘Curriculum Train’

12 Jim Wright Teacher ‘Circle of Accountability’ Identify students who need additional support Use research-based interventions to assist students Monitor these students progress on ongoing basis

13 Jim Wright None of us is as smart as all of us. --Anonymous

14 Jim Wright Any darn mule can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one. --Lyndon Johnson

15 Jim Wright The Challenging Role of Consultation

16 Jim Wright Marketing School-Based Consultation: What do we call ourselves? Consultant Interventionist Interventionaro Interventionoodler Interventionista!

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